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Old 2007-03-30, 07:24   Link #1
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reseeding / upload speed = 0-2kb/sec only ?!

If i start a download . Everything runs normally . ( 60kb upload 120kb download )

But when i attempted to reseed the file , i get only 1-3 peers and my upload speed is only 1-4kb/sec !!

My bittorent client is Bittornado . ( port forwarded 10000-10010 )

So if anyone here knows what the problem might be , please help .

( yes i have a bad ratio x_x )
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Old 2007-03-30, 08:55   Link #2
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That yellow light is probably most of your problem.

Who is your service provider?

Have you tried a reachability check like the one from ?
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Old 2007-03-30, 16:24   Link #3
Love Yourself
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As DWKnight mentioned, your client has a yellow light. What that means is that the client believes that you are behind a router. If you are, have you set up port forwarding/UPnP support properly, both for your BT client and for your router? If you did or if you don't use a router, you may want to try running BT with your firewall temporarily disabled - if you get a green light, it would indicate that you need to tweak some settings in your firewall to allow your BT client to work nicely.

The issue with NAT'd clients (clients behind a router) is that they're much more restricted in who they can send to, although I believe they can receive from pretty much everyone. If you can fix the NAT issue, your overall torrent performance - both upload and download - should increase.

If your ISP is one of those wireless ISPs, you may not have as much control over this issue.
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