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Idealist 99
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Yokai Watch

Yokai Watch is a children Anime based on the video game of the same name developed by Level-5 .The anime began broadcast on January 8, 2014, on TXN and related stations.

Currently this Anime going toe to toe against Pokemon and gaining more Popularity.
I also like this Anime for its Humor and amazing Chemistry the MC has with all the Yokai.

The story
One day, whilst searching for bugs in the woods in Sakura New Town (based on Tsukuba, Ibaraki), a boy named Keita Amano (or in the video games a girl named Fumika Kodama is also an option) comes across a peculiar capsule machine next to a sacred tree. When he opens one of the capsules up, it brings forth a Yo-Kai named Whisper, who gives Keita a device known as the Yo-Kai Watch. Using this, Keita is able to identify and see various different Yo-Kai that are haunting people and causing mischief. Together, Keita and Whisper start making friends with all sorts of Yo-Kai, which he can summon to battle against more ill-intentioned Yo-Kai that happen to live in his town, haunting the residents and causing terrible trouble.
Dentsu Entertainment USA is currently seeking broadcast and merchandising partners in North America for the anime
So we might see it dub soon,

Yokai Watch also focus on Western cultural -

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