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Old 2014-12-13, 21:04   Link #1
Join Date: Mar 2013
Most disappointing anime of 2014, in your opinion

First of all don't get me wrong this isn't an "unpopularity contest" thread which Kameruka did last year. This is just a general opinion thread instead. I also not going to bother myself counting your "votes". By the way make sure to make tasteful criticism to the shows and not the people who loves them. Yes flame/troll wars are cool but not in this thread. I just want to keep clean from those.

Cross Ange: The real reason I made this thread in first place. The show itself isn't bad but it just a Gundam Seed clone but with more scantily-clad girls. Replace the yaoi-ness from GS with yuri instead. It was doomed from first episode with annoying main lead, boring supporting casts and unnecessary fanservice. For some reasons it is really popular and DVD/Blu-Ray sold relatively well, thanks to its clever marketing and hype campaign. Like it or not Sunrise got their new cash cow and I'm not surprise this will get (unnecessary) sequel after this to milk it again. It's a shame that I found (the universally despised) Code Geass better than this one.

Amagi Briliant Park: Having a bare-arse shot in first episode is a huge red flag towards it. If it made by someone else then I wouldn't mind but this one is from KyoAni, the same studio that made Clannad, FMP, Hyouka and of course Free!. If that wasn't bad enough it got worse and worse in later episodes with (rather forced) slapstick comedy that isn't funny or satirical at all. At this moment it safe to call KyoAni is Ubisoft of anime.

Shonen Hollywood: What do you expect from this one? Trash right but it is a shame I found this one better than Free! but that doesn't mean it's a good show. Just another attempt from rival studio to saps Free's popularity than anything else.

My dumber side wants to put Free! on the list but it was obvious on who's its target audiences are. I'm not suprise if KyoAni will show third season of it(it sold more than both seasons of K-On! combined) due to its (expected) overwhelming success. So it safe to say KyoAni is shadow of their glorious past.
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Old 2014-12-13, 21:19   Link #2
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Mahou Sensou, it had a good premise but then everything went from bad to worse, the plot was left uncompleted, the ending was like wtf and even when the characters were good, there was not a good growth for them, the op and end were one of the big points for me to keep watching it

Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai ren, comparing this to the first season shows that the story lost the track, with the introduction of the new girl a unnecessary love triangle was made, and instead of exploring more of the pure chuuni like in s1, drama and drama was all over the place....I wont deny that still i liked it, but it disappointed me looking back at s1
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Old 2014-12-14, 16:05   Link #3
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Log Horizon S2, Psycho-Pass S2 and Reconquista in G . Chaika was also disappointing in how they rushed through the story. And oh Your lie in April started wonderful but goes deeper and deeper into overblown melodrama each passing ep, it's like the show really lied to me with false premises.
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Old 2014-12-14, 19:13   Link #4
Guardian Enzo
Seishu's Ace
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I hate "most worst" types of threads generally, but since you asked a very specific question as related to expectations... Zankyou no Terror. Given the pedigree, I'd really hoped it would be much better. But given my worry was the lack of a credited screenwriter from the beginning, that concern was justified.

Second would be Shigatsu.
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Old 2014-12-14, 19:40   Link #5
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Gundam G no Reconquista, it just so god damn boring.
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Old 2014-12-14, 19:57   Link #6
Join Date: Jun 2014
Winner: Tokyo Ghoul
Runner-up: Zankyou no Terror

Dishonorable Mentions: Samurai Flamenco, Gin no Saji S2, Captain Earth, PP2, Kiseijuu (so far).

Despite the whole production being a trainwreck for multiple reasons, I feel much pity towards Pupa - amazingly it held together in Mochizuki's firm hands.
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Old 2014-12-15, 00:31   Link #7
Dr. Dahm
Join Date: Jun 2014
Some titles that come to mind include Zankyou no Terror which I have my own theories on as to why it failed which I'll qualify simply by saying I didn't know a certain producer was behind it until much later into it's run where I started to get a hunch.

Mahouka Kokou no Rettousei I didn't have super high expectations for but did not expect to be as flat and lifeless as it was and again same reasoning as far as overall producer goes.

Aldnoah.Zero, again same basic story as the above two, wasn't expecting too too much other than a show too lead me into a season with two Gundam series airing at the same time (think like a band being asked to open for the main event), but was still disappointed by flat (like as in barely tangible) characters and lackluster/bland yet somehow bordering on pretentious scripting. Same overall producer.

Cross Ange I was expecting to at least be palatable but honestly I could barely watch it and it's from one of my favorite studios to boot. Personally I blame the creative producer more than anything, he's always struck me as flat out incompetent.

I'll float the idea of Parasyte which I really had high hopes for this season that just did not pan out at all initial with the show feeling like it was lacking cohesion and a central focus, but I'll also qualify it by saying that episode 5 which is the most recent one I saw was significantly better in terms of coming close to my expectations and that all hope might not be lost yet, but man that first month was rough no matter how I slice it.

Psycho Pass 2 started strong this season but is kind of finishing a bit wonky, like it's rushed for time and like it's erring a little too far towards the fiction part of science fiction.

