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Original Magical Girl Work: ULJA

For a personal magical girl series of mine called Universal Lady Justice Aya.

For a summary,

Aya Masa is a young girl lives under abuse after a tragic event robbed her and her family of their livelihood. On the verge of giving up on her optimism and idealism, she finds a strange crystal within the trash heap city of Arahi. After encountering a magical girl named Shizuko, Aya suddenly becomes one herself. Though she hopes to her powers to have a more meaningful life, she must prepare for the consequences and those now trying to hunt her down.

I may have episodes up soon. Trust me, it's definitely worth a look.
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Post ULJA Part 1 Episode 1

To start with, here is my first episode for all to see.

ULJA Part 1 Episode 1: Tap your mind

Written by Mister Drake/JameyoftheMegacosmos


Aya' Apartment Complex- A five-story building with 4 apartments on each floor. Several blocks away from the nearby school. The owner, Finch, lives on the front left apartment on the first floor. Aya's is the back right one on the third floor. Has a parking lot in the back for about 16 cars.

Aya's Apartment- Composed of a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and two bedrooms.

Arahi No. 28 High School- A large high school in the outer section of Arahi City. Protected by a wall with a large gate as the entrance. Has an indoor field track, a cafeteria, and a large garden area for students to gather outside class.

Character introduction:

Aya Masa- The main character.
Suzume Masa- Aya's protective and strict mother.

Detective Finch- A private detective and the owner of the apartment complex where Aya lives. He's close to Aya in terms of friends, but can't do much due to his work.
Athena- Aya's pet falcon.

Miki Tenjou- Aya's closest friend. Her family runs a concert arena in Arahi. She is about the only one who could stand for Aya.
Chou Bo- An overeating, yet still skinny girl who sits with Aya during lunch. Doesn't like being demeaned by her weight.
Kyoko Liu- A Chinese/Japanese boy who is always busy.
Ashley Haylon- The in-crowd leader at Aya's school. Always like to exploit or harass Aya and a few others.

Shizuko Ayumi- A mysterious magical girl. She is very flexible, agile, and fast. Capable of ripping off sides of walls or the ground to make magical knives.

AMF Weapons:

Shuriken- A portable cylindrical drone with bladed internal rotors for flight and melee combat. Can be optionally armed with a small gun on the bottom.
Pincher- A small quadrupedal drone. Has two scythe-like blades that slice across from each other.


(Scene starts with a white screen. Then fades into a peaceful park at around springtime.)
(Aya Masa, the main character, is running around freely in clean clothes. She spins around and lands happily on a mound while seeing Miki Tenjou come by on her right. The two look at each other, then Miki lies down beside her as they smile. Kyoko Liu, seeing them from a distance on their left, looks down and lets out a giggle. He comes down to sit with them. Aya looks back and forth between her friends.)
Narrator Aya: Friends. Peace. Freedom. Justice. This is all that I wanted.
(Aya reaches in her shirt's right pocket and pulls out a white cylindrical crystal. As her friends watch, she raises the crystal with her left hand and her right hand showing a ring.)
Narrator Aya: Both as a normal girl...and a magical one.
(After looking at each other one more time, they turn to the sky as the scene darkens where only the crystal is shown flashing a white glow.)
Narrator Aya: However, it wouldn't have happened if it weren't for everything that I've done for everyone...and what they've done for me. I am Aya Masa and this is my story in how I fulfilled my dreams and desires. My desire to bring hope and justice. To me. To my friends. To the magical girls. And to the world.
(Scene: Aya's room.)
(Aya's alarm clock goes on. After a while, she wakes up slowly to stop the alarm and stretches. She sits on the side of her bed, seeing the clocks at a late time.)
Aya: (sarcastic) Late again...(yawns) How much more suffering?
(Aya gets up and puts on a set of slippers. She opens the curtains to a large window, seeing the city and small backyard behind the apartment complex. Aya sighs as she looks down. Athena flies onto the windowsill outside. Aya looks to the falcon as it screeches.)
Aya: There you are, Athena.
(Aya takes out some food hidden in her pocket. She slightly opens the window and lets her hand out to feed Athena. The falcon leans into her hand and nibbles on the food.)
Aya: There you go. Glad that you're here at least. (looks down, sighs)
(A feint alarm sound goes off and Aya turns around. She looks back to Athena and brings her hand back inside.)
Aya: Guess that's it for now.
(Athena screeches)
Aya: Don't worry. Next time we'll hang out more.
(Aya closes the window and the curtains as Athena leaves. She rubs her hands together to shake of f the food crumbs.)
Suzume: Aya! It's time to go!
Aya: I'm up, mom! Coming!
(Aya walks out her door to see Suzume Masa nearby.)
Aya: Uhh, what is it, Mom?
Suzume: Nothing, just wanted to know if you were up.
Aya: I'm fine, mom.
Suzume: (suspicious) Hm. (returns to normal) Anyway, you better get ready now.
Aya: (irritated) I know, mom. You don't have to tell me.
(Aya walks away. Suzume walks into her room to scan the place.)
Suzume: Hm.
(Suzume turns away.)
(Scene: Shower, then kitchen, and finally outside to the complex parking lot.)
(Aya is out taking a shower)
Narrator Aya: This is the Aya I was before. Just a little girl within an apartment with a very rough life.
(Aya and Suzume eating together at table.)
Narrator Aya: Something you'd usually find in drama shows or a magical girl series.
(The Masas rush outside, near their car.)
Suzume: Come on, Aya! We're going to be late!
Aya: I know, mom! Coming!
(The two quickly get into their car.)
(Scene: The Masa's car.)
(Aya watches quietly out the side window for a few moments. Then, she turns to her mother.)
Aya: Mother...
Suzume: What?
Aya: There's something I want ask.
Suzume: Not now, Aya.
Aya: I've been wondering...why are you always so protective of me like this?
Suzume: (frustrated) It's best if we don't talk about this.
Aya: But I'm always wondering! You used to be so kind and polite. Was it that incident from before? The one where father died?
Suzume: Please, Aya. Just not now...
(Aya lets out a stressful sigh and looks back to the window, leaning on her hand.)
Narrator Aya: My mother didn't used to be like this. She was much different before.
(Aya flashes back to a large wealthy house with a long brick path through a garden. A young Aya with elegant clothing walks along the path and stops to spin around. She twirls a few times and stops, facing away from the house. She runs to her mother, a younger Suzume, and her father. Both of her parent crouched down as the young Aya brings her arms out, wrapping around their arms and legs in the center.)
Narrator Aya: Long ago, when I was young, we had a normal happy family.
(Another flashback shows the young Aya sitting in a living room, reading a book on the floor.)
Narrator Aya: I could get things whenever I wanted them. I especially liked learning and spent years of my time reading and studying whatever subjects I could find.
(Suzume suddenly comes to her left side and kneels down to see Aya's book. Aya turns around to see her mother smiling. Aya grins back as her mother pats her head.)
Narrator Aya: At that time, my mother Suzume was a normal mom. She was kind, would appreciate my work, and did what she could to help.
(A shadow casts over Aya, who turns around see her father. He gives a nod and Aya excitedly grins back. Her father kneels down and puts a small box at her side. Aya twists her body to reach the box and opens it up. Her eyes widen at the sight of a gold ring with falcon wings and a white jewel in the center. She takes the ring out and holds it the air with both hands.)
Narrator Aya: And I had a great father; he would do anything for me. I even have a ring from him, which was quite expensive and very pretty.
(Returning to the present, Aya looks at the same ring worn on her right index finger and gives a light smile.)
Narrator Aya: I've never taken it off since he gave it to me and it reminds me of the best times I've had.
(Aya gets another flashback, changing her smile into a shocked face. She puts her hand down and looks out the window with a depressing look.)
Narrator Aya: And of the nightmare.
(Aya flashes to back to her memories. In the nighttime, gunshots are fired through the house. Aya crouches and runs through the living room, crying for help. Suzume comes from the side and picks her up. She jerks her head several times and finds an empty closet. She runs into the closet with Aya in her arms and closes the door with a small crack opening.)
Narrator Aya: About seven years ago, a group of gunmen came into our house and started searching and shooting. Maybe because we were rich? I don't know.
(Suzume and Aya observe through the door crack, seeing shadows of three gunmen walking through the house. The shadows stop and two of them turn around. The gunmen talk for a while.)
Narrator Aya: My mom and I hid in a closet when they barged in. They seemed to be looking for my mother because they said her name once.
(Two of the gunmen's shadows move to the right, walking away from the living. The third walks left and arrives in the living room. The gunman turns to see the closet and turns a flashlight through the crack. As the young Aya nearly panics, Suzume covers her mouth as the gunman approaches. He slowly opens up the closet with his gun. Suzume quickly launches at the gunman and punches him in the face. The gunman falls back while his automatic rifle fires off a few rounds. Suzume takes Aya and runs out the closet and into the hallways as more gunshots are fired.)
Narrator Aya: One of them soon found us, but my mother knocked him down and we made a break for it.
(Suzume and Aya together run out into the garden. They run around to see the house intact with some lights on. Suddenly, a large chunk of it bursts into flames and a fire starts consuming the entire house. The two girls watch in shock and awe at their burning home.)
Narrator Aya: We were lucky to escape.
(The two walk along a street. They turn to see a set of televisions reporting the destruction of the Masa's home. Aya's father is reported as one of the casualties with Aya and Suzume missing. Aya turns to a stoic Suzume, who holds only a few small stacks of money.)
Narrator Aya: But my father was killed, our home was gone, most our money was suddenly taken, and all of it was reported as a murder-suicide attempt.
(Aya hugs Suzume leg. After a few seconds, Suzume pushes her away to the side. Aya falls onto the ground and see her mother, confused and shocked by her mother's new behavior.)
Narrator Aya: It wasn't fair or right. But there was nothing we could do. My mom just said, "We'll deal with it".
(Back to current day, Aya looks at the present Suzume driving their car. Aya continues to look her with worry.)
Narrator Aya: Ever since that incident, my mother has become very protective of me. Always driving me to school, checking on me, and having strict rules even for when I go out.
(Aya turns away and looks out the window on the side. She leans on it and sighs as she watches a decaying park pass by.)
Narrator Aya: It really makes me want to break out of this lifestyle. But that's not the worst of it.
(Scene: Entrance to Arahi No. 28 School)
(The car stops at the school. Aya gets out and turns to her worried mother. She turns away and continues walking as the car drives away.)
Narrator Aya: What's more is school. Another nightmare.
(Aya walks along the hallway. She eventually finds Miki Tenjou standing.)
Aya: Hey Miki!
Miki: Hi Aya...
Aya: Looks like I'm not that late.
Miki: Your mother, I'm guessing.
Aya: Yes, this time she's the one who got up late. (sigh) She's really on my case all the time. Why is that?
Miki: I think you should talk to her about it.
Aya: I already tried, but she just--
Ashley: (nearby) Well, look who decided to come late today.
(Ashley comes with a crowd and approaches them. Some of the crowd watches.)
Aya: Ashley Haylon.
Ashley: And what reason would that be? Your little mama wouldn't leave you alone? (giggles)
Miki: Not as much as it would be if it were you.
Ashley: Boy, when did you start standing up for yourself all of a sudden? Did you forget my status over here, Miss Tenjou?
Miki: Doesn't mean that everyone has to love you.
Ashley: Oh dear. (a little louder) Is it just me, or do I sense there's a schoolgirl lesbian couple here? (giggles with some of the crowd)
(Aya is hurt by this. Miki puts a hand over Aya's chest)
Miki: (to Aya) Just ignore her, Aya. Like always.
Ashley: I guess I rest my case. The more you try to hide it, the more you prove it's true. (giggles)
Miki: Come on, Aya. Let's go.
Aya: Right.
(The two rush away from Ashley, who merely watches them.)
Ashley: (to herself) Losers...
(Scene: Classroom)
(Aya sits at her desk, very near the entrance to the classroom. She logs onto a computer and looks a set of recent test scores. She sees a very low grade with a note to be seen after school and Aya's hurt turns to angry. She looks at Ashley at a desk in the next row, who reveals her scores to be good and sticks her tongue out at Aya. Aya is even more stressed and angry by this.)
(Scene: Lunch hall)
(Aya constantly looks around with her lunch tray. She sees all the tables either completely full or have empty seats with the students staring at her. She looks down hurt by this, then over to a more vacant table in the corner with Miki. She walks over.)
Aya: (sigh, sitting next to Miki) Once again, just a table with me and you...
Miki: Me, and you, and--
(Chou Bo suddenly comes in with a mountain of food on her tray. She sits across from Miki, who backs her food up uncomfortably. Chou then starts to dig in with her food.)
Miki: And Chou.
Aya: And Chou.
Miki: Surprised how Chou can eat so much and still stay some skinny.
Chou: (stops, hurt by the comment) Miki...
Aya: I don't think she was really trying to insult you. Not like the other students at least. Actually, I like you no matter what people think of you.
(Chou still doesn't talk and now slowly eats. Aya sees Kyoko Liu suddenly rushes in and sits across from her.)
Aya: Kyoko!
Miki: (to Kyoko) I thought you weren't going to be at school today.
Kyoko: Can't talk. I got to eat quickly.
Aya: I know how that feels. What's been keeping you busy these days?
Kyoko: Aya, please not now.
Aya: (stressful sigh) Almost feels like we don't have anytime to talk about our problems. All I want is to help.
Miki: Aya, I think you should settle your own problems first.
Aya: Even that, I don't think I can handle it alone. (looks to the side, facing Ashley) And Ashley, because she has so many friends, she could always replace my best grades with hers and humiliate me with every chance she has. Someone's got to help me with that.
Kyoko: What COULD any of us do to help you with that?
Aya: Someone's got to speak up about it. Not everyone should just watch her and do nothing about it.
Miki: Ashley's family is one of the most powerful families here on Arahi. And she has control of society here at school. Speaking up about her cruelty will just ruin your life completely.
Aya: That I know. She's a stake being like this. She should be the one to get hammered down.
Kyoko: So would you.
Miki: Even with my family, such power at our age is a fantasy.
Aya: Maybe not me, but I wish someone could help!
Kyoko: You have to face reality.
(Scene: Outside of the school, evening)
(The bell rings for the end of school in the evening. Aya looks around out in the school gate. She goes through the crowd while hastily searching her surroundings and peaking through the walls for Ashley. After she gets far away from the school, she looks around once again and back where she came from. Aya sighs in relief and walks cautiously away.)
(Scene: An empty road)
(Aya continues walking until stop stops suddenly and kneels down.)
Aya: (sigh) I hate doing this. Why can't I just have a normal life without relying on luck?
(Aya hears a falcon screech. She turns left to see Athena in the sky. Athena flies towards Aya at her surprise.)
Aya: Athena?
(Athena lands on Aya's left shoulder and screeches.)
Aya: Athena? What are you doing here?
(Athena flies to her other shoulder and screeches again. Aya looks to the floor.)
Aya: I wouldn't mind if you came here to cheer me up. But I need more than just your help. I'm sick of being treated like I'm all on my own. After my father's death, my mother has become more strict than usual. And at the same time, school started treating me poorly. First Ashley starts bullying me, humiliating me, and even exploiting me for my talents. Then my friends and teachers give me less and less support. I don't know even if I'll eventually no longer be good or productive anymore. And though I can resist, how much power do I have?
(Athena screeches.)
Aya: (starts weeping) I know I can't give in now. I know gaining power through stealing and pain is not the right way to go. But how long will those ideals last? Besides, you are the only thing that keeps me going ever since I rescued you from what would be your lonely grave like all city falcons. And my mother still doesn't know about it yet. But even then, I know there's little possibility for you to pay me back and city falcons like you would not last for long. And when you're gone, what else is there will be for me to hold onto?
(Athena screeches. Aya turns to Athena.)
Aya: So tell me, Athena. What is it? What do you want to show me?
(Athena looks towards the street and screeches. Aya faces the same direction. A small object then falls and lands on the sidewalk.)
Aya: Hm?
(Aya walks up to the object, revealed to be small white clean-cut cylindrical crystal.)
Aya: A crystal?
(Aya looks to the ground. The crystal suddenly flashes a bright white glow. Aya jumps upon seeing the flash and continues to watch the crystal's glow. She looks around the empty street, then stares at the glowing crystal.)
Aya: Hm...
(Aya looks at Athena. Athena screeches and Aya looks back at the still glowing crystal. The glowing eventually stops, but Aya puts the crystal in her bag and continues walking.)
(Scene: Aya's apartment complex)
(Aya opens up the door to the complex, then knocks on a nearby door. The owner, Detective Finch, opens the door for her.)
Finch: Hi there, Aya!
Aya: (feeling down) Hi Finch.
Finch: You're a little late today. What's going on?
Aya: Nothing worth reporting. May I come in?
Finch: Sorry, Aya. I have to leave now.
Aya: Already?
Finch: (walks out the door) Detective duty as always. Much more often than before. I can at least unlock your door.
Aya: Hm. Sorry if I'm being so rude, always coming into your house and hanging around for so long.
Finch: No, it's alright. But sometimes, I just feel like you should be with friends your own age more.
Aya: (looks down and away, sighs) I know.
Finch: After all, you can't keep on living like this. Always coming into my home to take shelter.
Aya: That I know, too.
Finch: Well, do you have know, friends?
Aya: (sighs with guilt) I do, but they're just about as isolated as I am.
Finch: Still doesn't mean that should get in the way. One of these days, you're gonna have to find someone to be with rather than adults. It's not how you should live.
(Aya sighs)
Finch: (walking up a set of stairs) Anyway, the door is always open when you need to visit.
Aya: (low voice) Thanks.
(Scene: Aya's room, evening)
(Aya places her bag on a table, walks up to her window and opens up the curtains to see Athena.
Aya: Athena.
(Athena screeches. Aya opens the window and lets her hand out with more food. Athena once again nibbles in.)
Aya: Here you go again.
(Athena stops nibbling for a while. It turns toward Aya's bag and screeches. Aya looks at her bag, then opens it to take out the crystal. She stares at it, walking back towards the window. She lowers the crystal to see Athena also watching her.)
Aya: Could you have something to do with this?
(Athena screeches)
Aya: (reaches out hand to pet Athena) Well, even if it was a coincidence (looks at the crystal) or if this had no meaning, it's still good that you helped me find it.)
(Aya lets her hand back in and Athena shakes herself. The falcon screeches, then turns around to fly away. Aya merely sees Athena vanish into the sky, then looks back at her crystal. She closes the window and the curtains, then hears a door open.)
Suzume: (calling) Aya? Are you there?
Aya: (turning to her door) Right here, mother!
(Aya puts the crystal back in her bag.)
Suzume: It's time to prepare dinner now. Are you ready?
Aya: (walking to the door) I'm coming!
Narrator Aya: There were many things about the crystal I didn't know when I found it. How it fell from the sky out of thin air, why it kept glowing, if it meant anything, or if Athena was even involved.
(Scene's Aya's room, nighttime)
(Aya is in her bed, staring at the white crystal. She closes her eyes and sighs. The crystal flashes at her shock and she watches for a few more moments. She puts the crystal beside her, under her pillow and tries going to sleep. With Aya unaware, the crystal continues to flash.)
Narrator Aya: All I knew was after this day, my life started to change.


