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Old 2012-09-04, 21:36   Link #1
#1 Akashiya Moka Fan
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Sore wa totsuzen, Unmei no Aite ga

From Baka-Updates:

Imagine a country where couples are chosen based on the compatibility of their genes. Whenever a resident reaches the age of 14, a partner will be suggested to him or her based on which match would result in the best child being born.

This is a collection of stories about some of the more "interesting" pairings chosen by this system.
Currently at 16 chapters, this manga I found to be extremely refreshing. Don't let the description fool you; while this is sort of a modern-day arranged marriage, both parties first have to be willing to be coupled, and then it concentrates on the relationship developing. The first couple of chapter might be a little difficult to get through, seeing as how it appears to be incest... but after that, it gets good (then again, I might be baised, seeing as how the first girl is a tsundere).

Overall, I've found this series to be extremely refreshing, possibly because I haven't played a ton of VNs or dating sims... but instead of the "trying to get into a relationship" scenario that happens oh so often, the relationship is already there

So, for anyone looking for a good romance read, and not a whole ton of drama (the second couple has a bit of drama, but it ends up working out and the solution becomes obvious to the reader), I recommend this series.
Gifted...or Cursed?

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Old 2012-09-04, 22:08   Link #2
Tease to Please!♥
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I was about to make a thread about this, but oh well, I'm really like this series. I'm currently reading this and I just started the new arc not to long ago, and I like the direction of it. Can't wait for more chapters.
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Old 2012-09-04, 22:13   Link #3
Spinning round and round~
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Picked this up months ago and was surprised no thread was made about this. The one-shot was a surprise since it was a

It was pretty amusing to see how they eventually worked it out.

I personally feel attached to the first pairing because I found the flow of the budding relationship very good and well-paced, and the ending was really sweet in the end. The new arc seems to have a comedic background with the relationship in the middle, so we'll see how things go.
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Old 2012-09-04, 23:47   Link #4
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In my point of view, after the Yuuichi x Manami pairing it just became less interesting. They had something good going with the situation that occurs in CH 1, but they chose not to expand on it. The way it was developing was very sweet and cute, plus I perfer the focus on one relationship. Sigh...lost potential
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Old 2012-09-05, 01:36   Link #5
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The newest pairing is quite interesting IMO

two families that always at odd with each other, suddenly chosen to the system to be the best pairing ...Romeo and Juliet vibe anyone?
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Old 2012-10-14, 22:47   Link #6
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So I've been re-reading this again lately.. I have to admit my favourite couple was the first brother x sister combo, even though it's a bit genetically weird..

As strange as it sounds (maybe due to my anime tainted brain) their interactions felt the most "natural" .. (excluding the whole incest-y party of course) .. the other couples, despite how cute I found the gamer pair to be, felt way too unrealistic.. People don't fall so hard for each other so quickly.. And no one is that ditzy ..

I think the coolest thing about this new pairing will be the unveiling of their "hidden faces" to each other and how they'll get to spend time getting to know the "real" person they've thought they knew all this time
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Old 2012-10-14, 23:32   Link #7
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My favourite couple have to be the gamers =w= the things they do when they are playing games hehe
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