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Code Geass: Akito the Exiled OVA - Episode 4 Preview and Spoiler discussion

Additional OVA 5 to release this Autumn!

OVA 4 synopsis:

The EU/Euro Britannia war is finally entering its turning point.

Akito who saw through the ruse of Ark Fleet's attack that made the EU fall into anarchy, boards the huge flying ship Galia Grande only to meet his fated rival Ashley starting a fierce battle.

Leila who watched the battle suddenly enters in contact with Akito.

While attempting communication, the W0 castle comes under attack by Euro Britannia while Akito is absent. With no means of defense, Leila watches as the Vercingetorix gallops through the forest with overwhelming power.

While the W0 forces face a desperate situation, back in Paris General Smilas performs a coup d'etat, takes over the EU and announces to the public: Leila is dead!

Shin's despair, Leila's sadness and Akito's fury are swallowed by the gears of fate that begin to turn...

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Fourth episode trailer:
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Old 2015-05-16, 02:34   Link #3
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OVA 4 PV info:
-Ayano's Valiant has the old Yukiya's Type-02 Slash Harken mounted on its right wrist.
-Vercingetorix gets a flight unit(飛行ユニット) that utilizes Super Eletromagnetic Propulsion Motor(超電磁推進モーター) to float so it's not strictly speaking the Float Unit we know from the TV series. Seems to be some new tech. On the wing it carries the Gracchus to counter propellant tank as a Balancer
-Vercingetorix is also seen riding in the forest carrying a new lever action rifle. Where's the sword from the promo art?
-The Alexander's Judgement Linear Rifle can change its ammo on the spot, so far we have seen APFSDS, Shrapnel Shell, Smoke Grenade and HEAT. The different kind of ammos are very present in OZ, especially by Orpheus' Byakuen. I guess they're really explaing the tech stuff with these spin-offs.
-Ashely's new KMF: Ahura Mazda has dual triple Gatling Guns that mount over its normal hands and Landspinners. Ammo is stored on the back and transferred through belts
-The Sutherlands inside the Ark are drones(transparent cockpit)

Random info:
-Britannia uses solar power, EU uses wind and the Chinese Federation uses tidal power as energy sources.
-So far 39 Alexander frames have entered battle, since it's a prototype there are parts for up to 100 frames and they make improvements every time they get combat data
-Lloyd and Cecily were busy with the Vincent plan/KOR machines and didn't go with Suzaku to EU.
-The Galia Grande has some turrets
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Old 2015-05-18, 06:16   Link #4
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Originally Posted by Rainforce View Post
Random info:
-Britannia uses solar power, EU uses wind and the Chinese Federation uses tidal power as energy sources.
-So far 39 Alexander frames have entered battle, since it's a prototype there are parts for up to 100 frames and they make improvements every time they get combat data
-Lloyd and Cecily were busy with the Vincent plan/KOR machines and didn't go with Suzaku to EU.
-The Galia Grande has some turrets
Where in the preview was this information shown/mentioned?
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Ahura Mazda: Heavy Armed KMF made by Euro Britannia. Equipped with Large Gatlings and a Handgun. Its firepower is top class among Britannian KMF. Used by Ashley to defend Galia Grande.

Alexander Valiant Ryou: further improvement of the Type-02, transformation speed and etc went up. Armament has been redesiged: Linear Chaingun, 4-Tube Missile Pod and a new type of Double Edge Anti Knightmare Combat Variable Axe

Alexander Valiant Yukiya: improvement of his Type-02. Equiped with a new type of Long Distance Shooting Linear Cannon and a custom Slash Harken

Alexander Valiant Ayano: improvement on the software level of her Type-02. Has a new Anti Knightmare Combat Sword equipped to the right arm called Augus Longray? “オーガス・ロングレイ”.
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OVA 4 spoilers