(Scene: Outside Arahi No. 28, noon)
(Miki meets up with Aya at a wall corner.)
Miki: So what is this about? You seem desperate to show me.
Aya: That's because you're the one I trust the most. Of the three people I trust that is.
Miki: So, what is it then?
Aya: (reaches in her bag) To me. (takes out the crystal and shows it to Miki) It's this.
Miki: A crystal?
Aya: I found it on my way home from school just yesterday.
Miki: Doesn't look like much. It could be made out of sheer glass.
Aya: I don't think it is. There must be something more to it than that.
Miki: Don't always think so idealistically. It could be some fake plastic and nothing else.
(Aya feels let down from the comment. The crystal then suddenly glows to the girls' surprise.)
Miki: How is it doing that?
Aya: (plays with the crystal) I don't know. All I just do is feel very down, then it suddenly glows like that.
Miki: There must be something in it.
Aya: (looks around the crystal) I don't see anything in it that would cause that. And there doesn't seem to be a way to open it.
Miki: Hm.
Aya: I hope you could help me hide this from Ashley.
Miki: I don't know. That would make her more suspicious of you.
Aya: Just for once. Until I have some place safe for it.
Miki: (looks away) I'll do what I can for today. But that's about as much as I can give you.
Aya: Thanks, Miki. I'll owe you for this.
(Scene: Outside Arahi No. 28, late afternoon)
(School bell rings. Aya leaves through the school entrance with Miki close behind. Aya sees her friend, then Ashley further behind. Aya sneaks off and both Ashley and Miki see her. Ashley also runs to pursue Aya. Miki notices Ashley from behind and walks to impede her. Ashley merely knocks her to the side.)
Ashley: Move it, bitch!
(Miki falls down and a few others get caught by her and trip. Even Ashley is victim to it. Aya watches the incident from far away. She shows a partial smile, then continues to run. Ashley gets up from the fall and notices Miki. She finds Aya taking a turn from a distance and pursues. Meanwhile, Aya sees a very long train coming at a railroad crossing. She runs faster, even as two metal gates start to close the crossing. She luckily makes it before the gates close. She looks back and continues to run, but at a normal pace. Ashley comes to the railroad crossing and watches the closing gates. She tries to run to catch up, but fails miserably as she runs into the gates. She falls back and gets up to watch the coming train completely block her view.)
Ashley: Next time, you won't be so lucky...
(Aya continues to run until she reaches an important turn on the right. She begins to slow down to catch her breath along the road. She eventually stops and crouches down to relax.)
Aya: (sigh) Close one...
(Aya reaches in her bag and picks up the crystal inside. She sits at a curb and keeps the crystal in her left palm. A while later, Aya looks to the street she came from, then hangs down.)
Aya: (to herself) How much more trouble could I get in?
(A large metallic sound is suddenly heard and Aya raises up. She quickly looks around the completely empty streets to find where the sound came from. More noise is heard, involving people and electronic sounds, and Aya finds it coming from further down the street. She picks up her bag, puts the crystal in her shirt's right side pocket, and walks down the street.)
(Scene: An alleyway along the road.)
(Aya quickly peeks in an alleyway, tracing the source of the noise. She gasps, seeing a duo of street thugs with lead pipes, a number of small drones, and the magical girl Shizuko Ayumi fighting them. Shizuko flips and cuts through a Pincher with her knife. She ducks to dodge bullets while throwing another knife at a Shuriken, breaking it apart. One of the thugs comes from behind her; Shizuko sees and spins him to the ground with a kick. She slices a charging Shuriken and leaps into the air, holding onto the walls with her feet.)
Aya: (to herself) What's going on here? Who is this girl?
(Shizuko grabs knives made from the brick walls. Looking upward she sees Aya and notices her crystal.)
Shizuko: (to herself) The crystal...
Thug 1: (calling to Shizuko) Hey, you brat! You gonna stand up there or something!?
(Aya sees the thug about to throw his pipe. Gasping, she drops her bag and runs to pick up a wooden stick. The thug already throws the pipe at Shizuko and Aya freezes. Shizuko hops down to avoid t and lands on her hands with her legs locked on the other thug's neck.)
Thug 2: (struggling) Get your dirty legs off me you!
(Shizuko uses her legs to rapidly kick the thug down. She jumps backward to stand upright. She sees the first thug with an aggressive look, then the pipe thundering down and backs up to avoid it, kicking the second thug down at the same time. She looks up again to see Aya coming from behind the first thug, who notices Shizuko's strange look and turns around. Aya whacks him to the ground with the stick, but the thug recovers quickly and punches her, dropping her crystal and stick. Shizuko is shocked by this, but is then surrounded by a few more drones. She strikes two Shurikens, but gets knocked down by the second thug. She continues to see Aya avoiding the first thug's pipe.)
Shizuko: (calling to Aya) The crystal!
(Aya looks to the downed Shizuko, who rolls to avoid another attack. She looks at her crystal.)
Aya: The crystal...
(Aya grabs the crystal and stick beside her before rising up.)
Shizuko: (dodging) Use it to transform!
Aya: I don't know how! (blocks an attack and spins)
Shizuko: Just tap your mind into the crystal and you'll transform.
Aya: Tap your mind? (barely dodges an attack by stepping back)
(Aya's stick is knocked out of her hands by another attack. She sees the thug charging at her.)
Thug 1: You're finished!
(Aya closes her eyes while holding tightly on the crystal. The crystal then glows very brightly, blinding the attacking thug and attracting attention from the others. Two large white circles, one above and another on the ground, appear and center on Aya. She opens her eyes, being shocked and looking hesitantly at what's going on around her. The two circles fade into a light brown color as they sandwich into the center of Aya. They shrink into Aya, who then sees herself completely bright light-brown and naked. A metal gauntlet manifests on her left arm, then a left metal boot, right boot, and right gauntlet. Afterwards, Aya sees a dark brown cloak appearing with a pendant, then a light brown skirt, and scabbard on her left side. She looks in front of her to see crystal transforming itself into a life-sized sword. As the bright colors fade out, Aya looks around herself as a magical girl and at her sword.)
Aya: (to herself) Impossible...
(A few drones turn to face Aya as Shizuko and the second thug watch. The first thug recovers after being blinded by the transformation.)
Thug 1: This still means nothing!
(Aya sees the charging thug coming after her and panics a little. She barely dodges the thug's attack and pushes him away with her sword. She sees several drones coming towards her and she swings her sword around when they are close. Two drones dodge her swings, but she successfully cuts through a Shuriken. She sees a Pincher close to her, jumps to crush it, and stabs it with her sword. She is later hit in the back by the first thug and hits the ground hard. Shizuko sees this while avoiding the enemy attacks. She quickly knocks down the second thug hard with a kick, throws two knives to destroy nearby Shurikens, and rushes to Aya. Aya avoids another attack by the first thug and groin kicks him before getting up and punching him in the face. Shizuko comes in to kick him twice, knocking him down. The duo sees three more drones heading towards them: two Shurikens, one Pincher. The flying drones fire at the girls. Aya ducks while running towards the Pincher. Shizuko evades while creating two more knives with the sidewalk. Shizuko throws the knives at the Shurikens, destroying them, and Aya repeatedly slams her sword at the evading Pincher. Aya breaks the left side and Shizuko uses another knife to stab and finish off the drone. The two look around to see all the drones destroyed and the thugs knocked down. Aya observes her sword, finding it light yet realistic. She looks down and gives a big sigh of relief. Shizuko walks a little towards Aya.)
Shizuko: You definitely need improvement.
(Aya looks to her.)
Shizuko: But I know you'll improve.
Aya: I just wanted to help. That's all. (tries to lean on her sword, but it slips)
Shizuko: I appreciate it.
Aya: (walks to Shizuko) By the way, who are you?
Shizuko: (turns her head away in guilt) No one ever asked me that.
(Aya is shocked to hear.)
Shizuko: Shizuko. Shizuko Ayumi.
Aya: Shizuko? That's a nice name. I'm Aya. Aya Masa.
Shizuko: (still not looking at Aya, but thinking) Aya...Sounds much nicer.
Aya: (looking down in discomfort) Well, not really when it comes to school...
Shizuko: I don't think so. You should be proud.
(The girls watch the two thugs get up and retreat out of the alley.)
Thug 2: This isn't over, magical girls!
(The two rush into a car and drive away down the street.)
Aya: (to Shizuko) Magical girls?
Shizuko: And now, they'll also be coming for you.
Aya: Those thugs?
Shizuko: The AMF.
Aya: Hm? (sees Shizuko walking into the street, rushes towards her) Wait! Where are you going!?
Shizuko: I'm leaving here.
Aya: Are you going somewhere? Like do you have a home or something?
Shizuko: No. Not even a family.
Aya: So, you're an orphan?
Shizuko: Yes, we girls all are.
Aya: (to herself in shock) Really... (Thinks for while, then continues walking towards Shizuko) Well, not all of us are. You could just stay at my home. At least for now.
Shizuko: I'd prefer not. You'll only get us killed.
Aya: I don't think so. You say we're both magical girls, right? And they'd be coming after us, right? Isn't it better to stay together then?
Shizuko: You still don't know what you're dealing with here.
Aya: (more serious) I still want to know! I can no longer just watch people get hurt without knowing what's wrong! I want to know what's going on here, and now I can finally help!
Shizuko: You'll only know how truly helpless you are.
Aya: (starts crying out) I still want to take that risk! I even think we could be friends. All I want to do is help. (pause) Please...just this once.
Shizuko: (pauses, then gives in with a sigh) Just for now. Until you're ready to stand on your own.
Aya: I should be ready. You don't need to worry.
Shizuko: Okay then. (looks up to Aya, who gives a friendly smile) But first.
(Shizuko raises her knife in front of her and closes her eyes. She glows brightly, then fades back, wearing ragged clothes. The knife transforms back into a white cylindrical crystal to Aya's surprise.)
Aya: (surprised) That crystal...
Shizuko: I know. It's the same with your sword.
(Aya curiously raises her sword the same way Shizuko did with her knife.)
Shizuko: Tap your mind into it, just like the crystal.
(Aya closes her eyes. She suddenly glows brightly and returns to her normal outfit. She opens her eyes to her crystal where her sword was.)
Aya: Hmm.
Shizuko: Surprised?
Aya: Unbelievable...
Shizuko: I'll explain later.
Aya: My home is that way.
Shizuko: (turns around) Oh.
(Shizuko walks back to Aya, who picks up her bag. The two walk together side by side. Shizuko stops for a moment and faces Aya)
Shizuko: One more thing.
(Aya stops turns to Shizuko.)
Shizuko: When you say...that we could be friends, what did you mean by that?
Aya: Because whatever you feel...I think I feel the same way. You are not alone.
(Shizuko nods and the two continue walking together.)
(To be continued, Ending)
(Next Episode)
Shizuko: Now that Aya is a magical girl, the Anti-Magic Faction is likely coming for her soon. She doesn't look like she has skills yet. And being with her too long could get me in trouble. Well, I can at least tell her what I know and spar for once. Just hope she doesn't come apart too quickly. Next Episode.
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Post Universal Lady Justice Aya Episode 2

Now for the second episode.

Episode 2: What you're involved in

Written by: Mister Drake/JameyoftheMegacosmos


Complex Basement- The concrete basement very below Aya's apartment complex. Most of the space is empty flooring, containing only a few shelves for tools, a couple lights, panels for controlling the building's utilities, and a set of washing machines. It is still rarely visited by the tenants or the owner, making it perfect for one to arrange activity.

Mind Landscape- An alternate world that is usually shaped like a large brain with gas clouds of certain colors and brick wall lining. The sides would show visuals of certain memories by the host, but no sound. Aya can also heal or tamper with the host's body via the nervous system.

Finch's Apartment- The main home of the Aya's complex owner. Made up of a bathroom, kitchen, living room, and a bedroom.


(Previous Recap: 1)
Aya: As you can see, my life has always been like usual stories. Whether at school or home, I was always beat by it. That is until this strange crystal appeared and I carried it home. The next day, a young girl named Shizuko Ayumi was in trouble and so I came to her aid. After which, I wanted her to stay with me, wanting to know more...

(Scene: Outside Aya's)
(Aya and Shizuko continue to walk together down the streets.)
Aya: I'm quite surprised that you're a magical girl. I only read about them in stories or watch them in films, but didn't think they'd exist in real life.
Shizuko: (emotionless) Yes. Now you found one.
Aya: And I'm one, too. (looks to Shizuko) Say Shizuko?
Shizuko: Hm? (looks to Aya)
Aya: When you said you were an orphan, why is that?
Shizuko: (pause, looks away) That is nothing to worry about.
Aya: Hmm.
(Shizuko stops to look around. Aya stops with her.)
Aya: (faces Shizuko, curious) What is it?
Shizuko: (faces forward again) Nothing. I want to go to your home.
(Aya suddenly sees a spherical aura in the shape of a brick wall surrounding Shizuko.)
Aya: Hm?
Shizuko: (looking at Aya) What is it?
Aya: (shakes) Nothing. (looks away) My home isn't far from here. Just another block and we're there.
(Scene: Aya's Apartment Complex)
(Aya opens the door to the complex. Shizuko comes in and looks inside.)
Shizuko: So your home?
Aya: No, this is a set of homes. Mine is upstairs.
Shizuko: Oh.
(Aya walks to a set of stairs leading to the basement.)
Shizuko: Where are you going?
Aya: The basement. There, we can talk more.
(Shizuko nods and follows her.)
(Scene: Complex Basement)
Shizuko: So this is your basement?
Aya: Well, the basement for the complex. People don't really come here.
(Aya looks at the washing machines.)
Aya: Unless they need things like laundry. (turns back to Shizuko) But even that's rare.
Shizuko: (looks around) Are you sure this is safe?
Aya: It would take a very loud noise for someone to hear us. And even then, it takes a while for someone to come down. So we'll have time to cover up before anyone finds out.
Shizuko: Cover up?
Aya: (shakes head) Never mind. We're just free to do or say anything for now.
Shizuko: I see.
Aya: I just want to know what this magical girl thing is about and maybe I could help. You can explain it all in full detail if you need to.
(Shizuko looks around and faces Aya.)
Shizuko: I guess I should.
(Aya nods. Shizuko takes out her crystal and raises it at mid-height.)
Shizuko: This is a Hope Crystal. Like what you have in your pocket.
(Aya takes out her crystal and observes it.)
Aya: Hope Crystal...
Shizuko: It's the main tool one needs to transform and gain their powers. Once you've first tapped into the crystal, you register as a magical girl.
Aya: Register...
Shizuko: They're a link to your powers. As long as you have a crystal, you get your powers.
Aya: So they're like a computer connecting to the web, right?
Shizuko: Only one person can use it at a time.
Aya: Itís good to know that I could use any of them. But, where do they come from?
Shizuko: No one knows. Only that they manifest near those who are helpless, desperate, innocently harmed people with a desire to break free. This crystal appears and you gain powers once you tap into it.
Aya: Desire?
Shizuko: That is what your powers are based on.
Aya: I see. A desire is a definite cause of suffering.
Shizuko: Yes, these powers are made to help you. But you have to learn them yourself and they're only there until you are finished.
Aya: Finished? Like they're not permanent?
Shizuko: They're usually made to help you and your suffering, especially the most painful kind. Once that is done, these powers could be lost.
Aya: (looks away, staring at her crystal, sighs) Well, at least I'll be living a happier life afterward.
Shizuko: Losing your abilities is not what's dangerous.
(Aya turns to her.)
Shizuko: When you are a magical girl, you're also a target.
Aya: The AMF?
Shizuko: Yes.
Aya: What does it mean?
Shizuko: (sighs, slowly) Anti-Magic Faction.
Aya: (gasps in shock) You mean--
Shizuko: Yes. The Anti-Magic Faction hunts down magical girls. And because you're one, they will come after you.
Aya: Why would they do such a thing?
Shizuko: No one knows. Very few were able to talk to AMF members about why they do it. For a reason, they want to kill us. Those who know why can't get away alive.
Aya: Doesn't seem that bad if thugs and little robots are all they have...
Shizuko: Aya, you don't know what you're involved in.
Aya: Hm?
Shizuko: The AMF is more than a group of thugs and drones. Governments, corporations, media, religion, armies. They control every level of society. They're able to destroy everything about themselves and us and hide it all from everyone.
(Aya suddenly feels very guilty and looks away.)
Aya: And I thought my life had gotten better...
Shizuko: That's why I'll train you.
Aya: (looks back) Train me?
Shizuko: What you call sparring.
Aya: (shrugging) I guess we could do that.
Shizuko: It'll help you fin your powers and use them against the AMF.
Aya: In that case.
(Aya back up a little and raises her crystal)
Aya: Shall we?
Shizuko: (nods, raises her crystal higher) Let's begin.
(They raise the crystals together in their hands.)
Shizuko: Once again.
(Aya nods. They close their eyes and transform slowly into their magical girl outfits. They open their eyes as Aya checks her outfit, seeing the same as before with the crystal now a sword in her hands. Aya smiles as she wields it and sees Shizuko with a knife.)
Aya: So how should it go?
Shizuko: Simple. We fight with our weapons until one of us gets knocked down or gets close to a kill.
Aya: Similar to kendo.
Shizuko: (nods) It'll help you find your powers, too.
Aya: We have about an hour to work on this. Though please go easy on me to start.
(Shizuko uses the ground to get another knife.)
Aya: And not use much of the floor.
Shizuko: Whatever suits you?
Aya: (nods, wields her sword) Well then, ready?
(Shizuko nods and places her knives in front. The two charge at each other and come to a clash. While the two clash weapons at each other, Aya guards against Shizuko's quick attacks. Her opponent easily dodges her simple sword attacks and she loses balance. Shizuko, who knocks her down, draws a knife at her neck to end the match. Aya faces Shizuko giving an uneasy smile.)
Aya: Guess you win this time.
(Shizuko nods and draws back her knife. Aya stands up and walks backward a little. She raises her sword again.)
Aya: Another go?
(Shizuko nods. They charge at each other again. Aya recognizes a few attacking moves from before and tries to counter them. She continues to swing her sword at Shizuko, who knocks it out of her hands and puts a knife at her neck to end the match. Shizuko puts down the knife and Aya looks down at her sword on the ground.)
Aya: (sigh) You beat me again.
(Aya walks to sword and crouches down to pick it up.)
Shizuko: You must be nervous.
Aya: (standing up) Hm?
Shizuko: Try gripping the sword and move faster.
Aya: This is still new. Iím not used to this.
Shizuko: Calm down. Donít let anything in your mind.
Aya: (oblivious) OkayÖ
(After a pause, Aya partly nods and raises her sword again. She suddenly sees the same spherical wall aura surrounding Shizuko. Aya gives a surprised look in her eyes to see the aura, but focuses more on Shizuko as it disappears. They go into battle stances and charge again. Aya becomes a little faster and tighter with her sword, blocking a few attacks much easier. She even gives a few close strikes to Shizuko and nearly knocks one out of her hand. Aya is knocked off again and backs away. Shizuko attempts to finish the duel with her right knife. Aya sees this and quickly swings her sword to counter only to see the wall aura appear again. The sword strikes the aura and massive electric sparks come from it, attracting both girls' attention. Suddenly, Aya sees all of reality twist and warp.)
(Scene: Mind Landscape)
(Aya sees the whole scene now an alternate reality. She looks around a while to see the somewhat spherical and gas cloud-like surroundings.)
Aya: W-Where am I?
(Suddenly a bright light shines behind Aya. Aya looks around and upward to see a large elliptical visual. She is first blinded, but later sees a mansion-like hallway with two adults on the side. Eventually, the adults stop and turn around to the side. The visual also turns sideways to mirror, showing Shizuko in nice clothes.)
Aya: Shizuko?
(The visual then changes to a school scene through Shizuko's eyes. She sees many other kids looking at her with mean looks. A few kids push her onto the ground. She looks around by people's feet, then down on the ground. Aya feels hurt upon seeing the memory.)
Aya: Shizuko...
(Bushes within a caged garden are shown. Shizuko merely touches the buds and fruits as she looks down more onto the ground. She jerks upward to see an object nearby a tree and walks over, finding it to be a Hope Crystal.)
Aya: HmÖthe Hope Crystal...
(Shizuko picks it up and looks down again while closing her eyes. An unexpected flash is made and Shizuko opens her eyes quickly to see her transformation. Aya grins, but has a confused face. She looks away from the visual.)
Aya: Hm, I think I should get out of here.
(Suddenly, the landscape stretches again at Aya's shock. The scene starts to warp itself back into real world.)
(Scene: Complex Basement)
(Aya returns to reality and hears echoes of loud electric noise. She sees that her sword is close to Shizuko's neck. She looks to the side and sees Shizuko's knives next to her throat. The two girls stare at each other.)


