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Old 2009-12-29, 06:28   Link #1061
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WHAT! THE GIRL IN QUESTION APPEAR IN THE ANIME! and its on the first episode? when? where? what time frame?

and btw thanks for the spoiler info zero. It's good to know the background story of ken which the anime pretty much didn't discuss with us. I would like to know more info about his family and his past.

EDIT: I find the girl in question its around 4:19 in the locker room.

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Old 2009-12-29, 12:25   Link #1062
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Just rewatched episode 12 and I love this screen!

Spoiler for The Cute and The Cool:
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Old 2009-12-29, 12:40   Link #1063
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Yeah , Minatsu's part was brillant XD
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Old 2009-12-29, 13:02   Link #1064
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Originally Posted by zero0609 View Post
Spoiler for :
wow, i'm getting the feeling this is fact and not some guess lol. makes perfect sense on why he was so depressed afterwords. Nice zero ^^b

After re-watching the 1st episode, you really can see Sugi's childhood friend. I also noticed the girls indirectly said they liked Sugi and wouldn't want him to leave lol.

edit: zero do you mean "real" sister or in reference to his step-sister?

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Old 2009-12-29, 18:31   Link #1065
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Originally Posted by Master Chibi View Post
How were they shoehorning anything.
Uh, the drama stuff? They're joking, and in the next minute, it all suddenly gets depressing.
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Old 2009-12-29, 18:42   Link #1066
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Spoiler for :
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Old 2009-12-29, 21:22   Link #1067
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Originally Posted by Mesousa2877 View Post
Uh, the drama stuff? They're joking, and in the next minute, it all suddenly gets depressing.
I found it interesting. The sudden change, actually the whole episode is a reflection of Sugisaki himself. The majority of the ep is humor, a reflection of the "surface" of sugisaki with his harem antics.
And we see the "rare" side of Sugisaki's good side. However, since it's "rare", it only takes a small portion of ep.

hai, hai. Onii-chan has his work cut out for him.
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Old 2009-12-30, 01:21   Link #1068
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I find the girl in question its around 4:19 in the locker room.
Actually, that's most likely a coincidence. Note that the Sugisaki and Asuka got together during middle school, and the two depicted are wearing Sugisaki's currrent high school uniform.

Yes its YOU childhood friend - source of BERZERKER RAGE since forever
Childhood Friend couple STATISTICS(spoilers abound though)
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Old 2009-12-30, 02:47   Link #1069
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This anime was one if not the best one this season for me. At first I watched it just because the references and the jokes were really funny but after a few episodes you really get atached to the characters and you can't help but love them. The drama moments were a really nice touch that made the story deeper and made the anime more than just a comedy/parody with cute characters . Those moments were also very well done and never felt over the top for me.
And the scene at the bus stop was really great - it connected all the things we've seen and showed all the reasons behind Ken's actions.

At this point I can only hope for a second season.
And a question - is there any chance for all the Light Novels to be translated in English?
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Old 2009-12-30, 08:16   Link #1070
Kaoru Chujo
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Originally Posted by Mesousa2877 View Post
Uh, the drama stuff? They're joking, and in the next minute, it all suddenly gets depressing.
I get what you're saying, but that's the show's style, and to me it actually makes the fairly deep point that the bitterness is always there, lurking under the sweetness. And vice-versa. No "shoehorning," the way I felt it, but complete interpenetration. So the humor and the serious stuff make each other stronger.
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Old 2009-12-30, 12:05   Link #1071
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Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo View Post
I get what you're saying, but that's the show's style, and to me it actually makes the fairly deep point that the bitterness is always there, lurking under the sweetness. And vice-versa. No "shoehorning," the way I felt it, but complete interpenetration. So the humor and the serious stuff make each other stronger.
I'd have to agree with Kaoru. Shoehorning means that the "serious drama" stuff was forced into a completely humor only anime. Which isn't the case at all, if you watch the anime top to bottom you realize everything came together very well.
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Old 2009-12-30, 14:04   Link #1072
Master Chibi
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Originally Posted by Mesousa2877 View Post
Uh, the drama stuff? They're joking, and in the next minute, it all suddenly gets depressing.
It sounds more like you wanted a comedic show then a serious one, this show did a great job of portraying both parts equally, which in turn helped to actually give the characters depth and actual personality.

Otherwise we would have been better off with cardboard cutouts and speakers attached to them.

I mean think about it, you can't just have all comedy, it runs stale, and you can't have be completely serious because it becomes boring. When you put the two together they naturally contrast against one another, and in turn you end up appreciating the two parts when they form one whole piece, rather then just going for either one separately.

In other news, it sickens me that mediocre otaku shit like K-On gets a second season, but the likelihood of this show doing the same is close to impossible.
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Old 2009-12-30, 14:33   Link #1073
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what K-ON has a second season? though I'm not surprised but I like this one better than them. Its just that .... hmm they are too much to resist like mio and they are full of moeness and totally hits the masses.

I like this one and demand a second season but they utterly blurted it out on the end. Geez they are ruining it big time.

And about the first love, yap I realize it after seeing their uniform which doesn't make sense and also their appearance doesn't look like your middle schooler but the hair is just like asuka.

