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Old 2010-09-12, 21:37   Link #1
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Solanin (Live Action Film)

Solanin is a manga written and illustrated by ASANO Inio. The Live Action Film was announced, I believe, a year or two ago; and it was shown on the theaters earlier this 2010.

Originally Posted by B-U
Slice of life with a young couple, Inoue Meiko and Taneda Shigeo, and how everyday occurrences affect their lives. Meiko begins contemplating whether freedom without purpose is really the same thing as boredom. This is a retelling of a very common real life situation, perhaps enjoyable for an older fanbase. Art is different, there are no anime-esque deformations here.

Nominated in 2009 for the Eisner Award Best U.S. Edition of International Material - Japan. Nominated for the 2009 Harvey Award for Best American Edition of Foreign Material.
I watched the trailer a few months ago and liked what I saw. A few days ago, I was trying to think of a good romantic story and this title came to my mind. I then discovered the DVD has been released very recently. I haven't watched the movie, yet; but I read the manga and enjoyed the very romantic, mundane and poignant aspect of the story. And from the trailer alone, I get the feeling the film is doing justice to the source material. Here's the trailer:

Has anyone watched the movie, yet? I'm kinda excited about this. it's one of those very unique and deep **romantic** stories you don't come across very often.

I wonder if this is the right section to create a discussion thread for a Live Action Film. My big apologies if I did something wrong.
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Old 2010-09-13, 00:47   Link #2
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I am not quite sure, since I don't post here much. But can i say i am interested because Aoi Miyazaki is in it? ( I don't know anything about the source material though)
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Old 2010-09-13, 13:38   Link #3
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I'm still waiting for the DVD. I can't find it anywhere. I'm definitely watching this. Trailer was good.
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Old 2010-10-25, 22:20   Link #4
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watched the movie twice. watched the concert scene a lot of times. I have been looking for a romantic story with drama and meaningful undertones; and Solanin has met my expectations in those regards. This is probably one of my favorite romance of recent memory; and it's one of the few that feels very close to home.

The Beginning

it was filled with plenty of flashbacks and a strong feeling of nostalgia, accentuated by the music. I really liked it for some strange reason. it reminded me of the fun times I had at school, the times when you didn't have to worry about the future, or life in general. I think it captures fairly well that feeling and the nostalgia that comes from reminiscing the past.

Firework at the beach

I think this is the scene that explores and captures the best the worries and anxieties of being a young adult; and it's one of my favorite scenes next to the concert. I've experienced this after graduating from high school, but I think the feeling is very similar to the one experienced by the characters of the film---and in this scene in particular. my closest friends and I would spend every afternoon at my house, playing mahjong and watching some TV drama. we had recently graduated and each of us had our own worries: I was going overseas, and they were preparing for the entrance exam. we didn't want to think too much about our future; and so we tried to enjoy this mundane moment of our lives. That was the last thing we did together; and I haven't seen them ever since. now that I look back it feels kinda sad that the last thing we did together was playing mahjong every afternoon; but I think it was a nice way to keep away our anxieties and worries at that precise moment, before moving on with our lives. it's probably the same for the characters of the film, who were about to take an important step forward, but simply didn't want to think too much about their future.

Catching the key

I found this scene to be kinda interesting and I really want to think that it had some kind of meaning in the big scheme of things. On one hand, wanting to do silly things is part of being a young adult, when you want to behave like kids and don't want to think too much about your actions; on the other hand, the same scene represents the struggle to find the correct path in your life. I think the key represents in part the hope that everything will turn out all right; catching the key is a metaphor to grabbing onto that hope. I think it's something that everyone has experienced: the hope, the thought, that everything should be just as easy as catching a key in order to solve our problems and move on with our lives. Real life is always a much harder struggle that can't be easily solved by catching something. The key is the hope that cannot materialize.

The Boat

Being a young adult means that you have to struggle with the pressure and stress of becoming an adult. The thought of giving up is always present; but it is there for us to move past the obstacle every time it shows up. I think Taneda really captures the internal and external battle that comes as result of wanting to do something with our lives. it was a really nice touch, however, for Meiko to catch Taneda's glasses from falling deeper into the water; like saying to him not to give up, not to lose the hope, because she will be there to support him.

Second Half

I think everyone should know what's going to happen sooner or later in the film had they watched the promotional video. I think it's a pivotal event that affect's the lives of each of the characters, especially Meiko. not so much because it plays an important role in the story, but because each of the characters reacted to it, in slowly and different ways. Bass player trying to find a job; Billy trying find the answer to his worries; and Meiko first not knowing what to do, and then trying to play/sing Solanin. I think the second half is the most moving part of the film. it wasn't really dramatic; it was something that would slowly sink in the mind and heart of the viewer.


is it a goodbye song, or a song about moving forward? this is the best and most important part of the film, which I had repeated countless of times. the melody/song is delicious and pleasant to the ears; but I think there's a much deeper meaning to the scene. it's not really a goodbye song; I mean, it's not about the song; it's about the music, the lyrics, the melody that connects the characters. it was written by Taneda in one of the most difficult moments of his life; it was created by him to give meaning to his dreams and his love for music. The characters tried to perform this song for the last time, not because it was a goodbye, but because they understood the message of the song, and they too, wanted to move forward. for Meiko, however, the song was not only the last thing he left for her, but also the metaphor to the strong connection they both had through music. Playing and singing that song was a way for her to return those feelings, to say that she too felt felt the same love he felt for her through the music she was now playing.

Anyway, I think the concert is the highlight of the film and everyone should watch it (more than once) because of that.

Random: Billy was so cool... and I liked Meiko sweating.
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Old 2010-11-15, 17:16   Link #5
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what is the song that the bassest is playing by him self at 1:30:46? i was thinking mabye amazing grace but my mom is french and she pointed out some Ce n'est qu'un au revoir song, link: which i think sounds alot more like it but i can see why they would use that. what do you think? actualy now that i think about it it might be the japanese national anthem, its been a while sinse i heard it but maybe, any was ya what do you think it its?
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Old 2011-02-16, 18:30   Link #6
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Originally Posted by Mr.Cool View Post
what is the song that the bassest is playing by him self at 1:30:46?
Sounds like "Auld Lang Syne" to me...

Finally caught up with this movie, after recently re-reading the manga. It's a really good adaptation which just worked for me so well - the music was close to what I was hearing in my head when I read the manga.
There are a couple of bits I figured might have got left on the cutting room floor, but on the whole I was really impressed.
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