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Old 2007-04-16, 19:29   Link #1
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my dl stop dl and stay at one point

i was dl 2 episode and then it jus stop. so i try to dl another one but its still same
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Old 2007-04-16, 20:08   Link #2
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Some specific information might be helpful if you actually want help. Such as:

What client are you using? What revision? Do you know how to diagnose it?
What episodes? Were there seeds? Was the tracker good?
What kind of net connection do you have? Is it shared? Is there a router? Is there a firewall? Who is the ISP?
What OS are you using (please be specific, like, Win2Ksp4+fully updated).

People who take the time to answer these things aren't getting paid so the OP should be as informative as possible.
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Old 2007-04-16, 20:30   Link #3
Obey the Darkly Cute ...
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: On the whole, I'd rather be in Kyoto ...
Age: 57
His PM and my response copied in case anyone else wants to chime in or needs similar help:

Originally Posted by uraznbuddy
so i dont noe anything. i just noe this morning it was like dl 202 kb then my peer list stop showing and everything jus stop
Hmmm, if you were getting those kinds of speeds initially.... I assume you're able to still web browse and get mail?

I can think of these areas that might be a problem:

It may be that your uploading speed squashed any room for downloading (most DSL connections actually share the frequency between DOWN and UP so a huge upload rush can crush any downloading.

It may also be that your router/modem can't handle the NUMBER of connections being made without throwing up.

It may be that your ISP is being nasty and throttling torrent connections it thinks are either hogging their network or it thinks you're being attacked by all the connection attempts.
Fortunately, no matter which reason --- this sort of change *usually* fixes the problem.
Try again (after rebooting everything), but LIMIT your download speed to 50kb/s. Also LIMIT your upload speed to 5kb/s.

If the file download completes, then try another one and increase the download speed limit to 100kb/s. If that works --- you can either keep tweaking up or just call it good enough. Remember to let the torrent upload enough bytes so that you don't get labeled a poor playmate by the other torrenting computers.

If you get locked up even at slow speeds, you may have a really unfriendly ISP (if this is a new internet company you're signed up with). Some bit torrent software will let you randomize the 'port' to make connections and encrypt the data packets so the ISP can't block such things easily.

It would be helpful to know what OS you're using and what bittorrent software, what kind of connection, etc ... otherwise this is about all the help I can offer.
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