(Scene: Complex Basement)
(The two girls continue to stare with their weapons at each other's throats. They put their weapons down.)
Aya: Did you see that?
Shizuko: How did you do it?
Aya: I don't know.
(Suddenly, the washing machine buzzes and the girls are panicked by it. The buzzing stops, but a nearby opening door is heard followed by footsteps.)
Aya: This isn't good.
(Shizuko transforms back and hides by holding onto the walls and shelves in mid-air. Aya sees her, but only transforms back to her normal clothes. She puts her Hope Crystal back in her pocket and walks to the washing machines. Moments later, Finch is revealed walking down from the basement. He's surprised to see Aya down in the basement.)
Finch: Aya?
Aya: (looks to Finch) Oh, hi Finch!
Finch: How long have you been down here for?
Aya: Well, since I came home.
Finch: (looks down, shakes) Thank heavens. I didn't think you had come home yet. (looks at Aya) What were you doing here all this time?
(Shizuko suddenly slips and falls to the ground. Aya and Finch turn towards her as she gets up.)
Finch: Who's this?
Aya: (to Finch) She's a friend of mine.
(Shizuko looks at Aya curiously.)
Finch: Really? Didn't hear anything from your mother about her.
Aya: That's because she's new. We've only known each other for a while. So I wanted to come and talk to her.
Finch: Hm, interesting. (shakes, looks to Shizuko) Well, pleased to meet you....uh.
Aya: Shizuko.
Finch: Hm. (nods) Pleased to meet you, Shizuko.
(Shizuko nods.)
Aya: Mind if we came to your apartment, Finch?
Finch: (pause) I wonít have much time, but sure for a bit.
(Finch turns around back to the stairs. Aya
(Scene: Finch's Apartment, afternoon)
(Aya, Shizuko, and Finch enter.)
Finch: I heard a loud noise and wanted to know what was up.
Aya: I think it was the washing machines you were hearing.
Finch: You should at least warn me when you're bringing somebody over, Aya. Your mother wouldn't like this.
Aya: I know, Finch. You don't have to repeat it.
(Aya puts down her bag at the kitchen table.)
Aya: I could actually use a snack. Do you have anything here I could eat?
Finch: Not much other than some fruit. That's about it.
Shizuko: Fruit?
Aya: (faces Shizuko) As in apples?
Shizuko: I know what fruit is. I'm a little...experienced with them.
Finch: Experienced?
Aya: You mean as in cooking?
Shizuko: Yes. (faces Finch) May I see what you have?
(Shizuko looks at the nearby food. There isn't much for her, but she looks around and gathers a few items. She gets a knife and starts working quickly. Finch and Aya, who are working separately, watch carefully at her work. A while later, Finch and the girls eat some of Shizuko's fruit snacks at the kitchen table.)
Aya: I must admit, Shizuko. This is pretty good what you made.
Finch: I agree. Despite your strange arrival, you sure are a good chef.
Shizuko:'s the best I can make.
Aya: To be honest, it much better than my mother's. She's not a bad cook, but likes making some strange creations, which can be...unsettling.
Shizuko: Thanks.
Finch: But there is one question I have...why are you in ragged clothing?
Aya: (pause) Shizuko is an orphan.
Finch: (shocked) An orphan?
Aya: She didn't have a home, so I wanted to give her a place to come before leaving.
Shizuko: I apologize if I'm being so unsettling.
Finch: Usually, I would be because of your unexpected appearance.
Aya: Still doesn't mean you can't be nice. Especially since she's a young girl and needs help.
Finch: (looking at a watch) I don't think it may last long. Especially for the time.
Aya: (shocked) You're right. (to Shizuko) It's time you should leave. Before my mom finds out.
(Shizuko nods and heads to a nearby window.)
Finch: Where do you think you're going?
(Shizuko stops and turns around.)
Shizuko: The window. So her mother won't find me.
Aya: (to Finch) I think she knows what she's doing. She'll be fine.
Finch: Hm.
(Aya gets up and walks to Shizuko.)
Aya: Good luck, Shizuko. Hope we meet again.
(Shizuko gives a small nod. She turns away and exits through the window. Aya and Finch smile as they watch.)
Finch: Actually, Iíve got to get going, too.
(Aya turns to Finch.)
Finch: I'll unlock the door to your home. And keep quiet about your new friend. For now.
(Aya nods and walks back.)
Aya: Thanks.
(Scene: Aya's room, nighttime)
(Aya is in her bed, thinking over the past events.)
Shizuko: (thought) The Anti-Magic Faction is an organization that hunts down magical girls.
Aya: (thought) Finished? Like they're not permanent?
Shizuko: (thought) The AMF is more than a group of thugs and drones.
Aya: (thought) So, you're an orphan?
Shizuko: (thought) Yes, we girls all are.
Shizuko: (thought) Aya, you don't know what you're involved in.
(Aya shakes her head and turns to the right side.)
Aya: Would they really come after me? (pause) Would become like her (pause) Would I become an orphan, too?
(Scene: Aya's home, morning)
(Suzume and Aya are eating across from a table.)
Aya: What's with the rush, mother?
Suzume: Iíve got to head to work early. So I need you to be ready to walk to school as quickly as possible.
Aya: (still in low tone) I know, mother.
(Suzume looks up to Aya, who's slowly eating.)
Suzume: Eat quickly!
Aya: I know!
Suzume: What's keeping you, then?
Aya: (pause, sigh, quickly eats) Nothing.
Suzume: I know it's something, Aya. What is it?
Aya: I told you! It's nothing!
(Aya finishes quickly and aggressively runs out with her bag. Suzume sees her walk out the door and turns her head in concern.)
(Scene: Empty Street)
(Aya walks alone slowly. She stops one time to look around.)
Aya: (sigh, to herself) I wonder if I'll see Shizuko again...
(Aya continues walking, facing the ground. Suddenly, a landing is heard close by and Aya finds Shizuko as a magical girl.)
Aya: (smiles, to herself) Spoke too soon.
(Aya runs to see the fallen Shizuko, who gets up a moment later.)
Aya: Shizuko!
(Shizuko looks up to see Aya approaching her. She shows no emotion to the new encounter.)
Aya: Shizuko, what are you doing here?
Shizuko: Running. You shouldn't be here, Aya.
Aya: From whom?
(A car is heard and Aya looks to the right. It comes to the empty street towards the girls. Aya recognizes the car and steps back with a hand in her right pocket. Shizuko sees Aya and turns toward the car with her hands in her pockets. The car stops and the doors open to reveal the two thugs from before. The thugs walk a little towards the girls with lead pipes carried behind them. They charge towards the girls with their weapons.)
Thug 1: So we thought. We've come to see you again.
(Aya jumps to the side as the first thug swings between the girls. Shizuko jumps to the other side and the first thug turns to strike her again. The second thug strikes Aya from the side and she falls to the ground.)
Thug 2: You really trashed us the last time and left a huge hole in our wallet!
(The second thug slams his pipe at Aya, who avoids it. She gets up quickly and jumps backward to avoid another swing across. As the second thug comes closer, Aya grabs the pipe. The two tug on the weapon.)
Aya: Shouldnít that mean you guys are better off leaving us alone?
Thug 2: No, but that's why we had to buy a little extra.
Aya: Extra?
(The second thug yanks the pipe forward and knocks Aya backward. Aya lands on her back. Shizuko flips back to avoid another attack and lands next to Aya. The girls see a large swarm of Shuriken and Pincher drones coming out the thugs' car. The thugs continue walking forward with their pipes in front.)
Thug 1: You were just lucky the last time. We were caught unprepared to deal with another magical trainee.
(Aya gets her Hope Crystal out.)
Thug 2: Let's see if you were now prepared for this!
(The two thugs and the drones charge at the girls. Aya places her crystal in front and transforms. She looks around, surprised by the quick transformation sequence. She refocuses attention to the first thug, already close enough for a strike, and hesitantly raises her sword to block. Aya is quickly pushed back, but continues to block the first thug's attacks. Shizuko is quickly surrounded by gun-armed Shurikens and has trouble dodging the attacks. She acquires more knives with the street asphalt and throws them at a few drones. The second thug appears as she gains more knives and whacks her down easily with his pipe. Aya, close to Shizuko, is distracted by her fall.)
Aya: Shizuko!
(The first thug knocks Aya off balance and whacks Aya in the face, especially the nose. Aya spins and starts falling near Shizuko. Suddenly, her sword strikes the now invisible wall aura around Shizuko, creating sparks. Reality begins to warp again.)
(Scene: Mind Landscape)
(Aya hesitantly looks around the alternative world.)
Aya: (looking quickly) Again?
(Aya is distracted by another set of visuals in the landscape. Through her eyes, the visual shows Shizuko beaten on the ground. She keeps trying to get up, but is constantly beat down. After a few attempts, she's put down on the ground with her face to the side. Aya has her hands on her face and looks down.)
Aya: Shizuko...
(Aya looks up again to see Shizuko picked up and her face turned upwards to reveal her magical girl outfit and her father being the attacker. She's carried to somewhere outside, then tossed while facing a gate and her yelling father. The father then slams the gate down, has it locked, and walks furiously back into the house. Shizuko then walks up and turns around with her head down. The Aya looks down again in sorry.)
Aya: So this is why you refused to tell me.
(Aya recalls her past memories: Her running through the living room of her old home while gunshots are being fired, her and Suzume watching their house burn down, her being knocked down by her mother. She also recalls herself being thrown down to the ground, lying on the floor helplessly while Ashley looks down at her with a smirk.)
Aya: And I knew that I wasn't alone. Being treated poorly by parents or even losing them, rendered an orphan in a way...
(Aya returns to the present.)
Aya: (looks up, to herself) Shizuko, you're not alone. Whatever happens, I'll do what I can to help you. Make sure your struggles are not in vain.
(Aya suddenly jumps by a light rumbling. Aya looks around hesitantly to see bright purple auras manifesting. The surround cave in on Aya.)
Aya: What-What's happening?
(The auras move closer and start entering Aya's body. Aya covers her head, feeling pain.)
Aya: rush of...knowledge. How!
(The auras completely enter into Aya's body. A moment later, Aya, now more alert, looks around quickly again. She then recalls the current battle.)
Aya: (looks down) I've got to get out of here. And help Shizuko now!
(The landscape warps itself again. Aya sees the change of reality and closes her eyes.)
(Scene: Empty Street)
(Aya returns to the real world, falling down from the hit earlier. She and Shizuko land on the pavement as the two and nearby drones surround them.)
Thug 1: Like I said, you girls were just lucky. Even lucky to make it this far.
(Aya looks up to see the first thug raise his pipe.)
Thug 1: Stay down where you belong.
(Aya raises her sword and blocks the attack at the thug's shock. Aya then punches the thug hard in the face, knocking him down. She rises back on her feet as Shizuko and the second thug look at her.)
Thug 2: You little!
(The second thug charges at her. Shizuko notices and puts her arm out to trip him. Aya sees the thug and ignores him while she's down, focusing on the drones. Several drones charge after Aya, who destroys two Shurikens and damages three others in a single strike. She jumps onto an attacking Pincher and slashes down on another Shuriken. She turns around to stab the wildly moving Pincher and jump onto another one. The other tries to shake off Aya, who cuts through a jumping Pincher. Shizuko watches her while still down.)
Shizuko: (to herself) How did she get good so fast?
(Shizuko sees the second thug get up hesitantly. She also quickly gets up to tackle him from behind, but is thrown back down to the ground. She struggles to get back on her feet. Aya sees the second thug with the mounted Pincher facing towards him. She jumps down in front of the Pincher's lens. Aya jumps back up when the thug is close and the Pincher crosses its scythes to slightly cut his right ankle. The second crouches down to cover the light cut and Aya stabs the Pincher to destroy it. Two more jumping Pinchers and a charging Shuriken attack Aya in three separate directions. She ducks to vertically slice a Pincher and the other drones destroy each other. Aya sees the first thug, now recovered, charging at her and locks his pipe with her sword.)
Thug 1: No matter how good you got quickly, you're still going down!
(Aya lets go and ducks under the pipe.)
Aya: Not now!
(Aya slightly strikes the first thug's legs with her sword. It strains the thug as Aya strikes his legs with her fist, make him trip. Shizuko and the second thug both get up again. Shizuko attacks from behind again and kicks him multiple times while throwing knives at incoming drones. The final kick spins the second thug and knocks him out. Aya continues go after the drones, destroying two more Shurikens and splitting a Pincher. She looks back to see an armed Shuriken firing at her. She dodges the shots or blocks them with her armor, then runs to the Shuriken to cut through it. Two Pinchers come towards her, but Shizukoís knives destroy one and Aya destroys the other. Another Pincher tries to attack Aya from the side, but Aya and Shizuko simultaneously strike it down. The first thug gets up one last time to attack Aya and Shizuko both strike him down, knocking him out cold. Aya looks around the destroyed drones, empty car, and knocked out thugs.)
Aya: (sighs) Close one...
Shizuko: Your fighting improved.
Aya: (looks to Shizuko) You really think so?
Shizuko: I am surprised how fast you learn.
Aya: Well, I still need some improvement.
(Shizuko nods. Aya looks around the scene again.)
Aya: I wonder if anyone's going to notice this...
Shizuko: Someone will.
Aya: At least the thugs are just knocked out.
Shizuko: We should get moving.
Aya: (walks to her bag) And I have to go to school.
Shizuko: Go to school?
Aya: (faces Shizuko) Yes, maybe you can walk with me?
Shizuko: I'd prefer not.
Aya: I need to continue going to school. I think it's best if we walked together. Actually, you're the main reason why I was able to fight well.
Shizuko: Hm?
Aya: (shook her head) Never mind. But still, it's better if we were in groups, right? Rather than alone? Shouldn't that be a good reason for us to stay together?
Shizuko: (pause, looks down) Okay then.
Aya: Thanks. (transforms back, picks up her bag) I really appreciate it, Shizuko.
Shizuko: (nods) Where should we go?
Aya: (points the direction) This way where I was going. I can lead you there.
(Shizuko nods. The two continue walking together. Aya eventually turns her head to Shizuko.)
Aya: In case you're wondering, I'm not just doing this for myself.
(Shizuko looks at Aya.)
Aya: I'm also doing this for you.
Shizuko: Why?
Aya: Because the way you've been improving my life, I think I can also do the same for you.
Shizuko: (pause, looks forward again) Really...
(To be continued, Ending)
(Next Episode)
Shizuko: Aya may have shown the will to fight the last time, but is she really going to keep up? Especially with a new rival being involved. Hold on, Aya has my powers now? How did she get that? And why does she want to take me in? Does her mother not allow friends? Next episode.
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Thumbs up ULJA Character Images

Surprising this topic already has more than 1,000 views! Hope most of them were for actually reading the scripts, not to be rude.

Well, as a reward, I'm going to putting up sketches for a number of characters.

Aya Masa, the main character

A sketch of Miki Tenjou, the closest friend of Aya.

Aya's secret pet falcon, Athena

Aya's bully, Ashley Haylon

Shizuko Ayumi, Aya's first magical girl friend!

Sorry if these are from deviantart. Until I can get the photos in places more acceptable, this'll have to do.

And, of course, I'd like to hear feedback!

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.....Wow...You have incredible potential!!!!
I spent the last two hours reading this...

Don't just believe...Do it!
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Originally Posted by VBRabbit View Post
.....Wow...You have incredible potential!!!!
I spent the last two hours reading this...
Don't have an exact date yet. And I still have a few more episodes to go. But once they're done, I hope to get it publish or even pitched.

By the way, the wrong photos have been put up for Shizuko. They're fixed now.

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Universal Lady Justice Aya Episode 3

Part 1 Episode 3: How did you do that?

Written by: Mister Drake/JameyoftheMegacosmos

Updated Setting:

Arahi No. 28 High School- Aya's school nearby her apartment. It is protected by walls and a fence-like gate for the entrance both on foot and by car. Also has a dormitory building on the corner for orphaned and preparatory students.

Introduced Characters:

John Livarre- An Outer Circle member of the AMF whom is proficient in combat. Carries a katana and a handheld rifle.


