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Old 2013-05-27, 09:45   Link #1861
Also a Lolicon
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Looking through these lists, they are definitely overreacting...

Though they eventually got restored, the "restored" section is just scary because they removed those in the first place. Includes such things like Lolita, like the Nabokov book.

Turning AdBlock on for TVTropes... It's a useful site, but I would hate to give them ad money.
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Old 2013-07-02, 01:10   Link #1862
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Well, this is definitely one of the best seinen mangas I had ever read.. Easily a 10/10 in my book.

People are definitely missing out when they jump the ship and judge this series prematurely. I found that it depicts very real drama.. and had made me cry on multiple occasions. Likewise, the character development is absolutely stunning.. Watching all of the characters "grow up" and overcome their own weaknesses was very enjoyable..

The only shortcomings I see are:
1. Reiji - I think his story was cut short a little too soon.. He was still suffering some serious mental breakdowns even right up to the end of the series. I think the author could have addressed this slightly better.
2. The final chapter felt somewhat rushed. (Perhaps there is a reason for this?)

In regards to TVTropes, I wouldn't put much thought towards this. Anime wikis, Danboorus, and the like all have this issue. Usually when power users congregate, you'll have a few individuals who pull strings and try to force their opinions on to others. In the case of TVTropes, it was one moderator who was apparently offended by the nature of this series.

It's a form of corruption that's usually cured by introducing more democracy into a community. (In other words, forcing a wider audience to vote.) However, when a community is small, that isn't always possible - thus, one moderator is capable of pulling down entire articles.

In contrast to Wikipedia, this would never have been allowed.
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Closed Thread

comedy, growing up, loli, school life, seinen

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