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Old 2015-05-31, 19:39   Link #1
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Holographic Technology

Hollywood Hologram Wars: Vicious Legal Feud Behind Virtual Mariah,
Marilyn and Mick:

"From Homer Simpson to Jimmy Kimmel to Disney's upcoming 'Star Wars' movie,
Hollywood’s new technology already is transmitting stars to multiple spots and
reviving ones long gone. But now, a legal war between two entrepreneurs is holding
back a potentially massive business as they squabble on social media ("Come at me,
bro," says one)."

"Every day, a small Beverly Hills showroom plays host to a who's who of global
celebrities. Michael Jackson and Ray Charles sing and dance. Jimmy Kimmel cracks
jokes. WikiLeaks' Julian Assange might be holed up in London, but he's also here
brooding alongside Edward Snowden. They're all hyper-realistic holograms, part of a
showcase for a tantalizing technology that has the potential to dramatically alter
the entertainment business by reviving dead stars and allowing living ones to be in
multiple places at any given moment."

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Old 2015-06-04, 03:19   Link #2
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As this technology gets more sufficiently advanced, it opens the door to all sorts of crazy situations and issues. Even the issue of who owns the rights to your holographic likeness are kind of weird (currently said rights are being sold to this company, as it says in the article, but should that eventually become public domain?). Not to mention there are whole new categories of crimes and libel issues that this could cause. It's going to be fascinating to see this continue to mature.
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Old 2015-06-17, 15:41   Link #3
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But.. there could be holographic Pokemon, a different type to capture and train in each region of the world

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