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Originally Posted by ViewtifulAlchemist View Post
Also while the animation had great CGI backgrounds I didn't dig the character models too much
Yes, Shinkai's people drawing skills are not too good, the characters looked a bit weird at times, however I didn't find it distracted from the story except in one scene where they were cycling along and her head was so much smaller than Noboru's that it looked rather bizarre.

AFAIK he did indeed make the whole thing himself (apart from the BGM) so it's not surprising there would be a weak point somewhere, no artist is perfect at everything.

Although the film was short, I found it long enough to get involved with the characters, I felt he managed to cram a whole movie plot into 25 minutes, there are plenty of 2 hour Hollywood movies with less story than Hoshi no Koe, and although the storyline was necessarily condensed it didn't feel cramped.

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Catmint Tai#7 is going to produce a recitation play for Hoshi no Koe (Japan only of course) from April 23rd to 27th. More info here

I remember downloading and watching this in my high school computer lab, under the pretense of doing the school newspaper :P.

Well, I'm just posting the news because Mikako-shi is going to voice Mikako ٩( ᐖ )و ( ᐛ )و , her first time voicing a character that has the same name as her.
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Originally Posted by FuzzyWuzzy View Post
Actually I agree with you but in a way I strongly disagree with you also.

The ending of both anime are miles apart. In fact, not just miles apart, it's like heaven and hell apart.

One gives you hope. The other cuts off all hope.
Well, they should remake the anime and give it the real ending which wasn't bittersweet at all if you read the earlier forum posts.
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