(Previous Recap: 2)
Aya: Now that I'm a magical girl, I've become a target for some organization that hunts them. They're called The Anti-Magic Faction. Well, I at least got to have a sparring match and learned more of my powers. Also learning about Shizuko's life, I could see why she says I'll be helpless as a magical girl. But how can I prove her wrong if sword fighting and mind tapping are the only powers I know?
(Scene: Empty Road)
(Aya and Shizuko walk together along the left side of the sidewalk.)
Shizuko: So, you just want me to walk to school with you?
Aya: For now. Thought it would be better, so could talk. And since that battle made me late, you could at least help me with an excused.
Shizuko: (pause, looks away) It's been a while since I've been to a school.
Aya: The schools I go to are public. Usually, they allow easy admission. Somewhat. Maybe one day, you could try going to one.
(Aya sees Shizuko not responding.)
Aya: Or maybe not since you would be so behind.
Shizuko: Yes. Behind.
(The girls turn left into a large empty warehouse.)
(Scene: Empty Warehouse)
(Aya and Shizuko walk inside. Shizuko observes the surroundings.)
Shizuko: Aya, do you know where we're going?
Aya: I take this route whenever I walk to school. It's a quicker way despite it being unusual.
Shizuko: Are you worried?
Aya: What do you mean?
Shizuko: Because this is unusual, are you worried?
Aya: (shakes) Not really. There isn't much to expect from here.
Shizuko: Hm.
(Shizuko stops and puts Aya's hand over. Aya also stops and turns to Shizuko.)
Shizuko: Wait.
Aya: Hm?
(Shizuko slowly looks around. Aya looks with her, and then back to her.)
Aya: What is it, Shizuko? Is something here?
(Shizuko knocks Aya down and they fall to the side. A bullet immediately flies past the two and hits only a nearby crate. The girls look up and Aya searches quickly.)
Aya: What the?
(Shizuko looks to the original direction of the bullet. She gets another knife and throws it, blocking another bullet. Shizuko jumps up with a few more knives and searches. Aya covers her head.)
Livarre: (hidden) Taking shortcuts, eh? Well, we all know how well that works out.
(Shizuko finds a fast-moving figure throughout the warehouse and tracks its movement. Aya uncovers her head and looks around. Shizuko dodges another incoming bullet and throws a knife to block another. She throws two more knifes that deflect. After a while, Aya gets up and looks at Shizuko.)
Aya: What's going on?
(The figure, revealing to be John Livarre, comes from behind her. Shizuko quickly throws a knife at his head. He jumps over Aya to dodge and comes down with a katana. John tries to vertically slice Shizuko, but she backs up before he lands. He charges again at Shizuko, who defends with two knives. After a few strikes, the knives shatter upon the katana and Aya gasps. Aya quickly drops her bag and runs toward the dueling pair. Shizuko and Livarre both see Aya coming with a Hope Crystal.)
Shizuko: Aya! Don't!
(Aya transforms and attacks with her sword. Livarre easily blocks and strikes back at Aya. Aya spins to the ground, but deals a strong strike to Livarre's katana, knocking him off balance. After he regains balance, he sees the two girls raising their weapons in front of him. He keeps his katana in front, switching his focus between the girls.)
Livarre: Hm. I understand now why the previous men had a rough time taking care of your friend here.
(Aya charges to attack Livarre, but he dodges and pushes her to the ground on the side. He goes after Shizuko, who blocks several attacks and replace a few knives when destroyed. He kicks Shizuko down and Aya comes from behind. Livarre turns around and quickly blocks with his katana barely holding against Aya's sword. Livarre holds his ground and pushes Aya back on the ground. He looks between the two fallen girls.)
Livarre: Nonetheless, you seem to lack the ability to work together. Something I would expect from you.
(Aya quickly stands is strikes Livarre's katana. After several strikes, Livarre loses balance, but jumps backward. He and Aya raise their weapons at each other.)
Livarre: But even with that, your magic is much more abnormal than usual.
(Livarre and Aya charge at each other again and lock their weapons on each other.)
Aya: (thinking) Thinking about it, he's right.
(Aya is pushed back, but Shizuko comes to block a few more strikes.)
Aya: (thinking) This energy. I didn't feel this before. (gets flashbacks) It's like...during that tap...I got something from Shizuko.
(Shizuko is knocked off balance and away from Aya. Aya ducks under another attack and tries to sweep under. Livarre steps back and kicks her to the ground. Aya stands up and sees Shizuko clashing with Livarre.)
Aya: (thinking) But don't seem to have any abilities Shizuko would.
(Shizuko is knocked to the side and Livarre focuses on Aya.)
Aya: (thinking) If only my power would be more like her...
(Livarre comes for another attack. Aya puts her sword in front and closes her eyes. She glows bright white and blinds Livarre, causing him to stop. Shizuko gasps by the sight. Aya notices the glow and opens her eyes.)
Aya: Hm?
(Aya sees her outfit glowing and transforming. The glows stops and Aya sees her outfit resembling Shizuko's. She sees one of Shizuko's knives in her hand.)
Aya: What the?
Shizuko: Aya?
Livarre: (smirks) That explains it. (shakes) No matter.
(Livarre puts his katana away and turns back to walk away. Aya walk towards him, but he moves more quickly.)
Aya: Hey, where are you going?
Livarre: I no longer have interest in fighting you now. Especially now that I already have what I need.
Aya: Why are you leaving? Who are you?
Livarre: That you don't need to know. Besides, you girls have school, don't you? Wouldn't want to make you late because of our little battle. I'd rather wait until classes are over before we resume.
(Livarre and jumps up to a high platform at Aya's surprise. He stops upon landing.)
Livarre: One more thing. (turns around) And if you speak anything about me, expect me to come sooner. Because we do not like witnesses.
Aya: Witnesses?
(Livarre jumps out of a nearby window. Aya rushes to him.)
Aya: Hey wait!
(Aya slows down and stops. She pauses and turns to Shizuko.)
Shizuko: I warned you they wouldn't go easily.
Aya: (pause, sigh) Let's get going.
(Shizuko nods. The girls transform back and Aya walks to her bag.)
(Scene: Arahi No. 28 School Entrance)
(Aya and Shizuko enter the school gates.)
Aya: Well, here's the school. As I's not much.
Shizuko: I see.
Aya: Despite trying to kill us so quickly, I could agree with him.
Shizuko: Are you worried about being late?
Aya: Usually it's okay, since they're pretty used to me being tardy. I just hope that they don't take this time too seriously.
Shizuko: You still look a little shaken.
Aya: Well, lateness is not the only thing.
Ashley: (nearby) Well look who's finally getting here, late.
(Aya and Shizuko turn to Ashley, who walks alone towards them.
Aya: Ashley Haylon...
Shizuko: (to Aya) Ashley?
(Ashley approaches the two while staring at Shizuko.)
Ashley: And now you need a bodyguard, Aya?
Aya: No, Ashley. She's just a friend. Like what you really need.
Shizuko: (to Aya) Aya?
Ashley: Like you're in a position to talk here. No wonder your friend caused a ruckus yesterday. I guess my idea of you being a Japanese schoolgirl lesbian was right all along.
Aya: It's not like that Ashley. You and she both know I'm not.
Ashley: (to Shizuko) Don't listen to her.
Aya: Quiet, Ashley. She already knows you're lying.
(Ashley gives a smug grin and picks up a punch near Aya's face. Shizuko suddenly blocks the punch, creating a very noise. Aya falls down and lands on her face. Students and adults in the scene look to see the girls. Aya slowly gets up and sees blood on the floor. She covers her bleeding nose as she stands up completely.)
Aya: My nose...
(Aya see the people looking at the group, but not completely at her. She turns around to see several people, the majority being adults, looking at Ashley.)
Ashley: What?
(Scene: Lunch Hall, afternoon)
(Kyoko, Miki, and Chou sit at a nearby corner table.)
Miki: It's the third time this month. Whole groups of random people gathered somewhere and were found on the ground next morning.
Chou: You mean like a mass suicide?
Miki: Everyone seemed to be okay, but even the victims there don't know what happened. They said they felt very cold, crazy, and like they were being controlled by something.
Kyoko: Sounds like fantasy. Does anyone know if it's true?
Miki: No, that's the scary thing. Whoever does these things just slips through without notice. And this time, a recent investigator was found fried at the gathering.
Kyoko: And if Aya has been getting enough attention for once.
(Aya, with a bandaged nose, and Shizuko come near the table with plates.)
Aya: Hey everyone.
Kyoko: Speak of the devil.
Miki: Hi Aya.
Aya: Mind if my friend sat with us?
Miki: Uhh, sure.
(Aya and Shizuko sit next to Miki. Aya and Miki struggle between each other.)
Miki: But you don't have to squish us!
Shizuko: Oh, sorry.
(Shizuko moves to the side a little, half off the table. Aya and Miki also move apart and start eating.)
Chou: Are you sure that everyone would be okay with her around here?
Aya: It's alright. They're allowing her to stay for now as long as she's under my supervision. I assured that it would go okay.
Kyoko: Hm.
Aya: (to Shizuko) Maybe I should introduce you. This is Shizuko Ayumi. (points to Miki) Shizuko, this is Miki. She and I have been friends for a long time.
Miki: Hello. (waves)
Shizuko: Hi.
Aya: (points to Chou) This is Chou. She may like to eat, but she's very shy and hurt sensitive.
Shizuko: I see. Nice to meet you, Chou.
(Chou sees her and gives a smile and wave. Shizuko nods.)
Aya: (facing Kyoko) And this here is Kyoko Liu. He's often busy, so he doesn't have too much time to talk.
(Shizuko and Kyoko nod to each other.)
Chou: People have been talking about you two.
Miki: Hope your nose is okay.
Aya: It should be fine. The nurse said it should recover within a few days.
Miki: Ashley must have hit you hard back there if she was able to break your nose.
Aya: I don't know. I do know she was called in to meet with the headmaster right after.
Kyoko: We hear she's getting suspended. You know how she's going to react to that.
Miki: I wouldn't say that, in Aya's defense. There are very few people who have the courage to take a blow from Ashley, do any kind of strike back at her, and just walk away. But all of the students still see her like some kind of celebrity.
Aya: I hear she's getting expelled, but her family can sure pay to lower the charges. Any sentence is good enough for me. No, for us.
Chou: What for?
Aya: The same incident this morning. (to Shizuko) I wanted to bring Shizuko here due to being late. I told them I had to help her because she was in trouble.
Chou: That's risky.
Aya: Not exactly. We've known each other for a while.
Kyoko: You still realize how the school takes to strangers, right?
Aya: I am aware of the policies. I had to tell them she's an orphan. They said they were willing to give her a place to stay, but she needs to participate in school. I'm thankful for that. I just want to be friends with her and help her out. That's all.
(They all watch the silent Shizuko, who stares at her plate.)
Aya: What wrong? You don't look well.
Shizuko: I don't feel welcome...
Miki: It's okay, Shizuko. The public schools in Arahi are known to have a lot of orphans. The dormitory here can be considered an orphanage.
Shizuko: (closes eyes, shakes) It-It's not that easy...
Miki: Hm?
(Aya looks to her in silence.)
Aya: (thinking) I know how you feel.


(Scene: Outside Arahi No. 28)
(School bell rings. Aya and Shizuko walk out of the school.)
(Scene: Empty Alleyway)
Aya: Well, that's my usual school day. It's nothing that special despite the incident this morning.
Shizuko: I understand.
Aya: I should thank you. I never had someone who would stand up for me physically like that against Ashley.
Shizuko: She wasn't really strong.
Aya: I often have to handle such situations by myself. And even then, it wouldn't turn out that well.
Shizuko: Hm.
Miki: (nearby) Aya!
(Aya and Shizuko turn to Miki, who comes through the crowds and meets them.)
Aya: Miki...
Miki: I thought you two would be here. (to Shizuko) And you?
Shizuko: I'm fine.
Aya: Surprised you'd be here today.
Miki: I thought I could. Especially since Ashley is nowhere to be found.
Aya: We were just talking about that. It seems that I was right.
Miki: Hm. Anyway, would you mind if we walked together today?
Aya: (panics, looks away) I prefer not. Not today at least.
Miki: I'm guessing you want to spend more time with your new friend then?
Aya: Well, that's not exactly it.
Miki: (pause, shakes head, irritated) Whatever it is, there's something I need to do nearby your home. So I have to go either way.
Aya: (pause, sigh) Fine, just make sure you don't tell anyone what happens.
(Shizuko nods)
Miki: Hm?
Livarre: (hidden) Don't tell anyone about what?
(The girls are shocked by the sudden voice. They look to a nearby alley on the right.)
Miki: What was that?
(Shizuko gets her hand in her pocket. The three enter an alley and search.)
Livarre: After all...
(The girls look up to see Livarre up a rooftop.)
Livarre: There's no need to tell anyone what happens anymore.
(Livarre jumps from above. The girls step back a little as he lands kneeling on the ground.)
Aya: You again?
Livarre: Hope you enjoyed your break time for today. (stands up) Because chances are you won't get one again.
Aya: What are you doing here?
Livarre: Class is over now, remember? That was your break time. (grabs his rifle) Hope you did your homework.
Shizuko: Aya!
Aya: Right!
(Aya drops her bag and the duo takes out their Hope Crystals as Miki watches in confusion.)
Miki: Aya?
(The duo transforms into their magical girl outfits and readies their weapons. Livarre gives a smile.)
Livarre: Heh, thought so.
(Livarre takes out a large bullet and his rifle. Shizuko is shocked at seeing the round. Livarre pulls the rifle's bolt back and inserts the round while aiming at the girls.)
Livarre: That's why I brought this!
Shizuko: Aya!
(Miki ducks down with her hands covered. Shizuko unexpectedly pushes Aya to the ground. Livarre aims near Shizuko as she jumps to her right. He fires an electric shockwave from his rifle. Aya also covers her head, but Shizuko is pushed back by the wave and falls to the ground. Aya raises her to see Shizuko down.)
Aya: Shizuko!
Shizuko: (standing) I'm fine.
Aya: What was that?
Shizuko: I thought it was a Feedback round.
Aya: Feedback round?
Livarre: Heh. Not this time. Not with one of you having a much higher level of magical power. Otherwise, it would make a mess beyond this city block. And attract unwanted attention.
(Shizuko gets halfway up slowly and touches the ground. She is shocked that no knife comes up. She rapidly touches the ground again, failing to create any knives.)
Aya: (shocked) Shizuko, your powers...
Livarre: Nonetheless, what I really shot has fried her. So for the time being, I'm can easily beat you like this!
(Livarre charges at the downed Shizuko and performs a roundhouse kick. Shizuko is sent flying and hits a wall, landing on a set of trash cans.)
Aya: (crying) Shizuko!
(Aya gets up quickly and runs up to Livarre, who continues to walk up towards Shizuko with his now drawn katana. Livarre attempts to thrust his katana down Shizuko's chest, but Aya gets in the way and blocks it. Livarre smiles and focuses on Aya. The two clash until Aya loses balance. She blocks Livarre's next strike, locking the blades.)
Aya: Who are you? And why do you keep on doing this to us?
(Livarre pushes Aya sword away and strikes her right gauntlet. He kicks Aya backward and charges again with his katana. Aya barely blocks the attack, but spins and lose balance.)
Livarre: Because. It's our job to hunt girls like you. We don't have to give you a reason.
(Aya charges to attack, but Livarre blocks it easily. He returns with another strike on her gauntlets and kick to the chest. Aya falls to the ground and tries to get up.)
Miki: Aya!
Livarre: And to stop little girls like you from spreading all over the place.
(Aya rises again, but is knocked back by Livarre. Aya luckily keeps balance to stand.)
Livarre: Now this is why you don't use magic. (walks up to Aya) And don't use shortcuts. (picks up Aya by the shirt and lets her stand) Because then, you'll never learn!
(Livarre charges his katana into Aya, but Aya jumps to avoid.)
Aya: (thinking) I haven't mastered my powers yet. He's too strong.
(Aya blocks two more attacks from Livarre and jumps back and to side.)
Aya: (thinking) Maybe...
(Aya looks at Shizuko and Miki, who stare at her helplessly. She closes her eyes and eventually glows again. Livarre is blinded and stops. Miki and Shizuko cover their eyes. The glowing stops and Aya sees herself in Shizuko's outfit.)
Aya: (thinking) I better try it now.
(Livarre recovers quickly and charges at Aya. Aya looks at her outfit and knife.)
Livarre: Won't work this time, magical girl!
(Livarre swings his katana across, but Aya ducks. Aya touches the ground and creates a knife in her hands. She strikes Livarre's legs and he trips to the ground. Livarre counters to attack Aya's legs, but she dodges by jumping. She blocks another attack with a knife, which shatters, and then flips backward. Miki and Shizuko see Aya in surprise. Aya looks to the ground and acquires another knife with the flooring. She sees Livarre aiming his rifle and pulling back the bolt. She throws her new knife, which shatters upon blocking the shot. Aya jumps to the side as Livarre attempts to get up.)
Aya: (thinking) Those knives keep shattering. Do all magical weapons do this?
(Livarre stands up again.)
Livarre: Now when did you get tough all of a sudden? And learned to use a new power that quickly?
Aya: My best guess, luck.
Livarre: Heh, you shouldn't rely on that either!
(Livarre raises his katana and charges at Aya, who picks up two knives. He attacks with his katana from below and knocks Aya off balance.)
Livarre: Because that'll get you killed!
(Livarre attacks from above, Aya recovers and blocks with another shattering knife. They continue clashing as Aya replaces her destroyed knives a few times. Aya backs up to avoid Livarre.)
Aya: (thinking) If only I had something that didn't always shatter like these knives.
(Aya jumps to avoid another attack and her eyes widen.)
Aya: Hold on...
(Aya flashbacks of a previous battle against Livarre. She first remembers Livarre shattering Shizuko's knives in a melee fight. Then, she remembers her locking his katana with her sword. Aya returns to the present and stares at her knife, seeing cracks on the blade.)
Aya: (thinking) If my sword was able to withstand his attacks, then...
(Aya looks back up as Livarre charges at her again. Aya jumps to a safer distance. She raises her knife in front and closes her eyes. She glows bright again and opens her eyes to see the transformation. Her outfit returns to her own and the knife is now her sword. She looks at her sword, seeing the pure undamaged blade.)
Aya: (thinking) Thought so.
(Aya sees Livarre charging at her again. She blocks the katana easily and spins with her sword. Livarre's katana is struck and he is knocked to the side. Aya stops to see him off balance.)
Aya: (thinking) Really thought so.
(Aya runs to continue attacking and Livarre tries to block. After a few strikes, Aya kicks Livarre and he falls on his back. Aya stays put with her sword stabbing the ground.)
Livarre: Damn, you really did your homework. What happened?
Aya: Like I said, it's just luck and trial. The only choices I really had.
(Livarre gets up and breathes more heavily.)
Livarre: (thinking) This became much harder than I had expected.
(Livarre looks slight left to Shizuko and Miki.)
Livarre: (thinking) Too bad I brought only one Magic EMP round. And the one I fired doesn't last very long. I've got to get out of here now or I'll be the one fried.
(Livarre stands up and steps back from the girls.)
Aya: Whoever you are, get away! And leave my friends alone!
Livarre: (thinking) This girl is a special case. At least I could make up a good excuse from this.
(Livarre puts his katana away and turns back from the girls, towards the dead end of the alley.)
Livarre: This time I will, but not for long.
(Livarre walks through the alley, away from the girls. He jumps onto a large dumpster at the girls' surprise.)
Livarre: And by the way... (turns around) I'm John Livarre of the AMF's Outer Circle. Make sure you remember that next time we meet.
(Livarre looks back and jumps very high onto the rooftop of a building. The girls watch in stunning silence. Aya walks up to her friends and crouches to Shizuko. She sees no injuries as Shizuko tries to get up.)
Aya: Are you okay?
Shizuko: (pause) I'm fine.
Aya: (sigh) Close one...
(Shizuko gets up with Aya and Miki supporting her. She successfully grabs another knife from the brick wall to Aya's surprise.)
Aya: Shizuko, your powers. They're back.
Shizuko: It didn't last long. That's why he ran.
Aya: Hm. Anyway, let's get going.
Shizuko: Yes.
(Aya and Shizuko transform back into their normal clothes. Aya sees Miki stunned and silent.)
Miki: Aya...
Aya: I know, Miki. This is why I told you not to come.
Miki: Aya...I had no idea...W-what happened yesterday?
Aya: (pause) That's...going to be a long explanation.
Shizuko: did you do that? My powers?
(Aya looks down in guilt)
Miki: (confused) What exactly is going on here, Aya?
(Aya pauses and walks to her bag.)
Aya: Let's keep walking. Shizuko and I will explain...everything.
(Scene: Empty Road)
(Aya, Miki, and Shizuko walk together. Shizuko looks down while Miki looks stunned at Aya.)
Miki: So yesterday...that crystal made you a magical girl?
Aya: Without warning.
Miki: And now, you're a target for some anti-magical girl organization?
Aya: Both of us are. And things could get much worse.
Miki: For now at least.
(Aya sighs. She sees Shizuko with her head still down.)
Aya: What's wrong, Shizuko?
Shizuko: And how you got my powers, you--
Aya: I know. I understand how much you've been through and how you got sent into this.
Shizuko: (pause) They always mocked me.
Miki: Shizuko?
Shizuko: I wanted a normal life, but no one listened. Not even my parents.
Aya: It's okay.
(Miki and Shizuko look at her.)
Aya: Because as I said, I am going through the same problems now too. You're not alone.
Miki: That's right. You didn't deserve any of this.
Aya: That's why I want to do what I can to help. We're both magical girls, aren't we? It's best if we all stand together than if we are apart.
Shizuko: But-
Miki: Do what you choose.
(Aya and Shizuko turn to Miki.)
Aya: Miki?
Miki: Being magical girls sounds very intriguing, but you do realize this is reality and not a story.
Aya: I was just thrown into this without warning. As long as I don't get hurt by it, I should be fine. After all, what can I lose?
Miki: But there's no telling what could happen.
Aya: You don't sound like you want to get involved.
Miki: I'll tag along. We'll keep this between us for now. But you have to remember that you have to face your problems yourself rather than hide from them. And not always resort to fixing other people's.
Aya: I'm trying to work on that.
(The three approach Aya's complex. They see Suzume at the entrance.)
Suzume: I've been waiting for you.
Aya: Mother?
Suzume: (serious) Come, Aya. We need to talk.
(Aya lets out a stressful sigh and runs up to the door. Suzume takes her in forcefully and closes the door. Miki and Shizuko look at each other.)
(Scene: Aya's Apartment)
(Aya and Suzume sit at the kitchen table.)
Suzume: I was told that you were in a fight this morning?
Aya: Ashley was the one who broke my nose.
Suzume: And you brought a stranger to the school?
Aya: She's not a stranger, mother. She's a friend.
Suzume: And you also brought her here into this complex?
Aya: Only to Finch's and he said he didn't mind. I just wanted to be nice to her after what she's been through.
Suzume: You know about my rules here. I absolutely do not allow anyone to come here in, no matter much of a friend they are.
Aya: Don't you realize how much damage you're doing here? You don't let me meet anyone who could possibly become a friend. And no one would be a good friend because you're always checking up on them. Why do you have to do such things!
Suzume: Because I am the one who is protecting you, Aya. You have me and no one else. My rules and no one else's.
Aya: Stop acting like you don't care about me! You are my mother, right? Aren't you supposed to respect and support me just like I once did for you? I just want to return to the family we once were! For the past seven years, I've been struggling to get help from others to cope with what we've been through. You just keep me from contacting anyone and just for sake of protecting me! Is that what you call respect? To say I have to do everything by myself and trust no one? Is that what you are supposed to be like as a mother?
(Aya rises from her seat and walks angrily to her room.)
Suzume: Aya!
Aya: Just leave me alone!
(Aya slams the door to her room. Suzume merely watches the door and turns away. Meanwhile, Miki hears from outside the door to Aya's complex. She looks down, feeling pity for Aya, then goes back down the stairs.)
Miki: (to herself) I see now...
(Shizuko hears the conversation from Aya's room window, holding onto the window still and pipelines. She looks down once again.)
Shizuko: I understand...
(Shizuko jumps from the building and lands on the ground. She walks to the front of the complex and meets with Miki.)
Miki: I heard them.
Shizuko: So did I.
(The complex door opens and they turn to see Suzume near the door. They have worried looks and step back.)
Suzume: You're Aya's friends, yes?
(They freeze.)
Miki: Uhh, yes.
Suzume: (waves in) Come. We can talk.
(Suzume walks back inside. Shizuko and Miki look at each other for a moment and walk into the complex.
(Scene: Aya's Room, evening)
(Aya is alone inside her room. She is sitting at the side of her bed with her head down. After a while, there is a knock on the door.)
Suzume: Aya?
Aya: (crying) Go away.
Suzume Aya, it's time you came out.
Aya: (angry) I don't want to.
(Aya remains silent for a moment.)
Shizuko: Aya? Is that you?
(Aya jumps up.)
Shizuko: It's me, Shizuko.
Aya: Shizuko? Is it really you?
Miki: Me too, Aya.
Aya: Miki?
Miki: May we see you?
(Aya walks up to the door and sees Shizuko and Miki. She also sees Suzume, who gives a sorry look. Aya looks back at Shizuko.)
Shizuko: Your mother talked to us.
Miki: She wanted us to see you.
Aya: What's it about?
Suzume: You say they are your friends, right?
Aya: (nods) And they only want to help, as a friend.
Suzume: That's not what I meant. Are you sure that you trust them?
Aya: Yes, mother. They've been through a lot like us, especially Shizuko. I only want to do what I can to help her out. And Miki and I have been together for years, even before the incident. So you don't have to worry about her.
Suzume: (pause, sigh) I just want you and your friend's trust. Nothing more.
Aya: (nods) That's also what I want from you.
Suzume: (slowly nods) Just this once, Aya. And only them.
Aya: Just them?
Suzume: (slowly nods) Either that or no one.
(Aya looks at Shizuko and Miki. After a moment, Aya nods.)
Aya: Okay, mother.
(Scene: Arahi No. 28 School, two days later)
(Aya comes into the school, looking down. She looks up to the school entrance and finds Miki
Miki: Hello Aya.
Aya: Hi Miki.
Students: Hi Aya! Hey Miki!
(Aya looks to the students and back to Miki.)
Aya: What's going on?
Miki: I'm not sure. They've been acting like this ever since they announced Ashley not coming here.
Aya: Really...
Miki: Also another surprise.
(Shizuko suddenly walks to the group.)
Aya: (surprised) Shizuko? W-What are you doing here?
Shizuko: This is my school.
(Aya shows a surprised look.)
Miki: Yeah, as of now, you new friend is a classmate of ours!
(To be continued, Ending)
(Next Episode)
Shizuko: So Aya has finally took me in. Feels nice I don't need to worry about school. But definitely have to keep Aya focused. With some magical girls not being good, she'll have to step up if she's going to survive. Well, as long as no one else knows or gets hurt. Next episode.
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Universal Lady Justice Aya Episode 4

