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Old 2007-06-08, 21:31   Link #1
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bitorrent question

What can I do to get 219 files downloaded very fast?
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Old 2007-06-09, 00:53   Link #2
Gregory House
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What can I do to get 219 files downloaded very fast?
Talk to the client, tell it nice things. It usually works. Classical music is also advised.

PS: OK, in need of shielding myself from the mods...

Do you have a real problem? Is it downloading too slowly? This could be due to a gazillion of reasons. Please post number of peers/seeds of the torrent, the tracker status, the BT client you're using, max upload speed settings... and I think I'm forgetting lots of other things. But that'll do for the meantime, I guess.

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Old 2007-06-09, 03:12   Link #3
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Originally Posted by dondre View Post
What can I do to get 219 files downloaded very fast?
I don't know if there is any client that would queue your files based on your download speed, but the best way is to manually select a specific number of files to download at the same time (based on your user experience, download speed, such as the number that would allow you to reach the max download speed), and queue the others, so that once the files you are downloading finishes, the program can automatically start the queued files.

For some programs (I use Azureus, and I sometimes observe this), if you keep the number of files simultaneously downloading at a high value, the download speed might stuck at 0, or just annoyingly vary between 0 and max (usually staying close to 0). That is an undesired situation.

So, I suggest you, to start with 20 simultaneous downloads and increase to 25, 30, to see how much your bandwidth and pc support (I usually limit at 25, for bulk downloading). And, order the files in a way that at least half of those files are well-seeded files (so that you can achieve good speed). Those are just a leecher's perspective anyway, cause, you can hardly get 1:1 ratio if you choose to download in the shortest time that many files.
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Old 2007-06-09, 07:10   Link #4
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How do I start with 20 with downloading?
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Old 2007-06-09, 13:35   Link #5
Love Yourself
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If you're using uTorrent (and probably Azureus, and some other clients) you can specify certain files to not be downloaded. When you start the torrent up (a batch torrent, I presume) just uncheck files 1-19 and the client will skip them.
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