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Old 2016-02-21, 01:42   Link #1
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Automatic Draft Saving

I'm getting annoyed I write a bunch of text only to loose it accidentally going back to the previous page (due to a kitten running over the keyboard) or power is interrupted I lose the entire post.

I propose Animesuki having an automatic draft feature so that it would save what is written before posting.
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Old 2016-02-21, 03:42   Link #2
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I don't personally no how much effort, resources, or time it would take to create such a function, so I can't comment it on if it's viable for AS to have such a thing...

Instead I'll provide an existing solution, such as maybe considering using a firefox addon to resolve this such as Textarea Cache or Lazarus: Form Recovery both of which are designed with the exact purpose you have in mind, I hope this helps.
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Old 2016-02-22, 21:28   Link #3
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I just copy and paste to Notepad on my computer when making long posts.
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Old 2016-02-23, 06:11   Link #4
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Having been saved by Lazarus quite a few times, I agree with its recommendation or the usage of any similar add-on. If you find yourself often losing your posts then its usefulness will certainly not limit itself to AnimeSuki.
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Old 2016-02-23, 10:11   Link #5
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vBulletin has a feature that periodically saves drafts, but I think it requires a more recent version of the forum software than used here.

I'll also vote for Lazarus; it's certainly made my life easier at times. Now that I think about it, I should send them a few bucks.
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