Episode 4

Part 1 Episode 4: Destroyers...Friends

Written by Mister Drake/JameyoftheMegacosmos


Miki's home- A large house on a street corner a few blocks from Aya's apartment complex. It has three floors, a large backyard with a massive garage, and an unknown tunnel in the basement that leads to the city sewer system.

Introduced Characters:

Maxine Stapleton- An intelligent magical girl who knows Shizuko and takes her role for hunting Destroyers very seriously. Has a visor for scanning and a staff for casting spells.

Cornelia- A Destroyer dressed like a nun. Capable of controlling multiple people and draining life forces. Wields the power to manipulate light and spirits. Transforms into a distorted towering monster with a large legless base, a massive eightfold wheel on its back, and many silhouetted white tentacles from its body.


(Previous Recap: 3)
Aya: So many things have happened to me since I became a magical girl. I've only been one for less than a day and already have a rival. Everything is just full of surprises, but not all of it is bad. Discovering a new power and sharing it with a best friend, earning the trust of my mother, and my new friend is now a classmate of mine!
(Scene: Aya's Room)
(An alarm clock goes off. Aya stops the clock and yawns with a smile.)
Narrator Aya: Since my first day as a magical girl, my life has changed for the better.
(Aya walks up to the window. Athena comes in and Aya opens the window to feed and pet her. She closes the window a while later, then walks out of her room.)
(Scene: Aya's Apartment)
(Aya and Suzume are shown eating while talking in the background.)
Narrator Aya: To start with, my mother and I have built a much better relationship. She seems to respect and trust me more, not constantly checking on me like before, and even listens to me. I started discussing more stuff with her, about my friends and school. I really think we are forming a mutual trust and respect for each other.
(Aya and Suzume stand up from their seats and walk out.)
Narrator Aya: And speaking of school, two things happened after that incident with Ashley.
(Scene: Classroom)
(Aya walks to her desk and sees a high test grade on the computer.)
Narrator Aya: I wasnít bullied or exploited for the rest of the week.
(Aya turns to see Ashley's seat empty and smiles.)
Narrator Aya: And Ashley wasnít there the rest of the week. People were saying she got suspended, though the damage done to my nose should have been expulsion papers.
(Aya finds an envelope with money in it. She puts it down and relaxes a little.)
Narrator Aya: But even when her family was able to limit the charges, someone was generous enough to donate money for my nose. And having Ashley away was the best thing I wanted.
(Aya turns to see Shizuko walk in.)
Narrator Aya: And then, there's Shizuko.
(Scene: Classroom, Dormitory)
(Shizuko introduces herself to the classes.)
Narrator Aya: The other students may still overlook us, but Shizuko seems to have a good place within the school.
(Shizuko is inside her dormitory. She goes to the middle of three bunk beds and lies down on the bottom.)
Narrator Aya: She's still trying to adjust though. Fortunately, she doesn't need to worry about anything like tests.
(Shizuko sees Chou and Kyoko sleeping in a bunk bed across from the side of her.)
Narrator Aya: And with Chou and Kyoko sleeping in the same dormitory as her, she has some company. Itís the least we could do, even if she doesnít have it for long.
(Scene: Outside Arahi No. 28)
(Aya and Shizuko walk out of the school entrance.)
Aya: I thought something like this would happen.
Shizuko: I'll stay at your home. They have to close the dormitory?
Aya: For the whole week of vacation. I still have schoolwork and need to prepare for an upcoming test.
Shizuko: It shouldn't make any difference. Is it a problem?
Aya: If my mom and I could find a place for you, it shouldn't.
Miki: (nearby) Aya! Shizuko!
(Aya and Shizuko look to Miki, who comes to them with a dark skinned, long purple haired girl.)
Aya: Miki?
Miki: Hi there!
Aya: Uhh, what are you doing here?
Miki: I just wanted to say that I'm throwing a party at my house. You know, for this weekend and you having a new friend and all.
Aya: (facing the aside girl) What's she doing here? Who is she?
Miki: Oh, she's a friend of mine. She's invited and so are you!
Shizuko: Is anyone else going? Chou or Kyoko?
Miki: Kyoko says he's busy and Chou says her father won't let her.
Aya: Strange. You'd expect Chouís father would allow her to go to such things.
Miki: I already invited many others who are coming. I hope you can, too!
Aya: I'll have to tell my mom.
Miki: The party starts tonight at 8, so make sure you do it quick.
Aya: Tonight at 8? Uhh, okay. I'll come if I have a chance.
Miki: Great! See you then!
(They wave to each other and Miki and her friend turn around and run. Aya and Shizuko see them disappear into the crowd.)
(Scene: Empty Street)
(Aya and Shizuko walk down a street together.)
Aya: It's very odd, Miki getting another friend all of a sudden. She's often obsessed with a boy who once came to the school and became very close to me after he left. Miki usually doesn't act like that. Usually, sheís shy and keeps things private from the other students rather than boasting about things to others. She wouldn't just invite people over to her house for an event out of the blue. It's completely out of character.
Shizuko: She's like us. (flashes back to seeing the girl) I never saw the other girl before.
Aya: You think she's a magical girl, too?
Shizuko: Or something else.
Aya: Hm. Anyway aside from school and that, I'm surprised how things were calm this whole week.
Shizuko: And very suspicious.
Aya: The AMF has been very quiet lately. And the only time they came recently was just small fry. I was thinking they'd be all over us by now.
Shizuko: They often take their time. They don't jump at every chance.
Aya: You sound like there's more to it.
Shizuko: There are more threats to magical girls than the AMF.
Aya: Hm?
(Shizuko stops and puts her hand over Aya.)
Shizuko: Wait...
(Aya stops and looks at Shizuko, who looks around the sky.)
Aya: What is it, Shizuko? Is it the AMF?
(Aya reaches into her pockets. Shizuko sees an eye-catching flash nearby. She quickly pushes Aya aside and they fall to the ground. Aya looks in the same direction and finds a large bright cyan-colored bolt coming towards them. It impacts the ground near them, which shakes the girls, and bursts into light blue energy. Aya sees the impact leaving no debris or crater.)
Aya: What the?
Maxine: Stop there now!
(A noise in the air attracts the two girls and they look up. A figure comes from the building rooftops and lands near them, revealing to be Maxine Stapleton.)
Maxine: What are you attempting to do with innocent lives, Destroyer!
Aya: Destroyer? What are talking about?
Maxine: (pointing her staff) Donít play dumb! What are you planning to do?
Aya: (turning to Shizuko) I was just heading home with my friend! Thatís all!
Shizuko: Maxine?
(Shizuko and Maxine look at each other in surprise.)
Maxine: Shizuko? What are you doing here?
Aya: Maxine? (to Shizuko) You know her, Shizuko?
Shizuko: (To Aya) We've met each other before. (to Maxine) What are you here for?
Maxine: I noticed a large magical energy signature here yesterday. But I thought it would be from a Destroyer.
Aya: Destroyer?
Maxine: (to Shizuko) What are you doing here, being near an abnormal magical girl?
Shizuko: She's a friend.
Aya: Abnormal? Well, yes.
Maxine: (to Aya) Then, tell me. What do you know about the recent gatherings here? Do you know something about Cornelia?
Aya: Cornelia? Gatherings? I don't know what you're talking about!
Maxine: Anything at all?
Aya: If there's something wrong, it has nothing to do with me.
Maxine: (pause) Hm. (relaxes, lighter voice) Sorry about that. I thought you meant something based on what the data I had.
Aya: (getting up) It's okay. So you're a magical girl, too?
Maxine: Exactly. I predict you are as well?
Aya: (nods, faces Shizuko) Shizuko and I are just recent friends who work together. But I want to know what's going on here. Like why you're here.
Maxine: (nods) I'll explain more along the way.
Aya: Okay.
(Maxine raises her staff, which changes back into a Hope Crystal as she transforms into a normal schoolgirl outfit. Aya nods.)
Aya: Good thinking. Better not to walk in the open that way.
Maxine: And it won't generate a large magic signature since it changes us back to normal-based.
Aya: Normal-based?
Shizuko: The AMF wonít find us.
Aya: Hm.
Maxine: I'm Maxine Stapleton, by the way. You can call me Max for short.
Aya: Aya. Aya Masa.
Maxine: Pleased to meet you, Ms. Masa. Once again, I apologize for the early aggression.
Aya: (grins) I accept.
Maxine: Follow me. We'll look for some place to talk.
(Aya nods. The three go off together.)
(Scene: Sidewalk Bench)
(Aya, Shizuko, and Maxine sit at a nearby bench.)
Aya: I'm surprised you two know each other. How did you two meet?
Maxine: It's often luck since we magical girls prefer to work as lone wolves. Sometimes, we would come across each other on special occassions. Shizuko and I first met a few years ago, but there were several times we ran into each other ever since.
Shizuko: She taught me about the magical system.
Aya: (giggles) Something to expect from her.
(Maxine and Aya giggle.)
Maxine: So tell me, Aya. Why did you become a magical girl? And why do you prefer staying together?
Aya: Well, I didn't exactly want to become a magical girl as I didn't learn the system until now. All I wanted to do was help Shizuko fight against the Anti-Magic Faction when she was in trouble.
Maxine: The AMF?
Aya: (nods) They definitely are trouble.
Maxine: True. Trying to take them on is a bold and risky move. I see why you would be in a pair.
Aya: As long as we stay together and keep improving our skills, we should be fine.
Maxine: Hm.
Aya: So tell me, Max. Why are you a magical girl? And what's this Destroyer you're talking about?
Shizuko: They're evil magical girls.
Aya: Shizuko?
Maxine: She's accurate.
Aya: I need a more detailed explanation.
Maxine: You remember how the Hope Crystals give powers?
Aya: Yes, they're made from your desires. You gain them until those desires are fulfilled.
Maxine: Exactly. Like us, that is where Destroyers come from. But unlike us, who have much cleaner desires, theirs are not considered pure. Some girls rather want to cause more harm than they do good and would take advantage of their powers to achieve it. When anything magical causes trouble, even massive incidents, it's often the work of Destroyers.
Aya: I see why you call them ďDestroyersĒ. It's not how magical girls usually are and they destroy that image.
Maxine: Typical answer. And a brutally obvious one.
Aya: So, what is this Destroyer you are looking for?
Maxine: I cannot assess that for now, but during this month, there have been strange gatherings around here involving massive isolated groups of people suddenly being invited somewhere. Those people suddenly become more off for the rest of the day until they come together in the night. Afterwards, they stand still for a while, drop to the ground, and wake up later with no memory of what happened.
Aya: I think I heard about this on the news.
(Flashbacks to Maxine walking around a gathering of fallen people in a forest. She sees a crater with a boiled corpse and markings on the side.)
Maxine: I looked around the sites and noticed each of the victims' life forces have become weaker than the normal individual. In the most recent one that occurred a few days ago, there was an officer that was trying to investigate. He ended up being found boiled alive. Getting to view the scene was difficult, but there was a word called "Cornelia", written with human fingers on the ground beside the corpse.
(Maxine jerks around and jumps from the scene. Returning to the present, Aya and Shizuko listen closely to Maxine.)
Aya: So you believe this Cornelia related to the Destroyer? Or is the Destroyer?
Maxine: It is my current hypothesis. Destroyers always like to reap the life forces of living things, especially humans, and even the Hope Crystals of magical girls to increase their power. No doubt one would try a tactic like this.
Aya: Well, whatever it is, I'm sure we could help out.
Maxine: That's exactly why I was here. You may not be a Destroyer, but that doesn't mean I can't get any information from you.
Aya: Not as of now. But if we find anything, we'll definitey report it.
(Shizuko nods. Aya rises from her seat and walks to Shizuko.)
Aya: Anyway, we have to go now. We don't want to keep my mother waiting and worried about us.
Shizuko: Yes.
(Shizuko stands up and comes near Aya.)
Maxine: I see.
Aya: Do you have a home?
Maxine: I have one. I just live alone.
Aya: Oh. (steps back) Anyway, we'll see you later hopefully.
(Maxine nods. Aya and Shizuko turn around and walk together.)
Shizuko: (to Aya) You shouldnít leave so quickly. She could get suspicious, even when we did nothing.
Aya: We were there for a while. And it's getting close to the time my mother gets home.
Shizuko: I thought you didn't mind being late.
Aya: It's not about being late; it's my mother reaction to it.
(Scene: Aya's Apartment)
(Suzume, Aya, and Shizuko are eating together at a table.)
Suzume: You should be aware that despite having trust in your friend, I still keep my strict code over you.
Aya: Mother?
Shizuko: I'm sorry if I am rude.
Suzume: (to Shizuko) You're not. I just disapprove your request to stay here.
Aya: It was her choice, not mine. She favored us over Miki.
Suzume: But you know how ill prepared our house can be for other guests, Aya. Your friend Miki is more suitable to host her. (pause, sigh) But nonetheless, we should have something figured out by tonight.
Aya: Speaking of Miki, we'd like to go to her house for tonight.
Suzume: Tonight?
Aya: We know the way, so you don't need to drive us. We'll be safe out there, as long as weíre together.
Suzume: Are you sure of it?
Aya: Miki invited us this afternoon. There's no need to check.
Suzume: I would still like to call and check.
Aya: Please relax, mother. You do believe me, do you?
Suzume: (pause) Fine.
(Aya hangs and sighs in relief.)
Aya: We don't plan on staying very long.
Suzume: Just make sure you're home before nine.
Aya: (nods) Yes.
(Aya turns to Shizuko. After a pause, she also nods.)
Shizuko: Yes.


