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Old 2013-01-16, 22:21   Link #41
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Originally Posted by Torco View Post
And yet, we humans were able to create this game, giving hope and touching each other's hearts.

yeah, yeah, its just a game. but it gave me all the feels.
That's where the "humanist" part of me comes in, admittedly later on in my life since this thread. Even with all the ugliness, I can still believe that humans are still capable of great things.

But wow, you're lucky I'm still around to respond to that, it's been almost two years!

And looking at my own old post, now I kinda want to punch myself in the face for coming off as a pretentious boy who thinks he knows everything.

So while I have this chance, might as well clarify, I don't really know for sure how the situation regarding bully in Japan is since I only get to see them through mediums like these (which are prone to dramatization), so the scenario conjecture I made in that post is really just a conjecture, which truth value I don't know about. Perhaps it's nothing this severe or perhaps it's like how Polarpew pointed out that it might just be worse irl, I don't know.
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Old 2014-01-02, 10:47   Link #42
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Great game. A bit too many H-scenes for my liking, I would always be wishing for it to hurry up and get back to the story

Here's how I rate the three girls:

Aeka is the one I fell most in love with. Very emotional path.

Mizuki had the best H-scenes but her path wasn't as good as the other two.

Nekoko had the best path story-wise. I didn't really like her personality or H-scenes, though.
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Old 2014-01-02, 19:22   Link #43
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Has the artist for this game, Haimura Kiyotaka, illustrated other eroge, or did he stop doing that after hitting it big with the illustrations for the TAMNI novel series?
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Old 2014-01-04, 14:15   Link #44
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Originally Posted by SuperBlooper View Post
Mizuki had the best H-scenes but her path wasn't as good as the other two.
Probably because she was the only one of the three who wasn't really a victim beyond her circumstances. Aeka is bullied and Nekoko has a severe addiction, but Mizuki is essentially an irresponsible teenager who went wild.

Unlike Nekoko who was physically dependent on those narcotics, Mizuki just did it for the thrill. She went off the wall and is more responsible for what happened to her than Aeka and Nekoko were for their situations, so it's natural that she would be the hardest to sympathize with.

However, that doesn't mean her story was without merit. I would say her story depicted what it's like to lose control just as well as Aeka's route displayed bullying or Nekoko's route described her drug addiction.
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