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Zero-Tolerance for Off-Topic Chat and Shipping

When we created this sub-forum, it was because we thought the Index franchise had a lot of interesting material to discuss. But, as it turns out, Index threads seem to attract a large amount of low-quality chat-style posts, including a lot of off-topic and shipping posts. The AnimeSuki Forum staff do not want this sort of content in the threads on this site.

Please keep your posts on-topic.
Please only post if you have something useful and relevant to say related to the topic at hand.
Please do not post useless one-liners or inane replies.
Please do not make shipping posts, or ones that bait another ship.
Please do not reply to off-topic or shipping posts. Instead, just report them.

This isn't "no fun allowed," but the Index community on this site is practically defined by inane drivel. As one member of the community recently posted, every thread is basically "a certain off topic thread." No longer. If there is nothing relevant and on-topic to discuss, please don't pollute the threads "just to keep people talking." If you want a place to just "hang out," please check out the Fan Club.

Please be warned: members who can't obey these rules and continue to pollute the threads with drivel may by banned from the Index/Railgun sections of the site, and/or banned from the site entirely. We're happy to have this forum for novel fans, but we ask that you treat it with respect and keep the quality of discussion as high as possible.
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