(Scene: City Street)
(Aya and Shizuko walk together along a street.)
Shizuko: Why did you say you just wanted to meet Miki?
Aya: I didn't want to tell her much. After all, that's sort of what we're doing.
Shizuko: Why didn't you want to say about the party?
Aya: It was likely she wouldn't approve such a thing, even when she now has trust in Miki and us. I just wanted to tell her as little as possible in a way she would allow us to go.
Shizuko: You sound like there's more to it.
(Aya looks at Shizuko while they walk.)
Aya: Shizuko, do you think that everything we've learned today is all connected?
Shizuko: You mean the party? Or the Destroyers?
Aya: Exactly. Both of them.
Aya: Miki's new friend. The sudden invitation to a party. Destroyers. Massive gatherings.
(Return to scene.)
Aya: It all sounds like this is more than just a coincidence.
Shizuko: I don't know, but I understand.
Aya: Like many times before, Iím just theorizing. But if it were so, then my mother getting involved would not be good.
Shizuko: All of it was to protect her?
Aya: And our identities.
(The girls arrive near Miki's home. They pause and see all the lights out and everything completely quiet.)
Aya: (suspicious) I guess I was right.
Shizuko: What do you mean?
Aya: This is Miki's house. And there doesn't seem to be anyone here.
Shizuko: Is it ever quiet like this?
Aya: Never really. And all the lights appear to be out.
(Loud painful moans are heard. Aya and Shizuko are panicked, but listen closely. A glowing light appears behind the house.)
(Scene: Miki's Backyard)
(Aya and Shizuko go through a side entrance to the backyard. They stop and see a large group of people gathered in a circle. Auras of white and light blue energy are being pulled from them and to the center.)
Shizuko: Those...are our classmates.
Aya: More than just classmates. Neighbors. Parents. Little children. (gasps) Miki!
Shizuko: That energy. It must be life force.
Aya: It's all concentrating in the center, which means...
Voice: (nearby) Thought I was missing some guests here.
(Aya and Shizuko are surprised by the voice. Several obstructing people move to the sides, revealing the center to be a nun-like figure in a fancy robe. The figure reveals her face. Aya and Shizuko reach into their pockets.)
Aya:'re the girl from this afternoon!
Shizuko: Cornelia...
Cornelia: (giggles) Indeed I am. But who are you then?
Shizuko: That is nothing for you to know.
Aya: How dare you try to steal life from my friends like this!
Cornelia: (giggle) That is nothing of your concern either. Ever since they looked into my eyes, your friends now belong to me. However, I donít know how you remain unaffected. So this must mean...
Aya: Shizuko, let's do it!
Shizuko: Yes!
(Aya and Shizuko grab their Hope Crystals and transform. They end in battle positions. Cornelia becomes a little intimidated.)
Cornelia: It's all clear. You are magical girls, too!
Aya: Real magical girls unlike you! We don't get power by stealing it from others!
(Cornelia giggles. All the possessed people turn to the girls and start walking towards them. Aya and Shizuko become intimidated despite staying in position.)
Cornelia: No, but your power is still nowhere close to mine.
(A flash catches the girls and Cornelia's eyes and look into its direction. The bolt strikes Cornelia to the ground and the magical girls gasp at the sighting.)
Maxine: (nearby) Not today here!
(Maxine comes by from Miki's rooftop and jumps down, landing close to the magical duo.)
Aya: Max!
Maxine: One moment please.
(Max points her staff at the possessed crowd.)
Maxine: Knockout!
(A circular shape is drawn, facing the direction of her staff. It grows brightly and fires a wave of light blue energy at the crowd. The possessed people are pushed back and fall knocked out on the ground. Cornelia is also pushed back and tries to get up.)
Maxine: Bolt!
(A normal circle is drawn and fires a light blue bolt of energy. Cornelia is struck down and the energy auras around the brainwashed crowd vanish. Maxine turns her staff upwards as she still focuses on Cornelia.)
Aya: I thought we would meet again.
Maxine: Your transformation allowed me to track your signatures. You're lucky I was close by to assist you.
Aya: Well, thanks for saving us. I didn't really want us to fight our friends there.
(Maxine nods as she sees Cornelia standing up again. Aya and Shizuko watch as Maxine readies her staff again.)
Maxine: But we still have her to deal with.
Cornelia: I won't let you humiliate me like this!
Aya: Maxine!
(Cornelia shoots a bolt of light at the girls. Maxine jerks to Aya, who blocks the attack. Shizuko throws two knives at Cornelia, both hitting her right side. Cornelia puts her hands together to charge energy. Maxine aims her staff.)
Maxine: Block!
(A square is drawn, casting a curved barrier in front of the girls. Cornelia releases a blast wave of white energy all around her, but the barrier shields it from the girls. The blast's energy vanishes and Maxine aims at Cornelia again.)
Maxine: Fire Spark!
(A triangular shape is drawn and casted. A large and fast spark of flame manifests and fires at Cornelia. The Destroyer is hit directly in the chest and covers the wound.)
Aya: She's easier than I thought.
Max: (facing Aya) They're not always this weak. Something must be going on here.
Cornelia: (darker voice) There's no way you can rival me!
(Maxine looks back to see black distorted energy manifest around Cornelia and expresses shock.)
Cornelia: (giggles, darker voice) I'll show you what power is!
Maxine: Aya! Shizuko!
(Cornelia laughs insanely and distorted energy continues to manifest around her. Aya and Shizuko ready their weapons, but Maxine gets in front of them, pointing her staff. Cornelia explodes into the energy, knocking the girls back and hitting Maxine. The whole scene starts to stretch and transform.)
(Scene: Alternate World)
(Aya and Shizuko get up. They look around in horror at a distorted reality.)
Aya: Wh-What is this place?
Maxine: It's an alternate reality...created by the Destroyer.
(Aya and Shizuko look at an injured Maxine.)
Aya: Max!
Maxine: She aimed at us when she transformed.
Aya: Transformed? Into what?
(They hear dark laughter and turn to it, finding Cornelia's monster form. Shizuko freezes and Aya panics.)
Shizuko: That's--
Aya: (scared) What...what is that!
Maxine: That the Destroyer's final form.
(Cornelia launches a tentacle at the group, but Shizuko throws a knife at it. The tentacle is hit and misses to the right. Aya tries to cut it with her sword, but it lashes out and knocks her down. Shizuko goes around the side and throws several knives at Cornelia's base, but bounce off or stick. Cornelia's head charges a large ball of light and throws it at Shizuko, who dodges before impact. Aya tries to cut the swerving tentacles and successfully cuts one, but is knocked back again to the right of Maxine.)
Maxine: It won't do any good.
Aya: (turns to Maxine) Max?
Maxine: Your powers won't work well against that Destroyer. Not in that kind of form.
Aya: Do you have anything that will?
Maxine: I have a spell to destroy it one hit. If only I had the strength to use my arm.
(Aya looks down, but notices a light and sees a spherical wall surrounding Maxine. Aya is both enlightened and surprised. She turns to Shizuko, who is still fighting the Destroyer, before turning back to Maxine.)
Aya: Max, there's something I need to do that could help.
Maxine: What?
(Aya stands up and aims her sword at Maxine. Max jerks in shock.)
Aya: Don't worry. Just hold still.
(Maxine nods and calms down a little. Aya closes her eyes and strikes the wall, creating sparks as Maxine watches. After a few seconds, Aya loses balance and crouches down. She looks up to the still oblivious Maxine. They turn to see Shizuko still battling the Destroyer, blocking tentacles and blast of light with her knives.)
Cornelia: Now do you understand? You silly girls can't possibly surpass my power!
Maxine: Your friend may not last long. Whatever you do, do it quick.
Aya: Don't worry now. Leave it to me. Hopefully.
(Aya raises her and closes her eyes. Cornelia's tentacles knock Shizuko down, who looks up to see Aya. The girls watch Aya glow bright white, also attracting attention from Cornelia. Aya stops glowing, now wearing Maxine's outfit and wielding her staff. Both Maxine and Cornelia are shocked.)
Shizuko: Aya...
Cornelia: What? How could you--?
Aya: You think you're the only abnormal girl here, Cornelia the Destroyer? Well, I am one, too!
(Aya points her staff at Cornelia.)
Aya: Fire Spark!
(The spell shape is casted and fires at Cornelia in the chest, pushing her upper body backward toward Shizuko.)
Aya: Shizuko! Get away!
(Shizuko runs quickly to avoid the falling Cornelia. She regroups with Aya.)
Shizuko: That outfit. You copied Maxine's powers?
Aya: The best I could do.
Shizuko: (nods) Aya, there's something we can do to--
Aya: Relax, I already know.
(Shizuko freezes, but nods to her a moment later. They turn to see Cornelia rising up again and charging another ball of light.)
Cornelia: I won't let you win!
(Cornelia launches the ball at the group, but Aya quickly aims her staff.)
Aya: Block!
(The ball is blocked by the spell. Shizuko rushes to the side and throws knives at the Destroyer to distract her. Cornelia attacks with another tentacle, but Shizuko jumps over and stabs it with a knife before continuing to run behind her. Aya points her staff again.)
Aya: Bolt!
(The spell fires at Cornelia. She turns around to attack Aya with another tentacle. Aya dodges and sees Shizuko coming from behind. Shizuko holds onto Cornelia with knives stabbed deeply in the back. The Destroyer violently struggles to shake her off.
(Shizuko watches Aya point her staff at Cornelia again.)
Aya: Entanglement!
(A circular shape is casted, shooting out multiple magical curve-ended tendrils. Shizuko pushes off Cornelia as the spell's tendrils surround the Destroyer. Maxine merely watches.)
Maxine: (thinking) Unbelievable. She knows my powers and tactics without me telling her...
(The tendrils encircle Cornelia, and then completely ensnare her. The Destroyer helplessly struggles through the tendrils. Shizuko and Aya nod to each other. Aya faces back to the Destroyer.)
Aya: And now to end it!
(Aya points her staff at the ensnared Cornelia. She starts to draw a triangular shape facing the Destroyer as Maxine and Shizuko watch.)
Maxine: (thinking) Even the spell to finish her off!
Cornelia: NO! You can't do this to me! Let go of me!
(Aya completes the spell shape and taps the center with her staff. It glows and manifests a large ball of flame.)
(The ball of flame fires at the ensnared Cornelia, who screams out while glowing bright white. Aya and Shizuko cover their eyes as the monster bursts into sparkles of energy and flame moments later with only echoes remaining. Aya and Shizuko uncover their eyes and see the Destroyer defeated. They walk over to Maxine, who starts to get up.)
Aya: Max, are you okay?
Maxine: I'm fine. I think I hold my staff properly now.
(Maxine slowly points her staff at the ground.)
Maxine: Heal!
(Another circle is drawn and creates a ripple of light blue-green energy that reaches each of the magical girls. Aya and Shizuko see their wounds healing quickly.)
Maxine: That would cover our wounds at least. (thinking) At least my own powers still work.
(Shizuko nods. Aya looks at her healed wounds, and then sees the alternate reality stretch itself and disappear.)
(Scene: Miki's Backyard)
(The girls find themselves back in Miki's backyard. Aya and Shizuko look around to see all their classmates knocked out. They see the nun's body and her Hope Crystal land on the ground. Maxine crouches down to one of the bodies.)
Aya: Did we win?
Maxine: For now. These bodies haven't lost much life force either.
Aya: That's good news.
(Aya walks to Maxine, who stands up to face her. Aya raises her staff and closes her eyes. She glows again and transforms back into her original outfit with her sword. Aya looks at the sword.)
Maxine: Do you always try to use other people's powers?
Aya: (sighs) Not really. At least I could still switch to my own.
Maxine: You seem to learn quickly. Impressive.
Aya: No need to thank me. I couldn't do it without everyone's help.
Maxine: (giggles) You sure like to fight as team. It helps when fighting against the Destroyers.
Aya: You really deal with things that creepy?
Maxine: That's not the only kind. Their monster forms can come in any shape or size and often come distorted or create such alternate worlds we were in.
Aya: Must be traumatizing.
Maxine: Not always. (looks at the nun) I deal with it all the time.
(The nun wakes up and tries to get up. Shizuko comes in and kicks the crystal out of her hand.)
Shizuko: Aya! Max!
(Aya and Max nod and run to pick up the Hope Crystal. After Aya carries the crystal into her palm, it suddenly shatters by itself at everyone's shock. The remains vanish into fading dark energy and thin air.)
Aya: (stunned) What the? The crystal...just shattered. (to Max) Does it usually do that?
Maxine: (suspicious) No, they're often perfect material. And this kind of Destroyer was easy to beat.
Aya: (to the nun) Say, where did you find it?
Nun: (scared) I-I-I don't know. Honestly, I don't know what you're talking about. Wh-Who are you? Why'd you hit me?
Shizuko: She must have been controlled, too.
Aya: That's not normal either?
Maxine: No. Real Magical girls and Destroyers always have free will. Normal crystals would never possess them.
Aya: (sighs) That's a good sign. (to Max) Could it be a fake?
Maxine: Maybe. Or it could be something else.
Aya: (turns away) Hm. Can she still be a threat?
Shizuko: No. She must have a crystal.
Maxine: Usually, if you don't have a crystal, you can't transform. And if you can't transform, you can't do anything magical.
Aya: So you should not lose your Hope Crystal. It makes sense.
(Aya stares at her sword and nods. Maxine walks away to an exit. Aya notices and she pursues with Shizuko.)
Aya: Hey, where are you going?
Maxine: My work is done here and your friends could wake up soon. I don't them to see us while we're here.
Aya: Same for us. Having them see us would be awkward
Nun: (nearby) What about me?
(The girls turn to the nun.)
Nun: (nearby) C-Can I go, too?
(They look to their classmates and back to the nun.)
Maxine: You're clean now. Just quickly leave.
(The nun nods hesitantly and quickly gets up. She limps away from the scene as the girls watch.)
Maxine: It appears that not only do have my powers, but you also had some knowledge in how to use them.
Aya: I still have to experiment a little. So I could get used to the system.
Maxine: Make sure you save your spells if you can. It's important and much quicker to cast.
Aya: Say "Save" with a name, right?
Maxine: (serious) And that's a question I have. How did you know all this?
Aya: More than just that. After that tap, I have some things to ask you. (pause) How much have you wanted to haveÖfriends?
Maxine: Hm?
(Aya flashes back to the Mental Landscape. Through Maxine's eyes, Aya see her walking through a school will many black silhouettes. Maxine turns to several figures who watch her. She turn away afterward.)
Aya: I saw everything that happened to you. For all these years, you've been working hard as a top student. But you never had the time to make any friends because of how you preoccupied you were at school and how you compared to everyone else.
(The memories switch to Maxine with a Hope Crystal. She transforms into a magical girl as the crystal changes into her staff. She lowers her weapon to see Shizuko as a magical girl. They turn around to see a set of AMF drones coming towards them. As Shizuko charges with her knives, Maxine makes a circular spell that glow brightly.)
Aya: Thatís when you got your crystal and used your abilities to help break through this wall. It's how you found Shizuko and the two of you used work together in fighting the AMF and Destroyers.
(Memories change from the flash of light to a ruined school scene with Maxine on the ground. She looks up to see a Destroyer with long stingray tails on the back, standing around corpses cut up and impaled. After a moment, Maxine charges at the Destroyer and aims her staff. The Destroyer turns around in surprise as a spell is cast making another bright glow.)
Aya: But that Destroyer, the one who killed your parents and soon-would-have-been friends, pushed you away from that path. And you continued to spend your time in isolation even from Shizuko, devoting yourself to hunting down such evil magical girls, making sure they would never harm anyone else again.
(Return to the present. Maxine hangs in surrender)
Aya: It's strange, but that's how I acquired your powers and learned how to use them. I feel sorry for you, having to go through all of this and being lonely as a result.
Maxine: Some of it was intentional. When fighting against these Destroyers or even the AMF, looking to other activities is not an option. I noticed how being alone allowed me to concentrate more. So I force myself to spend all my days of free time practicing and fighting this way.
Aya: But that's where I think you go too far. You can't just ignore your problems because you feel like you need to concentrate on something all the time. I don't want to take over. I just want to ask if you could ease on it. Does it have to be that hard on you? Even people who work very hard need a rest sometimes. Just for one day or so, try your best to look for someone, even if itís just someone like us.
Maxine: (pause) I see what you mean and you are right. Especially since you saved me back there. I can't guarantee it, but I'll keep it all in mind.
Aya: (nods) It's all I wanted to advise.
(Maxine turns away.)
Aya: I hope that we meet again!
Maxine: (looks back, smiles and nods) Farewell.
(Maxine turns back, and rushes off, jumping a few times into the distance. Aya and Shizuko, who watch Maxine, then turn their heads to each other. They then face the entrance Miki's backyard, hearing people moaning inside.)
Aya: I think we should leave, too.
Shizuko: Right.
(The two girls rush off, transforming back in the process. The students inside wake and get up slowly. Miki eventually gets up and is shocked to see everyone near her house.)
Girl 1: What happened?
Boy 1: What a weird dream I had.
Miki: (looks around, panicked) W-Whaaa? What's going on? Why are you all here? What happened to my house? And why did I just have a dream with Aya!
(Scene: City Street)
(Aya and Shizuko walk down the street.)
Shizuko: So we now just head home...
Aya: Hopefully my mother isn't so surprised for coming back way before her estimated time. That's another reason why I didn't tell her the party stuff. If something like this happened and we return earlier, we wouldn't be stuck with explaining the early return.
Shizuko: Do you believe your advice would help Maxine?
Aya: I gave her my reasoning and we all fought in the battle. She knows how useful we were when she was in danger.
Shizuko: Do you really believe friends can help?
Aya: Of course. And sometimes, it can even allow us to do the impossible.
Shizuko: Do the impossible...
(Aya and Shizuko continue walking silently down the street.)
(To be continued, Ending)
(Next Episode)
Shizuko: I can't take this anymore. She is missing the point on what it means to be a magical girl. If she keeps thinking it's all about helping people, there'll be no way she could survive. And I will be caught in it. ButÖshe has a point we're better together, and she's not alone about that ideal. Next episode.
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Been a while, so I'm showing the fifth episode.

If we were alone...

Written by Mister Drake/JameyoftheMegacosmos

Introduced Characters:

The Ustez twins- Two twin girls who are very opposite of one another. Both have magic-based energy attacks, abnormal stats in certain areas, and healing abilities. One can regenerate and revive herself when killed as long as the other girl still lives. When coupled together, they can fire a wave motion cannon to destroy larger enemies.
* Lia Ustez- The idealistic easygoing girl of the Ustez twins and owner of their Hope Crystal. Her attacks are large blades formed on her arms- they're large enough to be used as arm shields- and wide blasts, which are both made of white/blue energy. She has strong power and endurance in combat and can heal others, but has slower speed and regeneration.
* Ria Ustez- The cynical stoic girl of the Ustez twins. Her attacks are small daggers from her fingers and concentrated blasts, which are both made of black/red energy. She has quicker speed and regeneration, but less endurance.

AMF Weapons:

Sensor- A long, but flat and narrow drone for scouting. It has sensors on its underbelly to scan for signatures (magical, motion, and radar) and report the data to nearby drones and AMF personnel. Its only armament is a small machine gun stationed on the top right side.

Eyelen- A eye-shaped robot for surveillance. It has an optical camera that can switch visions (heat, naked, night, and magic), sending the data to nearby drones and AMF equipment. It has no defensive or offensive weaponry other than an internal explosive for self-destruct.

Ban Mono- A hand-like drone capable of command for both drones and nearby AMF personnel. It has a small leg on the wrist section and three big fingers. Its left and right ones wield large blades.

Ban Mana- A commanding drone similar to the Ban Mono, but with cannons on its fingers instead of blades.

Duomano- A commanding drone combining a Ban Mono and Ban Mana. The middle finger and wrists are connected together and form a quarupedal tower design.


