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Old 2003-11-11, 09:56   Link #1
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Torrent adoption

Apologies if this kind of thing has been suggested before -- I'm new to these forums! (^_^)

I came up with an idea a little while ago that could be a way to try and reduce the number of unseeded torrents out there (particularly annoying when trying to get early episodes of a series that has quite a few episodes out -- I've been without broadband at home for a few weeks and I know that when I'm back on-line, I'm going to have a hard time catching up on some of the series I want to get more episodes of, e.g. Dokkoida).

Basically, individuals would 'adopt' a series, e.g. one that they particularly like but for which earlier episodes aren't being seeded. They would then try and make sure that they seed episodes of that series as much as possible, so that other people can download them. More than one person could adopt a series, so that it wouldn't be down to just an individual to seed all the episodes of a longer series (they wouldn't need to seed episodes that already have other uploads active).

As well as the warm, fuzzy feeling that they'd get for helping other people out, (and, as far as I understand it, potentially a better download rate from the increased uploading), they would be able to register what series they have adopted somewhere (e.g. on AnimeSuki), and get some kind of recognition for their contribution (since, in my experience, people are more inclined to help out in exchange for some kind of ego massage ;), e.g. their name included in the entries on AnimeSuki for that series; some kind of list of top adopters; etc.

This idea needs some more thinking through, e.g. it would need some way to make sure that people don't abuse the system by adopting series and then never seeding them (is there a way of monitoring an individual's uploads through a tracker?).

Any comments?

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Old 2003-11-11, 10:45   Link #2
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one comment....who would do that? AS admin sure have his hands full

You could monitor that user actually seeds by some php script and then update databse with how much he uploaded and how long and so on....but still...who would do it...and do you know how much time it takes to superwise all that...not gonna happen
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