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Old 2003-12-27, 07:54   Link #1
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Join Date: Dec 2003
Remote connections

Im using alcatel speedtouch upgraded to pro and ive tried every single last alteration i can find (turned off firewalls, forward ports etc). i use shadows experimental and try putting my ip put into the local ip (under pref>advanced).

my problem is that some torrents give me remotes while others none at all. ive downloaded with remotes macross 7, full metal but on other torrents (like one piece) it gives me only local connections and really bad d/ls.

is there something more that i should be doing on my side ? or is it tracker side? i read somewhere briefly that sometimes the tracker has problems getting my correct ip addr?
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Old 2003-12-28, 13:34   Link #2
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Join Date: Dec 2003

hmm no one with any ideas?

the only last thing i can think of is my port forwarding not working properly.....

wth my modem telnetting in (if anyone familar with speedtouch) i go into nat > create addr= outside_port = 6881 etc like it says i swhould do.. but some reason it always says failed to set static nat entry? any ideas on that?
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Old 2003-12-28, 13:38   Link #3
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Since you're using an Alcatel, did you try upgrading your drivers?
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