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Old 2004-01-07, 06:36   Link #1
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Weird download speed

I dunno if anyone ever experience this but...when i download anime in Animesuki, I can normally reach a download speed of 30-52kB/s. However, when i tried to download batch torrent from another site, my download speed decrease drastically to about 2kB/s? And status light in my shadows bt client remains yellow for a veri long time when i downloaded from there. I've already set my router setting so it should not be firewalled and I already assign my own ip so that should not be the prob too... I only get the firewalled status when downloading from that site. I'm jus angry that I upload so much and wad i download is not even half of wad i uploaded. Worst still, all of my peers r local and only one of em is connected to me. That sure didnt happen when i downloaded anime from animesuki or other stuffs from elsewhere!!!!
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