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Old 2004-05-03, 23:24   Link #21
Cast In The Name Of God
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Originally Posted by anime-otaku
IYO means in your opinion
I really really hate Shinji from Evangelion, He's such an annoying loser, every time I see him in Evangelion I wished some act of extreme violence would happen to him.
YES. YES. YES. Every other episode in Evangelion it looks like Shinji is going to snap out of his loser streak and become a decent guy, but it NEVER happens! My hate for him is only compounded by the fact that he

His dad is on my list too, not because he is as annoying as Shinji, but just because he's so fun to hate. Everything about him screams "evil guy here, hate him."
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Old 2004-05-04, 01:45   Link #22
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i'd have to say Gin (gon's dad) from hunterxhunter is my fav to hate. he just left him behind and told his son that if he wants to see him again, he has to hunt him down... what an anti-social, neglectful prick. I hope Gon finds him and somebody punches him in face.

"All great truths begin as blasphemies." -George Bernard Shaw
<(^.^<) 2 wrongs make a right, 3 rights make a left. (>^.^)>
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Old 2004-05-04, 02:42   Link #23
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Heero Yuy. There's nothing about him I like or respect, all he thinks about is destroying rather than becoming a real hero. I just wish that he would die in Gundam Wing.
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Old 2004-05-04, 10:06   Link #24
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I've been rewatching alot of Touch lately, so I'll say it. Rewatching the series has rekindled my hatred of one of the characters, more specifically Yuka Nitta.

She's a concieted little busybody who's only goal is to ruin Minami's relationship with Tatsuya so she can lust after him some more. First she gets Minami booted from the position as team manager, and takes the job so she can be near Tatsuya when she is completely inept and unable to do the job. Then she tries every method and tactic she can to worm her way between Tatsuya and Minami. When she fails she resorts to verbally abusing Minami or any other nearby character. Even when a character risked their life to save her she repays him by publically belittling and ostracizing him.

Bah! I really hate her. >.>
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Old 2004-05-04, 10:21   Link #25
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Gatou - Naruto
Most evil entrapeneur and madman. He should be killed to what he did to Kaiza, Inari's father. And overall making the people of the fire country living a nightmare.
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Old 2004-05-04, 10:51   Link #26
Join Date: Feb 2004
Uraki Kou and Nina Purpleton from Gundam 0083, god they're both so stupid in their own special way....If he was piloting any MS other than the Gundam, Kou would've died like 50 times over with his stupidity...

All the cast in Gundam Wing.... Is it just me or are there bunch of ppl talking in tongues?? They've gotta go easy on the pseudo-philosophical BS, Pla-eaaaasseeee.

Soryu Asuka Langley, well she's arrogant to a point of being annoying.
"Homer, you're going down.. and up, and down again, coz that's how the game's played."
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Old 2004-05-04, 10:56   Link #27
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Shinji from EVA-Geez that guy whines a lot

Takayuki from KGNE-Most pathetic male character i have ever seen. He makes me want to plow my fist through the monitor.
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Old 2004-05-04, 10:57   Link #28
Senior Member
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Lucson Houjou from Infinite Ryvius. Reminds me of the type of managers at work, who are needlessly bossy, and very incompetent themselves. Really the type of person you wanna smack. The DUB actor does a great job portraying him as such. Fllay from Gundam SEED, also makes my list. Bottom line is she's just an annoying bitch and I'm glad she's gone. To me she's this century's Asuka Sorhyu (In terms of sheer bitchiness) from EVA whom I also don't like either.

Other considerations:

Gendou Ikari (EVA)
Wufei Chang (Gundam Wing)
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Old 2004-05-04, 11:21   Link #29
俺たち は リトルバスターズ!
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i hate:

Sora (digimon)- OMG what a piece of crap character I hate her >.<

Fllay (GSEED)- What a bitch!! I mean like DIE!!

shuuji(saikano) YES HE IS UGLY he looks 50

Chisa (saikano)-GRRRR she is so stupid I also hate the anime but....
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Old 2004-05-04, 12:20   Link #30
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Sailor Moon (S.M) - Damn, doesn't she ever stop whinning. And worst of all, they diss her and call her meatball head

Hamtaro - they're too goody goody

Sakura Avalon - Same with Sailor Moon
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Old 2004-05-05, 20:27   Link #31
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King Homdo from Now and Then, Here and There, I just wanted some one to kick him in the nuts, was every one that stupid that they didn't realize that he LOST HIS BLOODY MIND!
Gaul from Full metal planic, i mean honestly, he's evil. and he just wont die.
At one point or another every girl in Love Hina that could fight gave me a reason to hate her, but by far the most was Motoko. i really dislike her.
Kyron from Robotech, what a doped up moron, thats all i got to say on him.
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Old 2004-08-04, 21:44   Link #32
Anime Fiend
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Don't hate the player, hate the game...