(Previous Recap: 4)
Aya: In the magical world, the AMF are not only threats Shizuko and I have to face. When there are magical girls who are more evil than typical, it is our duty to fight them. Maxine Stapleton, a veteran magical girl who knows Shizuko, calls them "Destroyers". She does everything she can to fight these enemies ever since her family was killed, but her serious responsibilities and daily routines have affected the social life she once wished for. I reminded her of desire for friends and a social life and she said she would keep that in mind in the future. I hope so. On the other hand, for some reason, Shizuko doesn't see it that way.
(Scene: City Streets)
(Aya and Shizuko walk down together down a street.)
Shizuko: You don't understand, Aya.
Aya: Why are you so serious?
Shizuko: You treat magical girl duties like a game. You don't know their purpose. Everything you do is for survival.
Aya: I can't do this all the time!
Shizuko: You don't understand us. Maxine or me. You don't realize the true pain of a magical girl.
Aya: I do understand! Why do you say I don't?
(Shizuko transforms and puts a knife in front of Aya's head. Aya stops and looks at Shizuko in fright.)
Aya: Shizuko?
Shizuko: As a magical girl, it's about survival. Nothing but that.
(A growing set of noises are heard from a nearby alley. Aya and Shizuko look in the direction of the sounds with keen eyes. Shizuko puts her knives in such direction.)
Shizuko: AMF drones.
Aya: Let's do it!
(Aya brings out her Hope Crystal and transforms. Shizuko runs down the alleyway and Aya follows her. They stop midway and ready battle positions. They await the drones coming in their direction. Shizuko hears a noise above and looks up, seeing two Sensors. She reaches underneath her dress to draw out two knives and tosses them at the drones.)
Shizuko: Above!
(Aya looks above her to see the Sensors. One dodges the knives, but the other is struck and falls to Aya's location. Aya panics as she jumps out of the way, kneeling and turning her back. The Sensor crashes onto the ground and the scattered pieces are blocked by Aya's cloak. A Pincher and a Shuriken enter nearby from a broken window and Aya looks up to them in shock. She lowers her body more to avoid the Pincher's attack and swings her sword horizontally, cutting the landing drone. She looks up at the second Sensor, which fires its machine gun at the hastily defending and dodging Shizuko.)
Aya: Shizuko!
(Aya jumps high into the air, looking down in surprise of her height from the ground. She refocuses attention by aiming her sword at the Sensor as she starts falling. The Sensor moves backward and Aya cuts off only the barrel of the gun. Aya lands in frustration again and sees a Shuriken charging after her. Aya readies her sword, but the drone is destroyed by another knife. Aya looks at Shizuko, who shows a serious face. Shizuko looks up to the Sensor without the gun barrel hover away at high altitude.)
Shizuko: We can't let it get away.
(Shizuko throws two knives, but the Sensor avoids them as they fall back to the ground.)
Shizuko: It's too far.
Aya: Don't worry.
(Aya puts her sword forward as Shizuko watches.)
Aya: Power Shift! Max!
(Aya transforms into Maxine's outfit with her staff. After the end of the transformation, Aya aims the staff at the damaged Sensor.)
Aya: Bolt!
(A circle is formed and fires a light blue bolt, destroying the retreating Sensor. Aya lowers her staff, but Shizuko keeps her knives ready as they watch the drone fall to the ground. After a moment, Shizuko looks around and no sounds are heard. She lowers her knives and faces Aya.)
Shizuko: Power Shift?
Aya: Had to think of a name for it. Like Max does.
Shizuko: This is what Iím talking about. These battles are now bigger and harder. You waste your time playing with your powers. If you were alone...
Aya: Thas what I don't agree with. What's the point of being a magical girl if all youíre doing is protecting yourself? Is that any different from the Destroyers?
Shizuko: You are stronger, gaining other people's powers and finding new ones. You don't have use of me.
Aya: I have use for you! Just not in combat. Being a magical girl isn't just about fighting, isn't it?
(Shizuko remains silent. Aya faces her with a frustrated face.)
(Scene: Aya's Room, nighttime)
(Aya rests in her bed, looking at her crystal. She turns her head to the other side of the room.)
Aya: (thinking) I know what she says has some truth...I know I'm not alone. If only I could find someway to show her what's wrong with her logic.
(Scene: Aya's Apartment, pre-morning)
(Aya sleeps silently for a while. She hears a landing noise and immediately wakes up. She turns to her door and quickly gets up. She opens her door and quietly enters the living room.)
Aya: (quietly) Shizuko, is that you? Shizuko?
(Aya sees the living room couch empty. She sees the window on her left open and walks to it. She looks downward outside the window, seeing footprints at the bottom. Aya gets flashbacks of Shizuko exiting out a window while at Finch's and looking down at similar footprints. She returns to the current time and turns away in denial. She looks down, covering her face and shaking her head. Aya quickly yet quietly rushes to the apartment door.)
(Scene: Outside Aya's)
(Aya exits the complex and looks around outside.)
Aya: (thinking) Shizuko, you can't just leave me like this. Not now!
(Aya turns left and runs off into the streets.)
Aya: (thinking) Whatever you want, I want to know. It doesn't have to end this way.
(Shizuko's Scene: City Streets)
(Shizuko runs down the street sidewalks and goes into an alley. She stops and turns around to look behind her. She hangs her head with her eyes closed. Shizuko runs again down the alleyway.)
(Aya's Scene: City Streets)
(Aya runs through a street. She turns right, continues forward, and turns left at another intersection. She immediately collides into Ashley and the two fall to the ground. The two recover and notice each other.)
Aya: Ashley?
Ashley: Well, if it isn't the little bitch that got me in trouble. Why don't you watch where you're going?
Aya: You ran into me. And I didn't see you.
Ashley: Whatever. My family already took care of it. And what are you doing out so early in the morning?
Aya: (shakes) No. I-It's nothing.
(Aya quickly walks backward and runs off, turning left at the intersection. Ashley watches her dash away.)
Ashley: (quietly mimicking) Tt...Nothing. (shouting) Get out of your little PJs, would ya!
(Aya continues to run in the street sidewalks. She breaks left at another intersection and runs past an alley on the left. She steps back to look into the alley. She finds a girl crouched against a wall and cloaked in the shadows.)
Aya: (curious) Shizuko?
(Aya reaches into her side pocket as she starts walking.)
(Shizuko's Scene: Abandoned Warehouse)
(Shizuko runs inside an abandoned warehouse and slows down to walk. She stops and turns around slowly at the entrance behind. She pauses, looks back forward, and hangs. She shakes her head again and looks back up. A large metallic noise alerts her. She looks back again with a short gasp to see the large entrance door closed. The other entrance door on the opposite side also closes, rendering most of the building dark. Shizuko looks around in the darkness. She hears many robotic noises surrounding her. As the noises get closer, Shizuko reaches for her crystal and prepares to transform.)
(Aya's Scene: Alley)
(Aya walks into the alley, approaching the dark figure.)
Aya: Is it you, Shizuko? I think we should talk.
(Aya continues to walk towards the figure. It turns to Aya and stands up. It turns away and runs quickly.)
Aya: Wait! Stop!
(Aya runs as the figure turns right. She hears feint robotic sounds and slows down. She turns around as she hears the sound growing and increasing in number.)
Aya: AMF drones?
(Aya looks up to several Sensors and Eyelens hovering above her in alley. A number of Pinchers and Shurikens come through broken windows. A Pincher and two Shurikens enter very close to Aya, forcing her to jump back hesitantly. She sees the drones approaching her and reaches into her pocket for her Hope Crystal.)
(Shizuko's Scene)
(Shizuko is stricken to the ground. She looks around, seeing the scene mostly pitch black. She hears sounds of a drone behind and gets up quickly. She takes out a knife and throws it in the direction of the sound. She is attacked by the right arm and falls to the ground again. She turns to the left side and finds the lines and light of a Shuriken as it makes a turn back to her. She quickly grabs a knife with the floor and tosses it at the drone. Shizuko sees electrical sparks and pieces of the Shuriken fall from mid-air. Several shots are fired and Shizuko turns to the other side to see them land close to her. She quickly rolls away and picks up many knives from the ground. The gunfire bombardment advances on Shizuko. She gets up halfway and somersaults to the side, barely avoiding the gunfire. She stands upright and finds lines of the drones. She throws a left hand of knives, seeing several shot down and another making sparks. She throws her right hand of knives and crouches down, but all of them miss. She grabs smaller sets of knives under her skirt and throws them at the apparent line edges of the drones. Several are hit and a few collapse. Shizuko rolls to the side and grabs another set of knives. She throws them again, seeing a drone hit, but an Eyelen appears from the few visible areas of light and approaches to her left. Shizuko turns to it in shock as it aims for her. She jumps to the left, but the Eyelen explodes. Shizuko is hit by several shards of metal and pushed down to the ground, landing on her back. She looks around the room, now more lit by the flames of the resulting explosion, and finds the whole area swarming with drones. She sees a Pincher and a Shuriken moving towards her and quickly makes a knife with her right hand. She throws the knife to destroy the Shuriken, but the Pincher still advances. The drone approaches Shizuko and she makes another knife. She stabs the drone, but the Pincher crosses its scythes, cutting her barely by the wrist. She drops her arm and lets out a painful moan.)
(Aya's Scene)
(Aya fights with a nearby Shuriken and destroys it with her sword. A Picher comes from a window on her left to attack, but Aya dodges hesitantly and slices it. A Shuriken comes to her right and hits Aya's gauntlet. Aya swings her sword to attack, but the drone dodges. It fires a few rounds at her, but she evades and blocks the shots with her gauntlets. She runs up to the drone as it tries to hover upward. She jumps very high, slices the drone vertically, and lands on the ground to take a deep breath. Aya hears a large explosion at a nearby alley intersection and turns around quickly. She rapidly looks at the intersection and the alley with incoming drones. She dashes down towards the intersection and turns right. She sees some debris from the explosion and looks down to see exploded flesh remains.)
Aya: (horrified) Oh no...
(Aya hears several drones behind her. She turns right and sees a Shuriken arriving very close to her. She hastily destroys the drone, but turns left to a Pincher jumping towards her. Aya quickly bends, but falls backward as the drone misses. The drone lands and continues to advance towards Aya. She slams her sword, but the Pincher dodges her attack. Several more Shurikens and Pinchers arrive in the alleyway and Aya starts suffocating. A large flash suddenly glows brightly in black and red, forcing Aya to cover her eyes and all the drones to stop. The glow dims down and Aya uncovers her eyes to see flesh remains turning glowing black with red auras.)
Aya: Huh?
(The blob of flesh grows quickly and into black humanoid figure. It finishes by shaping itself into Ria Ustez in her gothic magical girl outfit. The drones turn around to face her and Aya looks in shock.)
Aya: (thinking) What the? How did she-
(A few Shurikens drones turn around and charge at Ria. She stands still until they approach her and raises her right hand to the side. A dagger-shaped blade of black and red energy forms on her index finger. As the drones attempt to attack her, Ria rapidly destroys them one at a time with her bladed finger. Two Pinchers come near her feet. Ria creates another energy dagger on her left index finger and stabs both drones on the ground. She stands up again as Aya witnesses.)
Aya: (thinking, horrified) She transformed...from a pile of flesh?
(Ria gets shot repeatedly by two airborne Sensors. Her body falls to the ground riddled with bullet wounds at Aya's horror. Moments later, the wounds start enclosing. Ria rises up and looks at the drones. Aya remains surprised and horrified as she watches Ria stand again.)
Aya: (thinking) Who is this girl?
(Shizuko's Scene)
(Shizuko struggles to move her right hand as another Shuriken advances towards. She grabs the nearby knife and raises it to defend against the Shuriken's blades. She makes another knife with her left hand and throws it at the drone. She rests her hands and breathes heavier.)
Shizuko: (thinking) There's just too many...
(Shizuko turns her head to head more drones approaching Shizuko.)
Shizuko: (thinking) Aya...I...
(A closed door smashes apart and scatters debris. Shizuko is blinded by the unexpected flash of light from the doorway and looks away. She slowly looks back to see wreckage from the door, a few drones destroyed or damaged, and a bright human silhouette appearing behind.)
Shizuko: (stunned) Aya?
(The bright figure fades itself into Lia Ustez. She stops for moment and creates a large white energy blade on her arm with lining blue auras. The remaining drones redirect their attention to Lia and attempt to fire, but she quickly charges with a bright blue blade on her right arm to cover her face. Lia slices a Pincher and turns to two nearby Shurikens. She extends her blade and destroys the drones. Two Sensors rapidly fire from a high altitude. Lia looks at the drones and defends with her blade. She looks down at several Pinchers advancing on her. She switches between watching the two of drones and raises her left arm. White energy manifests and charges within the hand. Lia fires a large wave of energy at the Pinchers. Some of them attempt to jump over the wave, but all are sliced through and destroyed. Lia widens her energy blade and blocks more fire from the Sensors. Shizuko watches Ria as she jumps to cut the Sensors, a few Shurikens, and an Eyelen that explodes upon contact with the sword. Lia turns to a beeping Eyelen charging towards her. She extends her blade and jousts it onto the final drone. The Eyelen explodes, pushes her backward with the shock, a spits out many metal shards. Lia lands near Shizuko, but stands up after a few moments. Lia turns to the stunned Shizuko and walks towards her. She kneels down to Shizuko.)
Lia: Are you alright?
(Shizuko looks at Lia in surprise and confusion.)
(Aya's Scene)
(A Sensor explodes in the air. Ria, with her hand up, aims at another Sensor. A quick bolt of black energy charges from her hands and fires to destroy the drone. She aims down to fire at a charging Shuriken and turns around to destroy a Pincher. A beeping Eyelen approaches Ria to the side. She turns to cut the drone, which blows her up in an explosion. Aya covers her eyes from the blast and uncovers them to see the flesh remains regenerate back into Ria. Aya gets up with both amaze and shock.)
Aya: Pardon me, but thanks for the help.
(Ria looks at Aya for a while and back into her direction, hanging her head.)
Aya: Are you a magical girl, too? How are you able to do that? Shouldn't you have a crystal or something?
(Ria is silent. She turns further away from Aya. Aya walks over and stops close her.)
Aya: Something must be up with you. Is anything wrong?
(Ria still remains silent.)
Aya: Please, I'd like to talk.
Ria: (aggressive) That's not necessary.
(Ria walks away quickly. Aya is hurt by the comment, but pursues her slowly.)
Aya: Hold up!
(Aya trails behind Ria, continuing to see a wall surrounding her. Jousts her sword to tap onto the wall. Ria notices the sparks created and turns her head back. Aya sees the scene warp.)
(Aya's Scene: Mind Landscape)
(The scene changes into the landscape with Aya in the center. She looks around and starts walking.)
(Shizuko's Scene)
(Lia grabs Shizuko with one hand and hovers over a wound with another. A white glow comes from Lia's hand and Shizuko watches all her wounds heal. Shizuko looks at her fully healed hands.)
Shizuko: My hands. They're better.
Lia: Glad that I came in, aren't you?
Shizuko: I'm fine.
(The girls stand up and face each other.)
Lia: (grins) There were too many and it was too dark. I had to step in.
Shizuko: Thank you.
Lia: I see you're a magical girl.
(Shizuko nods)
Lia: (nods, raises her right hand) My name is Lia. Lia Ustez.
Shizuko: (looks at Lia's hand, pause) Shizuko.
(Shizuko raises her right. Lia gives a smiling nod and the two shake hands.)
Lia: Pleased to meet you, Shizuko.
Shizuko: You are the reason why there are so many drones.
Lia: Why are you here?
Shizuko: It's nothing.
Lia: (pause) Hm. Whatever it was, itís attracted the AMF.
Shizuko: What are you here for?
Lia: I saw the doors close and you were in trouble. So I came to help.
(Shizuko nods. She turns around and begins to walk away.)
Lia: Actually, there is one thing you could help me with.
(Shizuko stops and turns back to Lia.)
Lia: I'm looking...for a twinsis of mine.
Shizuko: Twinsis?
(Aya's Scene)
(Aya continues to walk along, looking around the mental world. Light shines on Aya's left side and she turns her head. She looks up to memories through Ria's eyes as a baby. She appears in a hospital, turning to her baby twin.)
Lia: My sister is Ria Ustez. We were are twins.
(Memories switch to a young Lia's eyes, being yelled at by Ria in their room. Lia shows no movement, but Ria shows violent body movement on her and turns away. Lia walks to Ria's face, but is turned away furiously.)
Lia: But we have different ways of life and often fought. Whatever I agreed with, sheíd disagree. Whatever I liked, she didn't like. Whenever I remained calm, she would go berserk.
(Lia turns to her parents entering the room. Lia walks over to them and attempts to hug them both. She turns her head to Ria, who walks on the bed and lies down with her face covered in pillows.)
Lia: Whenever I followed someone, she'd pick her own path. Wanting to rely on no one but herself and choosing that freely.
(Vision switches to an older Lia alone on the side of her bed. Some tears are shown to come from her eyes.)
Lia: I was heartbroken by how different we are. Despite our arguing and differences, I wanted us to get along. And then...
Shizuko: The Hope Crystal?
Lia: Yes.
(A large flash appears to the right of Lia. She turns to a light coming from a closet and fading. Lia stays puts for a moment and moves her body to the side. She gets off the bed and walks over to the closet. She opens the door and searches. The Hope Crystal below her glows and attracts her attention. She picks it up and observes it in her hand as it continues to glow.)
Lia: It just appeared suddenly in my closet. I knew it was magical due to how it glowed, but I didn't know how it worked. So I kept it with me.
(Memories switch to Ria in a car's back seat. She watches Lia in the back seat holding the Hope Crystal in her lap. She turns away, looking through a window reflecting her annoyed face.)
Lia: It was when we were altogether in our car. Only then, did I find out.
(A large flash appears on her right. As she and their mother turn to, Lia's body fades bright white. Everyone around is blinded by the light and the car swivels. Ria looks at the shaking ground and jerks forward, hitting the back of the seat and blacking out. The vision switches to Lia barely walking around, seeing a nearby trashed and flipped car and another remaining on the road that's smashed on its front left. She sees Ria impaled dead on a metal rod through the heart. Lia freezes for a moment. She kneels down and covers her sobbing face.)
Lia: I was the only survivor. The parents I twinsis...dead. That was when I really broke down.
(Lia stops crying and opens her surprised eyes. She observes her magical girl outfit. She looks up quickly to Ria, who also transformed. She wakes up from the impalement and budges to see Lia and looks horrified at her impaled body.)
Lia: But then, as I saw my outfit had changed. And so did my sister's.
(Memories switch to Lia looking at Ria kneeling down on the ground and crying. Lia crouches to look at her sister, but is punched in the side of her face. Lia falls with her face shoved on the ground. She slowly pushes herself back up and turns to Ria running away. Lia tries to pursue, but slows down after watching her fade quickly. She stops when Ria is completely out of her sight.)
Lia: Maybe by the fact we're twins? But transforming into a magical girl...also affected my sister. And just by that, she eventually revived. Unfortunately unlike me where I was surprised, she was terrified by this and angry at me despite it being an accident. She would never forgive me, nor wanted to even see me. She abandoned me just like that.
(Lia looks down kneels on the ground.)
Lia: And that's when my search began.
(Shizuko's Scene)
(Lia and Shizuko are on a set of empty crates.)
Lia: I kept the crystal with me, believing my powers would help me. And despite learning her powers, she keeps seeing as a curse. For years, I've been trying to search for her. I want her to understand that I never wanted to hurt anybody. Nor do I want us to stay separated. But every time I meet her, we encounter the AMF and she leaves me afterward without saying anything, even when we had to fought together. If...If only she could understand I love her...and I mean no harm...
Shizuko: You can't be reckless.
Lia: Hm?
Shizuko: You need to take responsibility. It's still your fault.
Lia: (hurt) I didn't know what was going to happen!
Shizuko: You did so without thinking. The blame is on you.
Lia: I donít see it that way! Just because I did it doesn't mean I should be separated from my sister!
Shizuko: You don't feel the guilt or pain that she feels.
Lia: Why do you sound like you don't care?
Shizuko: I care, since I am the same.
Lia: Then why are you purposely taking the other side?
Shizuko: (pause, sigh) I had a friend, who was also a magical girl. She thinks a lot like you...
(Aya's Scene)
(Aya looks down in both pity and anger. She slowly raises her head to see Shizuko in the warehouse in the mental landscape. She freezes in surprise and is shocked by voices coming from the vision.)
Lia: (voice) She sounds like a very good friend, Shizuko. Why are you so against her?
Shizuko: (voice) Aya believed our powers and friendship would accomplish something. She is too nice and naive.
Lia: (voice) Trying to provide shelter for you. Supporting you in battles against the AMF. Even getting you into a school. Nothing is wrong with that.
Shizuko: (voice) She knew what she wanted to do, she said. But she still doesn't know what she's dealing with. It wasn't enough. I had to leave her.
(Aya looks down for a moment, feeling hurt about the comment.)
Lia: (pause) (voice) I disagree with you. Just like how my twinsis treats me.
(Aya looks up again.)
Shizuko: (voice) Hm?
Lia: (voice) Now that you told me about what she wanted to do. Trying to give you help and a better life than what you have.
Shizuko: I'm an orphan. I can't stay with someone who isn't.
Lia: (voice) Maybe she's not doing it just to be nice.
Shizuko: (voice) It's not that easy.
Lia: (voice) No, Shizuko. It is easy. You said that she knew what she wants to do, right? After everything you've been through, maybe she's doing it because she pities you. To tell you you're not alone and help you escape your lonely life. should put more trust in her, let go of your fear and suspicion of her.
(Shizuko, on the projecting landscape, looks down and feels guilt. Aya also hangs with guilt and closes her eyes. Small black and white auras manifest and surround Aya. They eventually absorb into Aya's body, making her to clinch a moment. She looks up with a slightly tougher face and strongly faces forward. She watches the landscape warp itself.)
(Aya's Scene: Alley)
(The scene warps back into reality, where she sees Ria turning to her with a glare. Aya freezes for a moment and lowers her weapon.)
Ria: What was that?
Aya: I...think we should talk.
Ria: (snapping) I refuse!
(Ria runs away quickly.)
Aya: Wait! Stop!
(Aya runs to pursue Ria down the streets. A pile of trash is broken up slowly to reveal a Ban Mono watching the girls. As they disappear from its sight, the drone slowly starts to follow their trail.)


