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Old 2016-05-15, 12:00   Link #1
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Fire Punch [Manga]

Author & Artist: Fujimoto Tatsuki
Genres: Action, Shounen, Supernatural, Tragedy, Mystery

Plot Summary:
The world was turned by the "Ice Witch" into that of snow, starvation and madness. Freezing people naturally seeked flame. The "blessing" that was bestowed upon Agni, is it a hope or maybe a curse...?
I read the first three chapters and prologue. Well, it's definitely quite something and there's a lot of mystery that seems to build up.

Quite an intense start so far especially the first two chapters.
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Old 2016-05-15, 12:51   Link #2
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Lack of -man so we can't finish the title in "Fire-Punchman"
This guy definitely weaker than Saitama but his immortaility reallly his advantage over it.
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Old 2016-05-15, 13:07   Link #3
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The Lord of cinder as a MC, I'm in.
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Old 2016-05-15, 13:36   Link #4
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i finished prologue and im already addicted,

it is not oberwhelming with awesomeness but at least fire-punch got a deserving build up, exspecially the imortal MC is awesome, he f*cking burns and doesnt even care XD
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Old 2016-05-16, 00:57   Link #5
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MC's been pretty fucked up way before he even started burning for years lol.

"I'll destroy that illusion!"
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