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Old Anime Series

Ohayo, minna-san I want to watch some old anime series. I'm searching for something like Onisama e - something serious and dramatic (not necessarily shojo ai xD). I'm always getting bored with long series, so can you recommend me something shorter? (up to 50 episodes)

Old means 70's, 80's, alternatively beginning of 90's.
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I'll make recommendations only off of what I've watched. If you want to do more digging of your own, has a database worth utilising for a search point.

70s that are 50 eps max

Ace o Nerae! (1973)(26 eps)
Rose of Versailles (1979)(40 eps)(the more famous title of Ryoko Ikeda, who also wrote Oniisama e...)
Akage no Anne (Anne of Green Gables)(1979) (50 eps)
Captain Harlock (1978)(42 eps)

Lighter but still good
Cutie Honey (1973)(25 eps)
Future Boy Conan (1978)(26 eps) (Miyazaki and Anno both worked on this in their early days)

Longer than 50 eps - Galaxy Express 999, Mazinger Z, Space Battleship Yamato (three seasons of around 26 eps each), Candy Candy, Lupin Sansei (1977 version)

80s under 50 eps

Kimagure Orange Road (1987) (48 eps + 2 movies, some optional OVAs but not necessarily required)
Macross - Do You Remember Love? movie (1984)
Glass no Kamen (1984) (23 eps)
Zeta Gundam (1985) (50 eps)

Lighter but still good
Sherlock Hound (1984) (26 eps) (Miyazaki did some work on this)
Dirty Pair (1985) (26 eps)
Gunbuster (1988) (6 eps)

Longer than 50 eps - City Hunter, Hokuto no Ken, Urusei Yatsura, Touch, Votoms, Creamy Mami, Yawara

Hope that helps.
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Originally Posted by Last Sinner View Post
Macross - Do You Remember Love? movie (1984)
I strongly recommend watching the original Macross from 1982 before the movie. It's a bundle of fun.

The Do You Remember Love movie has amazing animation and music, but it covers 36 episodes of plot (plus some additional stuff) in 2 hours. The result is an eyegasm that is low on the emotional impact unless you've already seen the TV series.

I'll second Gunbuster though. That anime is special.
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70's, 80's, 90's, older, series

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