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Old 2006-10-22, 20:24   Link #1
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[T-N] akihabara@deep 1-2

This is a live action show, but I thought it might slide in the gray area aspect since the series is full of anime references similar to Densha Otoko. If you list it, that'd be really cool, thanks!
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Old 2006-10-23, 01:59   Link #2
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Thank you, but you should know that we have toughened up our listing policy on AnimeSuki. Densha Otoko would not have gotten onto our site if the current policy was in place at that time.
An excerpt from AnimeSuki's Listing Policy: On occasion AnimeSuki staff may choose to list live action (non-anime) shows on the site. To qualify a live action show needs to be based on a recent popular anime or manga, where "recent" is from the past 15 years or so, and "popular" means it's reasonbly well known among either the Western and/or Japanese fan community (ie: not obscure).
And just to clear up a common misunderstanding. Densha Otoko was not listed because of any anime references. That would not have gotten it on AnimeSuki. It was listed because there was a Densha Otoko manga.

Still, you are welcome to post about it here since this show might be of interest to our members.

There's not that fine a line between willing suspension of disbelief and something just being stupid.
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Old 2006-11-01, 19:59   Link #3
Karl Olson
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I registered just to post this.

Actually, Akihabara@Deep is based off a manga by Ira Ishida and Makoto Akane.

There is also a 3D-animated series in the works from what I understand, though it's going to be co-produced or at least co-funded by Nickelodeon for their Nicktoons network. Anyways, I'm not sure whether all that qualifies it, as I'm not sure whether the manga is particularly popular (though to go from serialization to drama in about a year suggests some popularity) but I figured you might want to know.
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