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Old 2007-06-20, 06:47   Link #61
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2007
I agree, the kiss is not that big of a deal.

Ophellia fondling Clare's breasts, now that is a big deal. My Japanese is not too good, but I think Ophelia thinks that Clare tastes like chicken.

Anyway, I will wait for the subs to figure out why Clare tastes like chicken.

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Old 2007-06-20, 06:51   Link #62
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2007
I'm sure they are doing the best they are monetarily able right now.
And I am not What happend to their faces? Why have they changed the style? Honestly I'm a little bit disappointed.
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Old 2007-06-20, 06:57   Link #63
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: UK, London
Some thoughts after watching the raw.

Artwork was a bit inconsistant this ep, especially the way Clare and Ophelia's faces were drawn.

Did Ophelia get caught and have her neck snapped on purpose? If so, then she took a bit of a gamble there, the awakened being could easliy have torn off her head instead.

The kiss reminded me of a similar scene from The End of Eva.

Edit: Sub is out! Thank you Eclipse
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Old 2007-06-20, 07:12   Link #64
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Yuri Land
Age: 28
subs are out ^_^..FINALLY
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Old 2007-06-20, 07:16   Link #65
Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: sapporo
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Old 2007-06-20, 07:54   Link #66
Nya? ^_^
Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Australia
Great episode. Showing Raki actually being vaguely (okay incredibly vaguely) useful was a nice touch. Clare rules as always. Ophelia is scary. ;.;

Can't wait for more. ^^
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Old 2007-06-20, 08:09   Link #67
Senior Member
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: May 2007
Location: Solar System
Age: 39


1) Awakening one get a lot of extasy.

2) Clare is always hiding your Emotions.

On that situation (kiss), all Clare emotions get the surface.

PS: Sorry my english.
Good Day to you.
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Old 2007-06-20, 08:16   Link #68
Goofus Maximus
Senile Member
Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: Across the Mississippi from St. Louis, MO
I knew I should have stayed away from the manga! It really does take away from the anime viewing... The tone of this episode just didn't feel right as a result.

The Awakened One had class, right to the very end!

Edit: I think we needed a "What the..." rating for the vote...

Last edited by Goofus Maximus; 2007-06-20 at 11:29.
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Old 2007-06-20, 08:20   Link #69
Join Date: Jun 2007
Originally Posted by Asai View Post
Great episode. Showing Raki actually being vaguely (okay incredibly vaguely) useful was a nice touch. Clare rules as always. Ophelia is scary. ;.;

Can't wait for more. ^^
Lol Raki reminds me of Frodo Baggins, the most useless character of all history. Although I'm not really a big LOTR fan, I hope Raki does more stuff too, 'cause no one likes a useless hobbit. Well I detest em >_> and I really hated the LOTR plot, it just dragged on and on, trying to milk the fans of their precious money.
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Old 2007-06-20, 08:46   Link #70
I like tinkering on stuff
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Who cares? It's the internet, haha.
This episode was amazing. I've never felt like more of a fanboy than this moment. Remember, I'm not a manga reader so this is all fresh to me. When Clare's body parts started to come off, I was shouting profanity. The suspense of Ophelia's game was killing me. I kept asking myself: "How the hell is Raki going to survive this?" This episode really toyed with my emotions and made me stare viciously at the screen for 20 minutes.

Ophelia was no joke; her sadism was disturbing but funny. She throws Raki to the Awakening Being after playing on the collective feelings of Clare. And the kiss at the end; I can't even guess what that meant. Their relationship reminded me of siblings but that exchange looked like it was between two lovers.

And I'm also wondering if Raki is out of the picture for awhile? It seemed like he was starting some epic quest to attain strength, lol.

Aw man! This is great! I'm not going to read spoilers as I love the suspense!

Edit: I was indifferent towards Raki from the start but he's one of my favorite characters now.
Wosho128 is offline  
Old 2007-06-20, 08:53   Link #71
Defiled one
Priscilla`s inner voice
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: Iberian Peninsule...
Age: 26
Well, I really liked Raki in this episode, even though he didn`t helped at all.