If I learned anything this year as far as anime far as anime goes and just a general disappointment with the medium as a whole it's that there's no staff talented enough and no idea good and workable enough that greedy ignorant producers can't find some way to suck the life out of in the quest for that sweet spot of abject mediocrity that is sure to be a best seller.

Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
I hate "most worst" types of threads generally, but since you asked a very specific question as related to expectations... Zankyou no Terror. Given the pedigree, I'd really hoped it would be much better. But given my worry was the lack of a credited screenwriter from the beginning, that concern was justified.

Second would be Shigatsu.
Curiously I didn't notice a credited screenwriter for Mahouka which I mentioned as well which never made much sense to me. Also perhaps it's worth mentioning that every show mentioned between the shows in your quote and the one I mentioned again have the except same general producer/distributor and I don't think it's a coincidence at this point. If it wasn't for the fact that I don't consider Winter 2013/2014 to be part of this year I'd also echo Samurai Flamenco and Gin no Saji S2 (not the first one though) and yet again exact same producer that has really been dragging the quality of the noitaminA block down into the gutter of late. Samurai Flamenco in particular I have no earthly idea what happened there but it just went fucking insane like a third or so into it's run and never came back. Gin no Saji S2 just somehow managed to bore me to tears compared to the first season and I just never found myself getting as invested in it with the show often making it's way into background noise. I honestly don't even remember how it ended, but hey at least the first season was kind of nice.

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Old 2014-12-15, 01:00   Link #8
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If asking about disappointed, i will have to say Amagi Brilliant Park. I means considering the studio, and its production value, it should have yielded great success. But it was just decent, nothing more than that. And it turns pale with each episode... I means still watch it of course, but not so exciting about it

It was an opposite case of Cross Ange really. Where the anime actually started up very cliche, but is getting better and better with each episode. Suprised that many found it to be disappointing. Maybe it just had a slow start, or target different group of audiences
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Old 2014-12-15, 02:01   Link #9
南宮 那月
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Let's see.... Disappointment eh?

Starting from Winter

Mahou Sensou - The story is one of the reason the novel is really interesting but the execution in the anime ruined it.

Seikoku no Dragonar - same with Sensou, and I hope they reduced those tentacle scenes alot.


Mahouka - Really excited about this one before, specially it's one of the "big" titles from Dengeki Bunko, compared to NGNL which also from the same studio and season, that one exceeded my expectations, and this one felt boring... (now wondering if J.C will handle this just like how they did with index).

Date A Live 2 - Compared to the 1st season, this one is utter disappointment, but still entertained me alot.


Tokyo Ghoul - That ending.... that's the only thing disappointing I guess.

Glasslip - maybe the winner of the most disappointing series in the 2014, it killed all my expectation starting from 1 to the end.. There are episodes which is really good/great in my opinion and then it will go down and up again but the worst is that @#$%^& ending which I don't know where did the idea came from.

Autumn - still watching the series... btw for me just like risingstar Ange isn't disappointing and actually entertaining if you ignore those ecchi scenes which I know is impossible considering the amount of it
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Old 2014-12-15, 02:46   Link #10
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First, mushishi. I came with high expectations from the original season, but the second season bored me completely. It focused more on the "human element" most episodes instead of the mushis, but I found the one off stories about human drama boring, specially compared to the more varied and conceptually interesting mushi centric episodes that were more common in the first season. So I came for weird mushis and got familial drama instead.

Terror in resonance was middling, never bad, never good. The characters were mostly underwhelming andmost of the time it was more about being flash than making sense. But didn't dissapoint much because I never expected much from a serious work about teenage terrorists.

Build Fighters Try is so far a huge step down from the first season, enlarging all of it's problems and diluting all thee good parts. Also it's obviously putting more stuff in there that's aimed at the older public (shipping, fan service), and it's very detrimental for me.

Psycho-Pass 2, I didn't expect much, never seemed like something that could get a good sequel, but didn't expect this level of mischaracterization and contrived nonsense.

Didn't get any disappointment besides this, because I usually go into things with low expectations.

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Old 2014-12-15, 02:49   Link #11
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Break Blade: So apparently this is even more skimmed down than the movies... so like there was no point to even make this series. Other than that, the ending was a huge disappointment and the show is very underdeveloped.

Mahouka: I hate whoever assigned this team to do this. They ruined this LN so bad. The staff had zero passion for this and it visibly shown on screen. That's just sad. I was looking forward to this show just to see how they would tackle it but now i'm afraid that a second season will be made with the same staff. Gj for ruining this Manabu ono and unknown uncredited writer.

Glasslip: ummm, okay. Too much style over substance here. The plot was dumb as fuck as in... nothing happens. And the characters are...

Zankyou no Terror: lol, I don't really have anything to say about this than that.

Terraformars: I was expecting attack on titan level at least. But this is like child's play compared to that

Madan no ou to vanadis: I like the dynamics with all the senkis and the politics and the elen-tigre stuff but this is so simplified that i'm getting bored. Another LN ruined by rushing and simplification.

