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Old 2014-10-15, 04:04   Link #1
Join Date: May 2014
Help me make a gundam game

Hello guys.

This is my very first time opening up a project like this to anyone. But I'd like to make this game possible with your help. If you could provide any materials that are needed, it would be much appreciated.

- First of all, I'm planning to use RPGMaker VX Ace as my development software. Anyone who are very skilled on using this software can give advise or help with scripts and such.

- Even if you don't have any knowledge in said software, you can always share your ideas and opinions about the system. But I'd like to tell you that this project will be using the SRW system and will play like it. I have yet to figure out how I can materialize it though.

- Knowledge of hardcore gundam fans will be much appreciated. Even though I have watched almost every gundam series, I tend to forget some element of the story, characters and mechs especially the forgettable ones.

- Medias such as photos, musics and even video contributions that can be used in the game are also welcome and would be much appreciated.

- Don't expect it to be a coming-of-age fan game. Afterall, it is.... a fan-game and there is no certainty that I will be able to complete this project.

- And if ever that I complete this project, I will upload it quickly and will hope that you will enjoy it.
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Old 2014-10-15, 04:19   Link #2
Join Date: May 2014
We will start with the playable characters. You can see the playable units here:

Just listing it down took me alot of time. hehehe

I need images of pilots, just their faces is enough.

Units will be in their full scale size just like this:

And the field would be something like this:

Intermission chats will be similar to a visual novel conversation. It would be nice if I can use some character sprites but that be double my work.
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