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Old 2003-11-07, 23:51   Link #1
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Join Date: Nov 2003
Exclamation BitTorrent frustrations

I am currently on a comparatively show ethernet connection with an average download speed of about 100k/s from most uncapped websites. At first that's what my download rate was with BitTorrent. I could download 3-4 episodes in about 3 hours which was just great with me. However, recently, my downloads with BitTorrent have been less than amazing. My download rate is generally around 10k/s while my upload rate is about 50k/s. I thought that ul and dl were supposed to be proportional! I find it a bit irritating that it now takes me half a day or more of downloading to get what I want, meanwhile I'm uploading up to three times more than what I'm downloading.

Is there anything that I can do to increase my download speed? I don't mind uploading, I think it's a great idea, but everyone else's download:upload ratio seems to be much more proportional.
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Old 2003-11-08, 16:19   Link #2
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Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Canada
I am experiencing the same problem.

(There is ample information added in the image. But replace "restarted" with "resumed" and it may make more sense. I didn't word it well at the time, sorry.)

If anyone knows the cause of these recent problems or has a solution, I would dearly like to hear it. I know that Bram has released BT ver 3.3 and I wonder if that could be having an effect on those of us choosing to use Eike's BT ver 3.2.1 CVS Experimental or other users using Bram's BT ver 3.2.1?

Anyone know much about what BT 3.3 does differently? Bram says there are some significant changes and recommeds that everyone upgrade. I just don't want to b/c I know the regular version won't work for me on DSL with a very restricted upload cap.

- Kuma
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Old 2003-11-08, 19:08   Link #3
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: AB
I have the same problem, because I am using cable connection as well.

I have tried the new v3.3 and later changed it back to v3.2.1 becaue I can't limited the upload speed on the new one. I don't really care uploading but the problem is I can't get higher epeed when I download. My average speed most of the time is less than 10 k/s. I found that the other people's speed is much much higher than I have, something like 100k/s.

I always wonder if there is any cheating application that those people use to get higher dl speed????
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Old 2003-11-08, 21:15   Link #4
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That was nothing. When I was downloading Anne of Green Gables 41-44 episodes, my share rating was over 250! Download speed was 0-1kb/s and uploading speed was 80kb/s. The only way to get the files was upload to everyone to same point that I was. I don't mind uploading because it don't cost me anything and it don't even slow down my connection too much, but now I have stopped using bittorrent because it is simply too slow for me. 50mt/day isn't fun. The best downloading speed I have got is about 120kb/s (once), normally my downloading speed was 20kb/s and uploading speed 60kb/s.
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Old 2003-11-09, 02:13   Link #5
sugoi tabe sutairu!
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hey, don't be discouraged people! bittorrent is actually one of the most unique p2p clients out there.

if you're trying to get a file that is only being seeded by a few people then you will have a slower dl because that's how bittorrent works. say you are getting gunslinger girl 03 the day that the sub is released and there are (just an example) 400 finished copies that are bieng seeded and 800 other leechers, it is naturally going to be faster! of course all of you could probably figure this out yourselves, but you're missing the point. faster dl's can be had, i've found, by bieng on the ball. also, adjusting the max upload speed will not always help you out. the official client (3.3) doesn't have that option because you shouldn't need it. if you're getting a file that only has one seed and 14 leechers, then you should expect the upload to be a little higher than the download. so yes they are proprotional.

if there's something that i really want then i'll wait for it. but there is enough bieng released everyday that i can always get something fast. (not at 120 usually, though. i only have dsl and well seeded files get a max of around 80 to 90.)

anyway, all hope is not lost. the alternatives are'nt much better when you think about it. i use dc++, which is the next best thing, i think, and i don't get much better ups or downs with that. just don't give up on it entirely! bt needs more souls to make it work better and faster.
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Old 2003-11-10, 10:21   Link #6
Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: W. Lafayette, IN, USA
Age: 29
I think the problem is not the number seeding the file in "this case". My bro and my friends are experiencing the same problem and they are also using cable modem. They often ask me to help d/l-ing the files because I'm using ethernet connection and even downloading the same files, mine always works well. I can get one episode of anime in 20-30 minutes most of the time, while my bro and friend almost take half day just to get one episode. Seems like the problem is from ISP. They might filter or something at the port 6969 that we use for bt connection. I wanna do an experiment, making own torrent file but using different port. Well, still have no time to do that.
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Old 2003-11-12, 05:57   Link #7
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: AB
I really like the idea of BT and am still using BT. I think it is a brilliant idea and I really think people should contribute and upload while downloading....

Just when I see other people has higher DL speed than I do and I am the one sending it, that kind of pisses me off. If I don't limit the traffic, the average UL/DL ratio is about 4 to 1 before I get the complete episode. I feel it is only fair if my UL stream is 100 k/s, I should at least get 70-80k/s DL stream, not 10 k/s or even less.
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Old 2003-11-12, 09:59   Link #8
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BitTorrent ratios vary widely for me.

Sometimes I connect using the official client in Linux. Usually the download never finishes because my speed is so slow that everyone else leaves, and I upload four times as much as I download.

Other times I connect using Shareaza under Windows. I average 1 megabit per second and an anime episode usually finishes in ten minutes.

It's weird
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Shii (formerly known as ashibaka)
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