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Old 2014-04-18, 15:08   Link #1
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So.. someone sees you do something..

They will do what they saw you do back at you that they saw you give treatment for.. How do you make it stop?

teacher hears from someone that you complain about them.. they complain about you because they heard about you complaining and stuff like that..

People see you brush your back towards an instructor.. now people brush their backs on you as they walk past you.. o.o Do I just have to leave this classroom and accept the fact that these people saw me do this stuff..

I was spotted saying cr*p in broad daylight.. now people can say cr*p to me in broad daylight..

I need help like FAAAASTTTT don't want to be known for swearing and stuff in broad day-light where people can swear around me.. How's this equal treatment thing work? How do you make it stop.. or how do I stop it from progressing worse..

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Old 2014-04-18, 17:09   Link #2
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The best thing in making people forget is not to repeat the mistake again so you do not develop a reputation for doing these things. If you must complain, swear etc. be mindful of your surroundings and only do it if you are sure not to be within earshot of anyone.

As for the swearing the word you used is not the worst one so it shouldn't land you in much trouble however the context in which you used this word will matter. If it was used simply as frustration for something really annoying happening then it is a non-event in the greater scheme of things. If one the other hand you swore at someone then this incident will take on a different meaning. On the whole though if you do not repeat the mistakes and own up to things you did wrong (say by apologising to your teacher or the person you swore to) then everything will be forgotten. Try not to sweat over this too much.

Your issues over equal treatment is more tricky however my strong rule of thumb is to try and distance yourself from anyone who cannot offer you equal treatment. This applies to friends, family and partners and is something that needs to be applied no matter how much you like the person (I understand this can be difficult to observe). If on the other hand you have someone who is in a more powerful position than yourself such as the teacher then my advice is to limit your contact with that person, avoid situations that may expose you to unfair treatment and if something major does happen get help by speaking to another teacher or professional at the school. Don't give in to the feelings that you are alone or you have to suck up major injustices.
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Old 2014-04-18, 20:43   Link #3
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Age: 26
I fail to see how this is an issue because swearing is not a criminal act. Laugh it off and grow thicker skin?

Given how vague the situation this being described, I thimk that there is more than that to saying "crap", if I read correctly. That is a problem with oneself and nobody else is to blame because you brought it upon yourself.

Let this be a lesson of that stupid has no medicine. Learn how to avoid it.

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Old 2014-04-19, 01:22   Link #4
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Again, this isn't a Tumblr blog.
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