Everything else that i watched was enjoyable to some varying degree
Though I think i'm trying to watch too many shows here so i'll prob start trimming that list down for upcoming seasons.
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Old 2014-12-15, 04:55   Link #12
Prefectural Magical Girl
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There were a couple of series that dissapoints me this year, but Dai-Shogun: Great Revolution throne it with a worst case scenario. Initially, I'm one of the very few people that had high hopes for that show, I thought it shows a lot of promise with impressive character designs and an interesting story concept, not to mention I actually enjoy a lot of series in a historical setting.

Potential is almost completely destroyed when I watched the first episode featuring the worst kind of animation I've ever seen. By that, it features all sorts of still shots and very little character movement. But as I keep watching it, more problems ensues starting with a rather bland comedy execution, an initial premise that only shows up halfway into the story in some sort of exposition that develops itself way too late and an utterly anticlimatic finale.

It's such a complete shame, I didn't completely regret watching it surprisingly, however I learned from that show that I should never exceed my expectations when I go start watching another series that holds the same kind of promise as well.

As for other series with mild to major levels of disappointments to my part, Magical Warfare is way too heavy at handling typical magical battle shounen clichés executed poorly, with the final episode being the extreme icing on the cake. I do however enjoy it a lot despite not fitting my expectations well.

Then, there's Rail Wars which features a rather interesting concept involving trains only to end up being entirely foreshadowed by silly romantic comedy clichés and the characters weren't very interesting to some degree apart from a few. Not even Makoto Uno's designs would save that mess as it gets ruined by a rather sloppy animation.

Aldnoah Zero was alright most of the time, however it did tone down the exposition on some of the potential plot threads and didn't really deliver my enjoyment quite well sometimes.

I did have some hopes for Psycho-Pass 2 and although it isn't nearly as disappointing as the others mentionned above, I kinda felt betrayed with some of the plot elements either being shortly mentionned in-episode or just outright ignored, not to mention the new cast doesn't receive enough spotlight and there was a bit too much needless shock value placed in the wrong timing. Let's hope it can deliver an interesting conclusion before the upcoming movie launches a month after.

It is in no way a rather bad year, but things change when I start watching stuff that can get me a bit upset. Only thing that remains is that I don't like dropping anything by the way.
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Old 2014-12-15, 06:12   Link #13
Guardian Enzo
Seishu's Ace
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I actually had Dai Shogun pegged as a sleeper, what with an agreeably daffy premise and Satou Dai writing it. That it was such an offensively putrid train wreck was a real surprise and disappointment.
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Old 2014-12-15, 07:25   Link #14
Fuwafuwa Fun Adventures
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Psycho Pass 2. Dear God Psycho Pass 2.

The only reason I keep watching it is to see it to the end. It's a disservice to its characters, Akane and Mika coming in mind first.

Then, Mahouka. It felt like the entire team, from the director to the seiyuus, conspired to bore the viewers to tears.
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Old 2014-12-15, 07:41   Link #15
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Originally Posted by itisjustme View Post
Chaika was also disappointing in how they rushed through the story.
I have to agree with this. I know nothing about the novels but events in Season 2 just blew by so fast I still haven't entirely processed everything. Season 1 felt organic and deliberately paced and then 2 had the characters literally jumping from vital plot point to vital plot point at warp speed with everything else cut out. Even with all that I still feel like a ton of questions went unanswered too. I actually still really liked the series overall though and am only disappointed because I wish they'd done more with it.
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Old 2014-12-16, 12:01   Link #16
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Zankyou no Terror comes close but didn't finish it to even matter.
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For me it's Psycho Pass 2, it's not like it's a completely awful anime (some things in it are though), but it really tries hard to replicate the spirit of the first season and it fails miserably.

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in order from winter to fall

Mahou sensou(is obligitory) it just sucked ass, it fell flat on its face, i cant even think of a redeeming quality besides average animation quality

seitokai yakuindomo*-the comedy was rather forced and unorigional, the first season was 1000000X better


break blade 2014- just why? i wanted a sequel, not i dont even know why they did this

captain earth- it was just so god damn boring, the first 10 eps were fine, but after that they just dragged on and on

fuun isin dai shogun- just couldve been better in a few ways

Mahouka- they fucking butchered this, i keep up with the LN and while tatsuya still kicked ass, he was a robot, and everyone else just kinda stood there and did nothing, i was so disappointed

dragonaur- the genres it tried to do killed itself


psycho-pass re edit- i dont even know what they changed, if they changed anything at all

a few series i waited till they were finished but stopped after three eps cause i just couldnt stand them


Terra formars- PLZ fuck you censoring, BD when

i only included what i have watched, i cant really opinionate something i havent watched yet
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Old 2014-12-17, 03:33   Link #19
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Mahouka - I don't have expectation on this show from the beginning but it still one of the worst anime I watch. All those infodumps are boring.

Glasslip - Worst anime by PA Works
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Old 2014-12-17, 12:56   Link #20
AS Oji-kun
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The second seasons of Log Horizon and Psycho-Pass have not lived up to the standards of the originals, but for me, the biggest train wreck of 2014 was Zankyou no Terror. Whatever surface plausibility the story had ended when Five appeared.
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