Griffith from Berserk.. I mean god damn. Everyone in the band of the white hawk put everything they were into making Griffith’s dream a reality. They loved and respected him with every part of their being. Meanwhile Griffith just uses them to accomplish his own means covering up his true self behind his aspiring personality. When he fully realizes what he is doing he basically says “yeah I’m ok with it” and then kills his closes friends and comrades. What a Bastard!

Aeka from Tenchi Muyo.. She's a good girl, but needs to get out of Ryoko's way; and whats the deal with Tenchi....?
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Old 2004-08-05, 06:19   Link #33
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The protagonist of Onegai Teacher. Simply put it: he is a wimp of wimps, and the voice actor does a good job in brining it out. I hate it.

The protagonist of Princess Mononoke. He could had saved the spirit by simply killing the leader of Irontown, but instead he played do-goodie-good-ooder to the last. I seriously hope that the wolf-woman bites his head off while he sleeps.
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Old 2004-08-05, 07:23   Link #34
/Ultimate Magic Attack!!!
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Narumi Takayuki in KGNE - he's worse than Ikari Shinji, he's not only a wimp, he's also a hypocrite. I hate hypocrites. At least Shinji had the decency of admitting he's a wimp.

Tohno Shiki in Tsukihime - he's worse than Shinji and Takayuki in that he's an even bigger hypocrite. If you think yourself as a god, then don't complain about it. And the fact that he plain out lied to Yumi-chan, toyed with her emotions, to kill her in the game doesn't help

Kai Kudo in E'S Otherwise - now he's not a hypocrite, but a total idiot. Even after seeing his friend getting killed, and his girlfriend getting tortured by the enemies, he turned against his own allies? If I'm fighting a war and he's on my side, I'll definitely kill him first -_-
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Old 2004-08-05, 10:41   Link #35
Chicago Fan-Boy
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I really hated Legato in Trigun, he was the perfect villian IMO. He was sinsister, and he showed no weakness.

Currently stationed in Great Lakes, IL.

Watching: Berserk, Seikai no Senki III, Gundam Wing Endless Waltz

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Old 2004-08-05, 13:48   Link #36
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Well... I guess one main person I love to hate is Akito from Fruits Basket.

He makes a good villain and I like him for that...but he seriously needs to get over himself. He thinks just becuase he bears the whole weight of the curse...which is really just being sick for the rest of his life...that he has to take it out on everyone else. He is not that poor...he just says that he's destined to die...well... we are all kinda destined to die...
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Old 2004-08-05, 15:47   Link #37
A laughing demonic Skull
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Shinji in EVA, whinning, stupid,etc i hate him sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!

Shuuji in Saikano, this guy got serious problem and is a real pervert

Haruka in RahXephon, get live without her guy, i hate that a lot.

Akio in Utena, that s*beep* beep* B*beep**%&&*(?*&!

What does "IYO" means?
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Old 2004-08-05, 23:13   Link #38
K-F Distro Guy
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Jinnai from The Magnificient World, i hate the way he laughs

I really really hate Gaara from Naruto, such a freaking rip off. He's exactly like Tetsou from Akira. But twice as ugly and 10000x more uncool. I have no idea why people even like him.
Though he is a lil annoying and has doesnt have much skill coz his sand does all the work, he is going to get way cooler in the next few eps, the manga is pretty advanced, shows alot of stuff
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Old 2004-08-05, 23:24   Link #39
the apocolips comes
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Benitora from Samurai Deeper Kyo. weak and annoing bad combo

Yu from FFU. freaking want to smack that little brat
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Old 2004-08-05, 23:34   Link #40
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Anime chars I hate, jhesh theres so few I actually like; the list would be like a over flowing tank of water throwing the excess who don't belong over the edge.

Shinji, this fkin crybaby he spends more time pouting, pussing, out than he actually does as being a mecha pilot.

All the anime boys who get the crap beat out of them by woman, I know its rather large and makes up probably 100's of animes. But they really make the show look like a powderpuff team of buffed up girls and weenies who are squirming to get a knock at them, this makes me wretch at any anime I had respect for.
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