He had this awesome mood like "THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE HIGHLANDER!!" style. An I just went OWO and I was like OWO also when he fought I went
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Old 2007-06-20, 09:06   Link #72
Proud Yuma Lover.
Join Date: Apr 2007
Well lets face it, this has been a shining moment for Raki. He was fighting an opponent he stood no chance against, and kept from crying out via sheer willpower, because he did not want to distract Claire. That's kinda cool. As for the kiss, remember, Claire has hardly had a normal life. Quite frankly Raki is the only male Claire has been close to emotonally since she was a little girl. Granted prior to the kiss I also thought the relationship was of a sibling nature. But I guess not. Anyways don't be jelous of Raki's releationship with Claire. There's still 45 avalible Claymores. I'm not counting Ophelia, because that's a little to dangerous, but I suppose you could try.
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Old 2007-06-20, 09:10   Link #73
I like tinkering on stuff
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Who cares? It's the internet, haha.
Originally Posted by Negativedark View Post
Anyways don't be jelous of Raki's releationship with Claire. There's still 45 avalible Claymores. I'm not counting Ophelia, because that's a little to dangerous, but I suppose you could try.
That made me laugh. It seems that fans around here treat Claymores like idols. =P (/End generic post made by me.)
Wosho128 is offline  
Old 2007-06-20, 09:36   Link #74
PSI you from behind
Join Date: May 2007
Location: The Netherlands
Age: 25
Well, they really did a good job on Miss Psycho, a-yep. 'Twas a neat episode and see? Raki can be useful.
Squawks is offline  
Old 2007-06-20, 09:43   Link #75
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2006
a kiss plus, clare seems like she is trying to seduce Raki (the face after kiss)
and raki faces clare's breasts when they are planning to escape...

but... disappointedly, raki show no sign of affection in these scenes +_+

can't wait to see the outcome of the elf x clare battle
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Old 2007-06-20, 09:47   Link #76
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: Pekoponsei
I've never liked Raki from the start, maybe because of his voice, but man, I hate him now. I don't like weak guys who act recklessly because they think it's ok as long as they don't scare of death, that's very selfish in my opinion, they should at least think of those who care for them. From the beginning of the episode, Clare told Raki to stay behind, but he followed her anyway, and made the situation worse. Afterall his presence in the middle of a battles between Clare and the monsters (Ophelia, the Awakened One) just minimized the chance of survival for both of them.
And while being chased by Ophelia, he insisted to stick with Clare no matter what, that really got on my nerve that I seriously wanted to kick his ass. Even made me think Clare kissed him just to shut him up. She was trained to make that prostitude look, right?
Yunocchi, sweep them all!!
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Old 2007-06-20, 09:48   Link #77
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2006
I just watched the episode. I think i'm so critical right now b/c I just read the manga version of this episode last night for the 2nd time (read it a couple months ago), since I was hyped about this episode with Ophelia. I would give it an 8/10 b/c it did not meet my expectations from what I got from the manga. They didn't portray Ophelia's psycho look like in manga properly which took away from the experience. In the Claymore manga, you could say Ophelia has that Hellsing manga (one creepy eye face with a shadow over it) and Claire has that Berserk manga (Holy s*** face) right before she gets groped by Ophelia. I didn't see any of those artistic elements in the anime, so it was pretty plain. Also, I was dissapointed with the Ophelia vs. Raki scene. I was expecting the camera to stay on Ophelia while she makes a stabbing movement with her sword over and over then it pans to Raki getting sliced and then back to her moving her arm and showing her emotionless face saying "THERE THERE THERE." The anime re-animated that scene horribly, giving Ophelia's face emotion with only FREEZE FRAMES and making the camera spin around Raki. ALSO, Claire gave Raki the eye after they kissed which was creepy XD.
superzombie23 is offline  
Old 2007-06-20, 09:58   Link #78
PSI you from behind
Join Date: May 2007
Location: The Netherlands
Age: 25

To be fair, it will never get the way you want it. I understand what you mean, but seriously, they did a awesome job and you're just nitpicking. The holy shit face is reasonable, I bet you would look like that if someone groped you at your private parts, especially someone of the same sex. I think they wanted to show that Raki can put up a fight and giving Ophelia emotion depths out her character, she was laughing and joking, that was so fitting. However, they shouldn't have made Clare look the way she did after the kiss, that was indeed scary.
Squawks is offline  
Old 2007-06-20, 10:04   Link #79
Join Date: Jun 2007
Maybe they intended to make Clare look scary for a reason?

Maybe to percieve that her awakened state is slowly taking part of her. This is just speculation though, I havn't read the manga.
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Old 2007-06-20, 10:12   Link #80
Join Date: Apr 2007
Oh,despite whatever brave actions raki has done(which wont help at all),I just want him dead,or at the very least,gone,which is the case now.
Cool!fresh air blue sky now.
Anyways,forget my feelings,Ophelia's voice actress did a good job,but I have to say after reading the manga I couldnt agree with the way the anime show certain things.
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