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Old 2013-08-15, 13:04   Link #2421
Gx Hero
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Ok I agree, but the way the Nanoha series is built would work better with fewer charecters. I think if the TSab had during A's and strikers been established on earth that it could have helped, especialy since they could have brought in the old cast like arisa and suzuka. Such as Suzuka taking Shari's place at riot six.

As for the faceless drones I think they did that because iti s military and to keep the gore down by having mechanical enimes to destroy. Though they could have as easily introduced the cyborgs earlier and given them more screen time, then it could have been more like A"s.

The emotions from fighting the cyborgs. THough in the end I think that Strikers Could have been far better than it is.

Heck they could have put arisa on the stars squad since she may of had magic since probaly o one checked. Debatable of course.
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Old 2013-08-15, 19:36   Link #2422
Labda Prakarsa Nirwikara
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The enlarged cast shouldn't have been a problem since they have twice the amount of episodes compared to previous seasons. Unfortunately, StrikerS pacing was attrociusly slow even by anime standards (still better than Dragonball, but that's not saying much). For example, the training arc could have been a training montage, giving more time for the actual ass-kicking, and the expositions took to much screentime considering the small amount of infodump they actually provided. Hell, that one manga chapter focusing on the Numbers could have been slipped into the anime.
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Old 2013-08-15, 19:50   Link #2423
Gx Hero
Join Date: Jul 2013
agreed for how slow it went more episodes would have been nice. pitty that quattro was not at near point blank range for the divine buster. SHe deserv ed it.

Which brings me to ask is Jail or Quattro more evil. Personaly I say quattro because she enjoyed the torture of making nanoha and vivio fight where jail was simply a too enthusiastic scientist with little to no morals.
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Old 2013-08-15, 20:13   Link #2424
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Originally Posted by Akiyoshi View Post
Agreed, StrikerS problem wasn't in its characters, we have seen stories with similar cast size that managed more with even less episodes.
Such as?

I disagree with those saying that the number of characters wasn't part of StrikerS' problems. I definitely think it was an issue for StrikerS, and that the show would have been better with fewer characters.

Viewer attention is just divided too many ways, amongst two many groups and subgroups of characters. Most of the non-magical girl TSAB operatives just feel like they're taking up space, as does half of the Numbers and anybody working for the Saint Church. They're like extras in a movie, or some cannon fodder protagonists/antagonists, but the anime presents them like you're supposed to seriously care about them.

Slow pacing during the first half didn't help, certainly, but I've seen worst (Shakugan no Shana Season 2's first half).

StrikerS did a decent job developing Teana and Subaru, as well as further developing Nanoha and Fate. But after that, there's a lot of half-baked or entirely wasted potential due to just having too many characters.

Originally Posted by Tiresias View Post
The enlarged cast shouldn't have been a problem since they have twice the amount of episodes compared to previous seasons.
Twice the amount of episodes, but four times as many characters. So the enlarged cast was a problem.

I firmly stand by what I wrote here many moons ago.

The Nanoha franchise's biggest problem is just too many characters. StrikerS is the anime that bears the brunt of this, but the Nanoha franchise itself suffers from massive cast bloat.
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Old 2013-08-29, 22:00   Link #2425
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Although StrikerS has issues in terms of the amount of characters, one thing I think it still did really well and hence my high enjoyment of the series was the world development. You really get to know more Mid-Childa and such. Although it may also because I generally love world building stuff so I ended up enjoying Vivid very much due to all these glimpses of the world that Nanoha and co eventually live in.
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