-8 min PV
-Beginning of the Ashley fight
-Castle loses communication with the W0 Corps
-Shin attacks the castle immediately after
-Castle defense are Alexander Drones which are taken out easily
-PV conversation between Shin and Leila
-Shin kidnaps Leila, Klaus accompanies them
-Ashley is defeated by the BRS activation
-Ahura Mazda explosions causes Akito's Alexander to start falling but the other save him working together
-Schneizel communicates with Suzaku, Julius orders him to stop but Suzaku doesn't give a shit
-Smilas' coup, his battle oath is to avenge Leila
-Yukiya manages to use the Ark's equipment to contact the castle
-Through John Wise's computer the W0 learn of the castle's destruction and Leila's kidnapping. They also learn of the coup in Paris and use the Ark to go there
-Smilas contacts Jean
-Final scene is both Leila's and Shin's Geass mark lighting up
-OVA 5 releases on 12/13
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Old 2015-07-03, 07:40   Link #7
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Not too unbelievable, but I am going to take those with a huge grain of salt. Just like last time, when a few incorrect spoilers came out days before.

Which is why I won't pay them too much attention until the real premiere.
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Old 2015-07-04, 12:39   Link #8
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Complete true spoilers

コードギアス亡国のアキト4章 ネタバレと感想!公開初日に行ってきた
映画「コードギアス亡国のアキト 第4章」のネタバレと感想を詳細に書いてます。






「コードギアス亡国のアキト4章」のネタバレと感想について、まずはネタバレストーリーから展開していきま す。

まず冒頭では、ユーロブリタニアの聖ミカエル騎士団長であるシン・ヒュウガ・シャイングがフロートユニット を使って自身のナイトメア「ヴェルキンゲトリクス」で飛行する場面から始まる。

同じくして、レイラ率いるワイバーン隊もアキトを中心にユーロブリタニアの方舟(巨大飛空艇)を撃沈するべ く、以前にも使用した長距離飛行システムを利用して地上から宇宙、そして大気圏に突入して作戦通り飛行中の 方舟に着陸することに成功。

そしてアキト、アヤノ、リョウ、ユキヤの4人はアレクサンダで方舟の中へ突入し、まずはユーロブリタニアの ナイトメアを複数破壊。




以前の戦闘でアキトに自分の大事な部下を殺された憎しみで、ナイトメアに武装されている大量のガトリングガ ンを両腕からぶっ放す。


アキトたち4人は、最初はガトリングガンと赤いナイトメアの固い装甲に苦戦するが途中からアキトがギアスモ ードに入り、お得意の「死ね!死ね!」モードでアシュレイを圧倒し始める。


アシュレイは生き残るが、アキトもギアスモードから解放されてコックピットから降りて両者は対峙生身で対峙 。






アキトたちが闘っていたころ、レイラは司令部から前回のジュリアスキングスレイの策略によって暴徒化してし まったユーロ市民をスピーチで説得して鼓舞することに成功。



丁度その時、レイラたちワイバーン隊の司令部として利用している城に高速で接近してくるナイトメアを司令部 で感知。



アキトたちの生死がわからない状態ではあるが、司令部はなんとしても守らなければならないためクラウスの叱 咤で気をやる気を取り戻したレイラは、ギリギリのところで城周辺に鉄壁の防御壁を作動させてヴェルキンゲト リクスの侵入を回避。

シャイングは、レイラのディフェンスに関心しながらも聖ミカエル騎士団を呼び寄せ司令部を総攻撃するべく周 辺でキャンプを張る。



そして、ルルーシュは「なあ、スザク。暑いな。ひまわりが綺麗だな、スザク。」というようなよく分からない 人格でご機嫌そうに話しかけるがスザクは座り込んだまま何も言わず。



そこでなぜかまだ生きているはずのレイラが死んだことを市民へ伝え、自分がユーロ市民を鼓舞し ていた。


実はスマイラス将軍は水面下でユーロブリタニアと交渉していて、クラウスもそれに加担していた のだ。



そのことを知ったレイラは、クラウスに「お嬢さんのことがあったからですね」とクラウスが怪しいのを最初か ら感づいていたような口ぶりだった。

そして翌日、クラウスとレイラは2人でシャイングとジャンが待ち構えている城の外へボートで出 る。


最初は降伏の条件などをクラウスが普通に話していたが、レイラがアキトたちはきっとまだ生きていることを信 じていることをシャイングに言ったところシャイングは激昂。














そしてシャイングのヴェルキンゲトリクスと対峙してついに真剣勝負になるかと思われたが、レイラをアレクサ ンダで抱きかかえてクラウスやアシュレイたちとボートに乗って一旦退却することに成功。

