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Old 2007-01-20, 11:22   Link #1
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How to find Seeders.

Can someone please help me with this problem. Most of the anime I want to download ends up having 0 seeders. I am kind of new to Downloading anime so I would like to know how do you guys find anime with lots of seeders? How do you contact seeders or ask them to give you the files?

Thanks in advance.
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Old 2007-01-20, 11:33   Link #2
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If AnimeSuki lists the show, you can post a request in the Resharing Requests forum (see the sticky thread). If AnimeSuki do not list the show, then it is probably licensed so you won't get any help here. If it is actually unlicensed, but not listed because it is not English, you might want to look for an forum or site related to the language in question. Failing that look into asking the people who created the torrent to re-share it.
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Old 2007-01-20, 12:03   Link #3
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Thanks, that really helped.
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Old 2007-01-26, 17:45   Link #4
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Though this might be a little complex...

If you don't have a BT client that shows the peers in the swarm (i.e., if it only shows those seeds you are actually connected to), you might want to try another BT client.

Sometimes a seed will not connect to you, but is connected to the other leechers. In such a case, if it doesn't show you the swarm, you can easily be fooled into believing that there are no seeds. On nuerous occasions, I have downloaded files without ever connecting to a seed, but since the other leechers were connected, they shared those pieces I couldn't get directly from the seeder.
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Old 2007-01-26, 18:00   Link #5
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Even when there are no seeds it may be possible to finish the download. Basically each person leeching only has x% of the file. (x = some number less than 100%).

However if you have enough leechers in one swarm it's possible that they still have the entire file between them.

For example (crude at best); Lets say you're downloading a file from a torrent with no seeds, this file was broken down into 10 blocks of data.

Leecher #1 has file blocks number 2, 9, and 5
Leecher # 2 has file blocks number 1, 10, and 3
Leecher # 3 has file blocks number 4, 7, and 10
Leecher # 4 has file blocks number 6, 1, and 5
Leecher # 5 has file blocks number 8, 9, and 1

Even without a seed it would be possible to finish your download in the above example. Even though no one in the above example has the entire file between them they have all the blocks that make up the file.
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