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View Poll Results: Vampire Knight - Episode 13 Rating
Perfect 10 21 30.88%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 13 19.12%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 10 14.71%
7 out of 10 : Good 10 14.71%
6 out of 10 : Average 7 10.29%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 3 4.41%
4 out of 10 : Poor 1 1.47%
3 out of 10 : Bad 0 0%
2 out of 10 : Very Bad 0 0%
1 out of 10 : Painful 3 4.41%
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Old 2008-06-30, 04:22   Link #1
White Manju Bun
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Vampire Knight - Episode 13 [END] Discussion / Poll

Welcome to the discussion thread for Vampire Knight, Episode 13.

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This is the final episode for season one with season two scheduled to start in October.
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Old 2008-06-30, 04:39   Link #2
The Chaos
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lol...The End...That Kinda hard for me ...>_<
Can't Wait to See The ep
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Old 2008-06-30, 05:18   Link #3
Busy busy busy
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It's going to be spectacular! At least I hope so
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Old 2008-06-30, 05:21   Link #4
Reisen + Cuppy Cake ♥
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me two im betting for hino-senpai's greatest season 1 ending! :P
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Old 2008-06-30, 14:03   Link #5
Crimson Sand
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It was awesome! I wonder if Shizuka really is dead...and if Ichiru and Zero will be nice brothers again.
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Old 2008-06-30, 16:12   Link #6
Kaoru Chujo
Komatsu Mikako
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I watched the "Horrible Raws" version and it was small and poor quality but excellent for the fact that it kept all the commercials before, during, and after the show, just as it appears on Japanese TV.

I thought how great some of the scenes were in visual atmosphere -- especially one over water to a bridge -- and then saw that the storyboard was done by the main director, Sayama Kiyoko. I think she's done a great job all round. The only problem was the wildly varying character drawing, but it didn't really reduce my enjoyment of the show.

The episode itself tied things up and directed us toward future conflicts -- which will start in October. The atmosphere was rich, dark, dank, with the smell of blood and the stench of flowers. With Zero approaching level E...and Kaname giving him a deep draught of his pure blood (now mixed with Shizuka's) -- for Yuuki's sake, and Yuuki's sake alone.
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Old 2008-06-30, 18:36   Link #7
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I thought the ep was horrible. Spending half the ep on flashbacks of a dead character is not what I would want in the final ep of a season. Then they jump way ahead in the story and had Zero drinking Kaname's blood which was another puzzling move. What happens to all the events that lead up to that point form the manga then? Are they just skipping them all for the sake of having some type of cliffhanger to end the first season? [snip]

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Old 2008-06-30, 23:56   Link #8
Inferno Phoenyx
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I'm being generous and saying that this ep was average. I disliked how they jumped far ahead. Disappointed me a lot. -.-
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Old 2008-07-01, 06:01   Link #9
Busy busy busy
*Graphic Designer
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I for one rather enjoyed this episode (most likely 'cuz I didn't read the manga). The ending scene was probably one of the qlimax of this season - and I can't wait for the second one!
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Old 2008-07-01, 09:29   Link #10
Senior Member
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The ending episode of season 1 was just how it should be: Though abrupt, it set the stage for season 2 with many questions left to be answered later on.

My question is...will Zero gain any new powers from drinking Kaname's blood?
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Old 2008-07-01, 11:55   Link #11
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Yeah, this was the PERFECT ending for a S2 of Vampire Knight.

Amazing, Kaname is actually evil, yet he would do anything for Yuuki.

I'm hoping to see more Pure-bloods in the next season though, I mean he did say it's round 2 now..

Yeah Zero will definitely get some new powers. If Ichiru drank Hiou's blood and gained powers, Zero drinking the combined pure-blood of Kaname And Hiou (because Kaname drank hers) would mean some serious bonus strength.

Damn... This got me anticipating for the next 3 months.
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Old 2008-07-01, 11:57   Link #12
Starry Dust
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I thought it was a great episode.
And the animation was lovely <3333


Can't wait for season 2 ^__~
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Old 2008-07-01, 12:19   Link #13
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Originally Posted by ApostleOfGod View Post

Amazing, Kaname is actually evil, yet he would do anything for Yuuki.
in all fairness, no one can actually say this (yet). i could be completely wrong, because i haven't read the manga, but has he really shown anything evil about him? he's done nothing but hold the peace between humans and vampires right? as far as killing that woman, he told zero he had left her there for him. she did take away his life, and kaname could be justified in possibly returning zero his life. it just seems kaname's hands are not stained with any kind of blood (figuratively).
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Old 2008-07-01, 12:26   Link #14
Sousuke rules
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It was lame.... i dont know who make the decision about skipping 10 chapters from the manga, because that means that they are not making some of the most beautiful scenes from the story... im disappointed ... and Kaname.... i will never said that he is evil, but i dont like him....
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Old 2008-07-01, 12:58   Link #15
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honestly disappointed in this episode.
they cut out too much of the story in order to conform to this 13 episode format.
they changed the story too much. And what they've changed is sub-par to the original.
the flashback was out of place and used up too much time.
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Old 2008-07-01, 13:54   Link #16
Time to fly ~ !
Join Date: Jun 2008
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Wow ~ ! This episode was excellent. A great way to end the first season. The ending scene was very appropriate.
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Old 2008-07-01, 14:14   Link #17
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Wow, what a nasty cliffhanger here

I was quite surprised that Kaname there allowed Zero to suck his I hear fangirls screaming from a distance?

Such a sad story for Shizuka broke my heart ;___;

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Old 2008-07-01, 14:48   Link #18
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Ok I have no idea what is or was going on with this story at all anymore. I don't even think I know what the story was about after watching the last 3 episodes the entire story went awry. Can anyone that read the manga enlighten us with what the heck we missed that would make some sense out of this 13 episode fiasco?
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Old 2008-07-01, 15:15   Link #19
ショ ン (^^)
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LOL i knew lots of people were going to have this reaction to the cliffhanger.
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Old 2008-07-01, 15:28   Link #20
Sousuke rules
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Originally Posted by molitar View Post
Ok I have no idea what is or was going on with this story at all anymore. I don't even think I know what the story was about after watching the last 3 episodes the entire story went awry. Can anyone that read the manga enlighten us with what the heck we missed that would make some sense out of this 13 episode fiasco?
well, actually they just skip a lot of things in this last episode... but the other two were acording to the manga.
About all that they skip, i can tell you that there were a lot of Zero/Yuki moments (you can see my avatar to have a hint) and some other important facts that happend with the night stundents in "summer vacations"... its something that show us who the true villain is.. i dont think i can give you more details, but i dont know what are they goint to do to season 2.
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