シャイングはアキトと対峙した時に、レイラを殺すようにギアスで指示をしてアキトの目も赤くなったが踊らさ れなかった。


そして、エンディング曲が流れた後、飛空的に乗っているユキヤが「仕方ないよね、戦争だもんね」と言って巨 大爆弾を聖ミカエル騎士団が待機しているキャンプ場へ投下。

かなりの被害になったが、シャイングの命令で部下に対空砲を撃たせユキヤが乗っていた飛空艇を 大破する。






「コードギアス亡国のアキト4章」ネタバレストーリーをお送りしましたが、感想としては「これ最後で伏線全 部回収できるの?」という感じでした。









ちなみに、シャイングはとっておきの長距離砲弾みたいなのを所有しているらしいのですが、その目的地は神聖 ブリタニア帝国!







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-The Wyverns have trouble with the Ahura's tough armor
-Akito defeats Ashley in the Die, Die mode but manages to regains sanity before killing Ashley
-Ashley fires his gun but it misfires and he says it's bad luck
-just then a bomb explodes on the Ark. Shin had planted it without Ashley's knowledge
-due to bomb communication with castle is lost
-Leila speech, after that she collapses emotionally but Klaus consoles her
-Shin attacks, Leilas regains motivation and activates a bulletproof wall that stops the invasion just in time
-Shin decides to camp outside and calls reinforcements to siege the castle
-Lelouch and Suzaku scene, appear to be imprisoned somewhere, sunflower talking
-Smilas coup video to the people, lies about Leila's death
-Actually Smilas was having under the table negotiations with Euro Britannia and Klaus was complicit in this since he was negotiating the surrender conditions secretely
-The next day Leila goes to meet Shin, Klaus talked about the surrender conditions when Leila mentioned she believed Akito was still alive
-Shin lost his shit when he heard that and started telling Leila to die with his Geass
-Leila's Geass seems to counter Shin's
-Shin tells Jean and his staff to kill Leila and Klaus and remotely call the Vercingetorix
-Jean is confused about Shin's sudden mood change
-Suddenly an airship appears with KMFs, Akito and the other were alive along Ashley who won't forgive Shin for trying to kill him too
-They didn't communicate before as to not inform the enemy of their presence
-Akito's Alexander drops in front of the Vercingetorix and the final battle appears to begin but Akito grabs Leila and retreats while Klaus and Ashley escape on the boat
-Shin tried to order Akito to kill Leila by his Geass but it didn't work
-Ending scene is the Alexander and the boat going back to the castle
-ED song
-After Yukiya is seen flying in airship holding a huge bomb intended to be dropped on the Michael Knights campsite but Shin order the use of anti aircraft guns and wreck the airship, Yukiya fate is unknown
-Ryo and Ayano's Alexander had already landed
-Final scene is Shin saying he will kill everyone Akito loves

Also Shin has a prized collection of long range artilery shells he wants to use against homeland, he also wants to kill the Emperor

Shin and Akito seem to have different parents or something

BTW Leila knew Klaus was leaking intel to Euro Britannia.

Smilas wanted to become the leader of EU and Klaus wanted to pay the medical bills of his daughter

Shin also talks with the ghosts of Manfredi, his real mom and Alice/Maria and they are happy

Shin tries to suicide but Jean stops him

Shin's master plan: attack Pendragon with the sakuradite shells inside the Apollon Carriage, this way the 3 superpowers will start a world war causing a huge death toll

Shin says this world is dirty and death is better than to live in it

Yukyia situation clarification:
-As they arrive at the castle, everyone drops but Yukiya stays at the airship
-He drops the remaining bomb and cause huge damage to the Michael Knights
-The remaining enemy anti aircraft gun fires and destroys the airship
-His is fate unknown
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