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Nijiiro Days (Manga / Bessatsu Margaret)

Natsuki, Tomoya, Keiichi, Tsuyoshi are 4 high school guys who always hang out together. Average in their studies, with no club activities, they just passed their high school days having fun everyday. And the thing concerns these 4 at present, is of course 'romance'.

In spite of the relentless teasing from the rest, Natsuki, who has a crush on Anna from another class, strives on...!?
Mangaka: Mizuno Minami
Serialized in: Bessatsu Margaret
Demograph/Type/Genre: Shoujo / Romance / Friendship / High School Slice of Life
Anime (15 minute short per episode): 2016 Jan -

Volumes published:
Spoiler for warning: synopsis of volumes translated from Amazon may contain spoilers:


My own comments (maybe review) about this series:
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Don't think this series is licensed in North America. Last I checked, the scantalations are at chapter 31 at this time of writing. Chapter 31 is the first chapter of volume 9 of the tanks. Currently, there are 11 tanks published, and volume 12 will be out end of this month.

I'm caught up with the latest chapter 46 in Betsuma (commonly known short for Bessatsu Margaret) issue 2016-May. It was a great chapter but mainly because the lead-up to it in the last 3 arcs or so were great.

Unfortunately, no one made a thread for the manga, so I made one in the hope that it will generate more discussion. (or it might just die off due to lack of interest......)
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