(Shizuko sits quietly, facing away from Lia. A robotic sound wakes her and she slowly gets off the crates.)
Lia: What are doing?
Shizuko: Quiet.
(Shizuko walks slowly forward and looks around. She turns left and gets out two knives.)
Lia: What is it?
Shizuko: AMF drones.
(The left door blasts apart and the girls cover their eyes. A Ban Mana enters the room, crawling over the rubble and towards the girls. The girls uncover their eyes to see the drone.)
Lia: They're really after us now.
(The Ban Mana slows and stops as many drones enter behind it. Lia looks around to find more drones coming from the high windows. She gets off from the crates. Shizuko also looks around, but is shocked when she sees Lia behind her, who summons a blade and aims her hand at the drones.)
Lia: We don't have any other choice. We'll have to work together.
Shizuko: (nods) Yes.
(Aya's Scene)
(Aya pursues after Ria down the alleys. Ria takes a right and another left to break away. Aya remains behind her, but loses dramatically in speed.)
Aya: (thinking frustrated) She's fast. No wonder she's able to quickly outpace her sister.
(Aya looks down at her outfit.)
Aya: (thinking) If I could switch to something faster.
(Aya raises her sword. Aya's outfit transforms into Shizuko's. She looks down again and notices a rapid increase in speed. She looks back up in confidence, seeing Ria getting closer.)
Aya: (thinking) Looks like I can catch up to her now.
(Aya continues to pursue Ria through the streets. Ria turns back and is shocked by Aya changing outfits and catching up.)
(Shizuko's Scene)
(Shizuko dodges fire from Shurikens and Sensors. Lia continues to block them with a blade and aims her arm to fire a blast wave. The drones avoid the wave and continue firing. Shizuko avoids the gunfire and throws several knives, destroying or damaging a few of them. She destroys a charging Shuriken closing in on her right and turns left to several other drones. Lia comes to block the eventual fire with a blade and fires a wave that destroys a number of drones and slightly pushes the Ban Mana. Shizuko jumps over to throw two fists full of knives, destroying a few flying drones and Pinchers. Several knives hit and damage the Ban Mana, but it raises its right finger to deflect a few a fire a cannon. Shizuko jumps away and is pushed to the ground when the cannon round impacts near her. She lands on her back and Shuriken fires near her. She throws a knife to destroy the drone and gets up, breathing heavier while looking at the Ban Mana.)
Shizuko: Iíve never seen this drone before.
(Lia blocks a few more shots. After the firing stops, she charges at the Ban Mana with a large blade. The drone blocks her attack with its left finger, then fires close to Ria, sending her flying back to Shizuko. Lia slowly gets up as the girls watch the Ban Mana advance.)
Lia: It's no good! It's too strong!
Shizuko: Do you have something to fight it?
Lia: I do have something.
(Lia gets flashbacks of a past battle. She sees herself together with Ria, surrounded by a horde of AMF drones. Back-to-back, they jump to avoid a set of charging drones. They touch each other, but stop in midair and spin at their shock. Lia looks at her feet to see black and white energy with red and blue respective auras manifesting. The energy surrounds the girls and grows brightly. A large beam fires in their aligned direction. Moments later, the girls drop dizzy and flat on the ground. Lia slowly looks up to impact of the cannon leaving a large crater and many destroyed drones.)
(Back to scene)
Lia: If I only had my twinsis here!
(Lia raises a blade to block an attacking Pincher and slices it vertically. She raises another blade again to block more shots. Shizuko remains behind her back as she throws more knives at incoming drones.)
(Aya's Scene)
(Ria leans forward in attempt to run quicker. She makes several turns through the alleys and streets, but Aya remains on her tail. Aya eventually meets her neck-and-neck. She raises her right hand out and stops, ramming Ria in the gut. Ria falls to the ground and Aya stands near her. Ria stands up well again after a moment.)
Ria: How are you--
Aya: Please stop this! We need to talk!
Ria: (agitated) I don't need you. Now get away!
(Ria runs away again and leans further, increasing her speed. Aya pursues, but makes much slower gains on her. The two run closer to the nearby warehouse.)
(Shizuko's Scene)
(Lia is pushed back again by the Ban Mana's fingers, falling to the ground. Shizuko throws several more knives to destroy several Shurikens and Sensors, then jumps to avoid a cannon from the large drone. She lands and throws several more knives at the Ban Mana. The drone swings its fingers upward to deflect the knives and launches itself into the air. Shizuko jumps to the side to avoid the landing. She lands near Lia, having an arm blade, and stands up to her side.)
Lia: Nothing seems to work.
Shizuko: My knives damaged it pretty good. (looks around) There isn't much here that we can use.
(An Eyelen comes near the girls. Shizuko jumps back and throws a knife at the drone. Lia raises her blade over her face to protect herself against the shards and force from the following explosion. She lowers her blade to see the wreckage from the blast.)
Shizuko: How about those things?
(Lia looks around, but sees only one remaining Eyelen.)
Lia: There's only one left!
Shizuko: It's our only chance.
(Shizuko grabs a few knives and throws them at several smaller drones. A Sensor and a couple Shurikens evade some of the knives. Lia cuts through two Pinchers in consecutive slashes and destroys two attacking ones consecutively. Shizuko throws more knives and destroys the last flying drone aside from the Eyelen, which attempted to fly in the way. The Eyelen focuses itself on Lia and charges towards her. Lia looks to the charging drone and the advancing Ban Mana. She runs toward the large drone as the Eyelen pursues. As she approaches the Ban Mana, Lia turns to Shizuko picking up another knife.)
Lia: Shizuko! Now!
(Shizuko aims her knife at the Eyelen. As the Ban Mana raises its fingers, Lia steps to the side to avoid the attack. She raises her arm's blade in front. Shizuko throws her knife at the Eyelen as it approaches the Ban Mana. The Eyelen is it and self-destructs near the larger drone. The Ban Mana is blown apart, losing most of its middle finger and crashing into a set of metal containers, lying palm-up on the ground. Lia and Shizuko walk up to it.)
Lia: Looks like we stopped it.
Shizuko: For now.
Lia: Even I couldn't do something like that alone. I mostly focus on force.
Shizuko: Thanks for the help.
Lia: That's what working as a group is about.
Shizuko: Hm.
Lia: Maybe that's another reason why Aya wants you. You're both magical girls, right? And I was lucky to come save you. Why are you out running away if working with others has guaranteed your survival?
(Shizuko remains silent. Lia watches Shizuko hang and looking up to her with guilt.)
Aya: (feint voice) Ria!
(Shizuko and Lia turn their heads to the direction of the voice in shock and surprise.)
Shizuko: That voice...
Lia: That's...
(Scene: Warehouse)
(Aya chases Ria down an alleyway to the warehouse. She becomes inches away from Ria, who keeps trying to run faster. Ria looks angrily at her pursuer. She turns around to see the destroyed warehouse door. She enters, but stops upon seeing Lia and Shizuko. Aya jumps a little and tackles Ria. Both of them tumble on the ground separately and stop close to the other girls. Shizuko walks up to Aya with tears and a smile. The facing down Aya looks up to her and does the same.)
Shizuko: Aya...
Aya: Shizuko!
Ria: Twinsis!
(Aya and Shizuko rise up other and give hugs and tears. Lia and Ria meet face-to-face. Lia shows a guilty face, but Ria glares at her. Aya and Shizuko turn to the twins staring at each other. Shizuko watches Aya break away and walk towards the twins. Lia notices Aya's approach and turns to her. Ria also gets up from the ground.)
Lia: Are you...Aya?
Aya: You must be Lia.
Lia: How did you know? My twinsis couldn't tell you.
Ria: (annoyed, to Lia) Enough calling me "Twinsis"! I no longer am! Remember?
Shizuko: It's her power.
Aya: I tapped into her mind to find out. I know everything. About you, your twin sister, and all your internal conflicts.
Ria: (turns around) And so, you finally know...
(Aya turns her head towards Ria, who remains having a glaring face at the girls. Aya merely stares at her with a serious face. Shizuko and Lia also look worried at Ria. Another Ban Mana drone enters from a line of containers, appearing behind Lia and raising its right finger. Aya and Shizuko, hearing the mechanical sounds, turn to the drone.)
Aya: Look out!
(Lia turns around to the Ban Mana as it fires its cannon at her. Lia is hit in the right arm and the blast of the shot pushes everyone back onto the ground. Ria is sent flying and lands a long distance from Lia. Aya and Shizuko land a distance away on the opposite side, but remain beside each other. They stand up with little hindrance or injury. They see Ria trying to stand up while still having unhealed wounds, who notices as her body starts clinching in pain. Lia also reveals to be covering a large wound where the shell impacted. Aya walks towards the twins.)
Aya: Ria! Lia!
Lia: They had a second one here?
Shizuko: Aya!
(Aya turns upon seeing the Ban Mana in the air and aiming for her. Aya jumps to the right as the drone crashes onto the ground, but it also shakes Lia. Lia hits herself hard in the head, which she covers moments later. Ria's body begins to clinch more in pain as she sees the wounds recovering even slower and auras fading from her. Aya picks up a few knives with the ground and is accompanied by Shizuko. The Ban Mana advances towards the duo and raises its fingers to attack the girls. She raises her head up to Lia, who is still slowly recovering from her wounds. She continues to stare as she gets up from the ground.)
Ria: So, this is what it was all along. That's why I'm still here.
(Ria slowly takes a few steps towards Lia, who turns to her confused.)
Lia: Twinsis?
Ria: Ever since I felt this kind of power, I felt like a monster. Living in life and death. Being seen as a freak to others and wanting to die. But I can't, I donít have the power to kill myself...
Lia: What are you doing?
Ria: But now that you're hurt, your energy is now fading. Disappearing. Allowing me to feel...mortal again. (faces Lia) Which means you must be the reason why I still live. Why I always die and come back, only to die again.
(Aya turns to Ria facing Lia. She becomes shocked as she also sees the Ban Mana landing close to Ria.)
Lia: Twinsis, don't do this!
Ria: Which means to end this, I should finish you off.
(Ria slowly raises her hand. Aya quickly runs.)
Aya: Ria! No!
(Ria aims at the wounded Lia, who looks terrified and confused at her. Shizuko turns to Aya running towards Ria's line of direction.)
Shizuko: Aya!
(Ria fires an energy bolt, but Aya gets in the way and throws a knife. The knife shatters as it blocks the attack.)
Ria: (shocked) What?
(The Ban Mana raises a finger and fires. The shot blasts Ria into black flesh scattered in many directions. Aya's outfit changes into Maxine's. The Ban Mana raises its other finger, but Aya aims her staff.)
Aya: Semidome!
(A large square shape is drawn, touching the ground and glowing. A thick-lined semicircle of light blue light is made on the floor. The ground rises itself and forms into a halved spherical dome. The Ban Mana raises its opposite finger and fires another shot. The dome shield shatters, but Aya and Lia are protected by the blast. As the dust clears, Aya points her staff again.)
Aya: Mana Driver!
(A triangular shape is drawn and a ball of light blue energy generates from it. The ball fires quickly as a large shell and hits the Ban Mana, flipping it backward. The drone crashes onto a wall and make a rough landing. Aya, Shizuko, and Lia see the drone disabled. They turn to the remains of Ria, which quickly grow into a kneeling black figure. The figure stops regenerating when it reforms itself back into the shape of Ria as a magical girl. Ria looks down at herself. Aya walks up to her with her spear to the side.)
Aya: Are you out of it yet?
(Ria slowly looks up to Aya.)
Aya: Ria, you need to stop this now. Just look at yourself and at your sister. You were hurt every time she deliberately tried to help and failed. But you refused to take any apologies from her. You merely saw her as a parasite and incompetently focused on yourself. You're better than this and you know it.
Lia: Parasite?
Shizuko: Aya...
Aya: You have stop running away senselessly. Instead of protecting yourself, you're just making it harder on yourself and your own sister. You have to start learning to put trust in others. It's risky and scary, I know, but that's what you have to do if you're going to escape from this. And it's what your sister really wants.
(Ria merely stares at Aya and turns slowly to Lia, who shows a worried face. The twins look down in guilt and Aya follows with them. A sudden mechanical noise wakes the girls. Shizuko turns back to the Ban Mana rise again.)
Shizuko: Aya! Lia!
(Another large trembling noise is heard as a Ban Mono busts more through the left entrance. The two large drones walk up to each other and turn back to back. They jump high and backward, connecting to each other in mid-air. They integrate to form a Duomano before landing on the ground. Aya puts her staff in front, facing the combining drone. Lia also gets up after seeing her wounds heal.)
Aya: And besides, you have common enemies you need to worry about other than yourselves.
(Ria turns to the girls prepare for battle. They all find many smaller drones coming out of the entrances. Several fire on the girls, but Aya and Shizuko evade. Ria and Lia disperse to avoid the fire. Ria dodges quickly and Lia cuts through several Shurikens and Pinchers. She blocks machinegun fire from a Sensor, which is destroyed by Shizuko's knife and Ria's bolt. Lia turns to her twin sister watching the other girls fight. The Duomano raises one of its gun legs, but Aya raises her staff.
Aya: Semidome!
(The spell is cast to raise another shield made of the ground. A Shuriken flies above the shield and a Pincher walks to the top of it. Aya backs away and destroys the Shuriken with her staff. The Duomano's gun blows up the shield, scattering debris and flipping the Pincher on top. Aya steps to the side and aims her staff.)
Aya: Bolt!
(A bolt is shot at one of three charging Shurikens. Shizuko throws knives at the other two Shurikens and blocks an attacking Pincher. Ria quickly dodges another shot from the Duomano and other gunfire as she slowly fires accurate bolts at the drones. She cuts through an obstructive Shuriken with a knife from her fingers, but trips over a Pincher and falls to the ground. Ria flips her body to the Pincher advancing towards her. She raises her arm, but Lia arrives to stab the Pincher with a blade. Ria is partly aggravated by Lia's arrival, but her sister turns to give her a hand. Ria tries to get up personally, but uses her sister's hand as support. The girls merely stare at each other. Lia looks to a swarm of drones behind Ria. She moves around her sister and fires a wave to destroy many of the drones. She summons an energy blade to cut through a jumping Pincher, but gets shot a few times by two Shurikens on her right. Lia hastily slices the drones and sees a charging Eyelen on her right. Looking further left, she rotates her sword and swings it at the drone. The Eyelen is shot near the remaining drones and the other girls. The resulting explosion upon impact destroys the remaining smaller drones and shakes everything. The Duomano is also knocked down, trying to recover with damaged legs. Aya notices its state and rushes towards it. Lia looks back to Ria. Aya runs toward the Duomano. The drone attacks with one of its bladed legs, but Aya dodges and moves to the damaged gun leg. She turns her staff upside-down and touches the ground with it.)
Aya: Terrestrial Cage!
(A circle is drawn on the ground large enough to surround Aya and the Duomano. Aya quickly runs and jumps quickly as the ground shapes itself around the robot. Everyone watches the spell form a net-like structure around the drone as it completes. The Duomano struggles to break free.)
Aya: Ria! Lia! Now while it's trapped! Use your cannon ability!
(Lia and Ria look at Aya, then at the drone again. Lia grabs on Ria, who looks hesitantly at her.)
Ria: What are you doing?
Lia: I think she's talking about the thing we did before. And I'll need your help this time.
(The Duomano continues struggling to break out, attracting the Ustezs' attention. They turn to Aya and Shizuko, who are desperately watching them. They look back at each other.)
Lia: For this, are you ready?
(Ria gives a slight nod. The two couple hands together as they still face each other. They jump into the air and aim their feet at the drone, which starts to break off sections of the dome.)
Lia: Together, twinsis! Again for once!
Ria: Yes.
(The twins stop in midair and spin rapidly. Aya and Shizuko look up at the twins as black and white energy with red and blue respective auras manifest and mix together, growing into a large bright sphere. Watching the trapped drone continuing to break free, Aya shields herself with her cloak and Shizuko quickly hides behind a set of trash cans. The energy stops growing after a while, surrounds the girls cylindrically, and glows brightly.)
(A large beam of energy is fired from the twins at Duomano, which nearly breaks free. The beam strikes the drone and creates a large blast in the area. Many metallic shards are shot in multiple directions, but are blocked harmlessly. When the debris clears and the light from the beam dims, Aya and Shizuko uncover themselves to the scene. The beam of energy slowly vanishes, revealing a shallow crater with charred remains of the Duomano and it's caging dome.)
Ria: (confused) Dual Shot?
Lia: Had to think of a name.
(Shizuko walks over to the wrecked dome. She crouches down and looks at the wreckage for a moment, seeing the remains of the destroyed drone. She sighs, stands up, and walks backward in relief.)
Shizuko: The robot is destroyed. It's over.
Lia: We won.
(Aya nods and looks at Shizuko. She walks over to her friend, who turns to her with a sorry face.)
Shizuko: (confused) Aya...
Aya: Shizuko, I just want to talk--
Shizuko: It's my fault I ran. I'm sorry, Aya.
Aya: (pause, smiles) I forgive you. And that was exactly what I was trying to tell you.
(Shizuko hangs and sighs in relief.)
Aya: But.. I would also like to say something. Generally speaking...
(Aya turns her head to the Ustez twins. Ria stares at her.)
Aya: Ria...I think your sister wants to talk to you.
Ria: I already know.
(The twins turn to each other as Lia hangs for a moment. She takes a deep breath and looks up in guilt.)
Lia: Ria. Twinsis. I'm sorry for everything that I put you through. I just want you to come home again. Not only have I been isolating myself from you but from everyone who could have helped me. And I donít want to do that anymore.
Ria: Well now you know...
Lia: Do you still reject me, twinsis?
Ria: (pause) No, but just for now.
(The two give slow nods to each other. Lia turns away, but faces Aya.)
Lia: Shizuko. (to Aya) and...(stalls)
Aya: It's Aya. Aya Masa.
Lia: (nods, grins) Pleased to meet you, Ms. Masa. And thanks.
(Aya nods. She and Lia shake hands as they grin and giggle.)
Aya: I hope we will meet again.
(Ria merely stares, but Lia gives a nod. Ria turns and walks away.)
Ria: Let's go. (rushes) Quickly...
Lia: Hey! Wait up, twinsis! No rush!
(Lia runs to Ria as Aya and Shizuko watch the twins, who leave through large hole in the wall.)
Aya: I hope that their relationship does improve one day.
(Shizuko nods. Aya quickly looks up at the day breaking sky, then back to Shizuko.)
Aya: I think it's time we should return home, too. We've stayed out for too long.
Shizuko: That's another reason why I ran.
Aya: Shizuko?
Shizuko: Because of you, your place wasn't safe. And neither were you.
Aya: But we are magical girls, aren't we? Of course, we can't always just go freely, but that doesn't mean we should live completely secret lives. We at least need to keep our guard up and work together to fight these enemies. And we always need a break. As long as we're prepared, cautious, and cooperative, we should be able to do anything with ease.
(Shizuko shows a surprised face. She gives a laugh.)
Aya: (confused) Shizuko?
Shizuko: That is what Lia said.
Aya: (grins, giggles) Something I would expect. But isn't that right? Isn't it something you would follow?
(The girls pause. Shizuko hangs in surrender.)
Shizuko: Yes.
Aya: (pause, sighs in relief, turns away) Come, let's go home.
(Aya and Shizuko walk together through an alley.)
(To be continued, Ending)
(Next Episode)
Shizuko: I guess Aya is not the only one who has the idea of using powers for perks. And she is becoming more cautious than before as I rely on her. And balancing between her work as a student and a magical girl. But even then, using her powers will get her in trouble one day. Whether itís from police, friends and family, or neighborhood girls. I hope the consequences donít come too soon. Next Episode.
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Alright everyone! Behold the main cover of Part I for ULJA! Featuring Aya Masa!

This will eventually be put into a book and sold with the remaining four episodes. But you'll have wait until it actually comes out.
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