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Old 2004-01-31, 11:46   Link #1
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Join Date: Jan 2004
Blue screen of death, do I need a new OS ?

I am using Windows 98 SE, a DSL modem (not usb) plugged into my netword card. The client is the original bittorrent client version 3.3.

The machine is dedicated to downloading torrents, so the only programs I ever use on it are internet explorer (to get the .torrent), windows explorer (to launch the .torrent), bittorrent itself, windows media player (to check the files I downloaded), and Nero (to burn dvds).

With this setup, I have downloaded more than 500 gb of anime, with no problem whatsoever. Then suddenly, last week, there was only *one* torrent running, it had been running fine for 3 hours or so, and I got a blue screen of death. I did not write it down unfortunately, but it had something to do with a .vxd. At the time, I thought it was related to this particular torrent, so I dismissed it as irrelevant.

Problem is, I got another blue screen of death yesterday. This is very annoying for me since unlike other bittorrent errors, it completely kills the torrent until I get to the computer.

1) Question: is it a known problem ?

If it's not, then it probably comes from the installation of win98se to be too old, and I probably need a clean install. So here comes my second question. Instead of installing win98se again, Im wondering if I would not be better off with another OS.

2) Question: which is the best OS to run to do non-stop downloads of torrents ? I need to leave it running for days at a time without input from me.

I have been using linux on other machines for some time, but I fear linux will not handle my dvd burner as well as windows.

I have been using NT/2000/XP for some time as well, but I fear NT will be too ressource-consuming. Even though the machine is a P4-1.9 with an asus intel850 motherboard and 512 mb of rambus, I still dislike the idea of letting NT run a zillion of useless processes all the time. With win98se, the aforementionned machine has been running for 7 months without being shut down for more than a few minutes.

Thanks in advance for any advice,
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Old 2004-01-31, 13:03   Link #2
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Knoppix (live-cd distro of linux) would seem to be a fine way of seeing how well linux can handle your DVD burner, since it's free, doesn't have to be installed on the hard drive (though it can be) and has excellent hardware detection. If that was OK, then linux would clearly be the way to go.

If not, then my impulse would be to stick with 98se.

(That's all assuming that it's not an easily fixable problem of course, which I can't confirm.)

Edit: Hmm, just thought, will knoppix on CD be able to simultaneously run and test a different disk in a DVD burner, if it's the only optical drive? Would have to load into RAM disk, I suppose. Doesn't sound too difficult.

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Old 2004-01-31, 17:54   Link #3
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Join Date: Jan 2004
One question which was implied in my post is: would bittorrent be rock solid under linux ? Under 98se, bittorrent never ever crashed on me until last week, and it does not leak into memory in a noticeable way. Unlike other programs like Kazaa !!! When a program in 98se crashes or leaks into memory, the whole system crashes, whereas linux can cope with it. What I wonder is if the linux versions of bittorrent are as stable as the windows version.

About knoppix, what Im afraid of is not hardware detection (my dvd burner is an asus drw-0402) but how well the nero equivalent in linux can burn dvds. Nero on 98se produces *perfect* dvds every single time.

I guess Im a bit afraid of change since my config performed so well for me up to now. 98se is not without problems, for example I have to reboot basically every time I want to launch a new program. So I am tentatively considering other OSes and wonder if they might be better than 98se.

Thanks in advance for any advice,
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Old 2004-01-31, 19:43   Link #4
Join Date: Feb 2003
Age: 33
As far as linux and BT'll run it just fine. While some of the more "experimental" clients have their really beta versions..the official client works just fine. The only problem i have had with bit torrent under linux is moving my bt files into /usr/bin to run (later linked it somewhere else so avoid this) and it couldn't set the flag to remove the donation question. other than that bt is solid..not to mention that you can ssh into your comp and start dl's while you are not at home.

as far as dvd burning i've burned 1 dvd in linux (i run slack 9.1 with 2.6.1 now) and it burned fine. My only problem with burning any media in linux is that it seems to hit my computer pretty hard. Couldn't multitask to save my life while burning is going on. Which is why i burn in windows only :d

If you are just burning data dvd's i don't see why that would be a problem..if you are copying dvds (never done this in any os) i dunno how that would go. If you like to create your own dvd's with your own media..might want to stick with windows. Linux is way behind Mac's and Windows when it comes to multimedia imo.

I say dual boot and go wild. If not, run WinXP Pro. I burn CD/DVD till the cows come home (not to mention convert media, run bt, etc etc etc) and never really have to reboot. The only hard point i think you will hit in the linux area is the burning...unfortunatly i've only tried this on my home linux box and everyone else who i know uses linux is a supreme fanboy of it and cannot be trusted when it comes to saying something works well under linux. So it's trial and error for that. gl.
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