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Old 2007-03-05, 21:45   Link #1
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Exclamation need help ASAP. Please. BitTorrent promblem.

I need alot of help for my bitTorrent. I am new to this so please help. I did install BitTorrent and it had problems but wasn't that big but then my cousin deleted my account when i was this downloading. After that it worked for about 10 min and then i got messages from BitTorrent saying error.......
These are the message please help i am so confused, sad:

07:18:13: Warning: [NatTraversal] BitTorrent.NatTraversal.WindowsUPnPException : none port_collection (XP)
07:20:54: Error: [core.MultiTorrent] Could not open a listening port: (10013, 'Permission denied'). Check your port range settings (:6881-6999).
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "BitTorrent\MultiTorrent.pyo", line 214, in _find_port
File "BitTorrent\ConnectionManager.pyo", line 619, in open_port
File "BitTorrent\RawServer_twisted.pyo", line 631, in create_serversocket
File "twisted\internet\iocpreactor\proactor.pyo", line 68, in listenTCP
File "twisted\internet\iocpreactor\util.pyo", line 17, in helpful
File "twisted\internet\iocpreactor\server.pyo", line 73, in handle_disconnected_startListening
File "<string>", line 1, in listen
error: (10013, 'Permission denied')
07:21:06: Warning: [NatTraversal] Discovery timed out
07:21:06: Warning: [NatTraversal] NAT Traversal warning (XP: Unable to detect any UPnP services).
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Old 2007-03-05, 21:57   Link #2
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It looks like you have a router in your network. The simplest solution is this: go into your router's configuration, and enable UPnP. Then, in BitTorrent's options, make sure that UPnP support is enabled, too (based off of the error messages, it looks like it is). That should solve your problem.

If it doesn't, look through your firewall and see if it's blocking BitTorrent or UPnP transmissions. If I remember correctly, ZoneAlarm is particularly problematic when used with BitTorrent. Personally, I use Kerio, and I didn't need to make any special changes to have BitTorrent work.

If those don't work or your router doesn't support UPnP, look into port forwarding. There are guides around the internet that will tell you how to set up port forwarding for BitTorrent, tailored to specific router models.
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