And its NOT SHOEHORNING! like they said if you watch it all you will understand. Like when its the story about minatsu where they just trying to cheer her on when they are about to transfer on. Its all about funny jokes and humor but its all for the sake of cheering her on. Its not like it just comes out of the blue. And saying the force drama when its all been well planned is bad. Showing small hints bit by bit then revealing it all. Like with chizuru. The other girls are getting jealous that lead to akachan breaking apart their handshake but theirs a hidden meaning to it. Even though its not revealed on the spot its hinted on ki-kun's action after the hand shake then after her confrontation with her friend they hand shake again and its been revealed the reason behind it.

OH I just love the last episode. The episode of minatsu and mafuyu are my favorite and the last one. Also I like the episode of the culture festival. Chizuru's story about kenichi is tear jerking

I would like to see a second season for this.
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Old 2009-12-30, 15:07   Link #1074
Vegard Aune
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Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
what K-ON has a second season?
It's getting one, yeah. It was announced earlier today, actually.
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Old 2009-12-30, 15:13   Link #1075
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oh great and not great. It's great when their aren't that many good ones because if their are too many my computer will suffer again

And can someone or rather zero. Can post a summary or an explanation on how did asuka appear on vol 7? and a story about ringo. Please....

EDIT: While looking at ringo she reminds me of miss president. How old is she?
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Old 2009-12-31, 04:28   Link #1076
Shiki Nanaya
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About Sugisaki Ken

Thanks a lot for the info zero0609! That clears up a lot about Ken's past. Though I understand that the light novels are still ongoing can you tell me if the girls (chizuru, minatsu, mafuyu, and kurimu) will know eventually about Ken's past in detail? Also in that vol.7, was that a flashback or did Asuka actually show up in the present?

This episode really showed a lot of Ken's feelings towards the girls, and how he really wanted them to be happy, but I started to doubt whether he really loves them as a lover or something. I mean I still get the feeling that Ken still loves Asuka and perhaps is just escaping a real relationship with someone by loving all the girls equally. Since I really find it strange that Ken didn't say I love you to Mafuyu at that moment, which would have been a perfect response to her, after Mafuyu realized her feelings and mustered up the courage to confess them to him. I find it strange that Ken was really shocked to hear that confession and initially didn't know how to respond to her. He just thanked Mafuyu, instead of saying he loves her back too, which is really confusing since he always says he loves them all.

Just my opinion, but if this is true then it would be a great drama material for the girls. After all, as far as we know, only Mafuyu is confirmed to love Ken, though it is quite obvious already with Kurimu and Minatsu, although they still havent confessed, and Chizuru is just vague. It would be great to see this time that the girls would try to win over Ken from his lingering feelings towards Asuka. Just my own thoughts towards future material in the next season, (yeah just my delusions ). Though I still am hopeful that they will eventually do a second season if there are enough material in the novels or after the novel ends.

Also it is quite obvious that Ken only wants the 4 of the girls to be part of his harem so he could make the 4 of them happy. After all, if he really wants all bishoujo girls to be in his harem, then he could've seriously went after Lilicia (another awesome character) to get her to be a part of his harem, afer all it's quite obvious that Lilicia is already falling for him (too bad Lilicia only has limited appearance, what about in the novels? can anyone enlighten me?).

The best part of the last episode besides Mafuyu's confession was definitely Minatsu's dream and Ken's proposal to her, both in marriage and children. I love how Ken proposes that they have 3 daughters calling him in cute ways. As cute as his daughters are, I would hardly believe that all three of them are Minatsu's daughter alone. After all, only one of his daughter looked like Mintasu, while the other 2 looked like Mafuyu and Chizuru, which means that Ken must have really made his harem dream come true lol.

Also a question about Ken's past:
Spoiler for Ken's past:
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Old 2009-12-31, 06:17   Link #1077
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I'm also having a feeling that ken doesn't really love the girls. Its just that he wants them to be happy. I mean in the last episode the way he said that he tried is best to enter the student council and all just to make them happy doesn't really mean he loves them. Its more like being grateful than being in love. And also the student council is where ken's dream and happiness exist. His dream is to make them happy and the same time his happy while they are happy but where is the love their? as for asuka which clearly hints something when lilicia ask about being he two timed in his middle school. His aura their completely change. And his way of trying to avoid the topic about his past when aka-chan trying to find it out. And also their is still a chance that he likes asuka because even in highschool first year. His heart is still broken that he needs someone to tend to his wounds. Which he meet in fall season. After having a answer to make them all happy with the push of walking forward and being his wounds tended and lastly thanking for someone teaching him the right way to use his strength. That's what ken said about those girls. But does his acts show you true love like what he did before? I don't know. I think his pretty idiotic honest to the point that he will go weekly to visit minatsu and mafuyu when they are going to transfer because his worried about them and ...... likes them? or grateful to them? or just plane worried about them.

Ken's action are pretty straight forward but the same time its confusing in a way. Did he just do all this just to ensure those girls happiness? or loving them equally will lead to happy harem ending? because to me even if he loves them equally sooner or later it will just ended up like ringo or asuka. Being loving all but not picking one is bad even if his honest that he wants to love them all. What about the feelings of the girls?

When chizuru and ken are holding hands they are pretty much obvious that they are jealous and also add up elise the loli one. Every one of them are angry. Are they contented with the current status?

I love to hear more about ken's past and about vol 7. Specially the appearance of asuka which is more looks like not the past because she's wearing a civilian wear and a type that you wear at home. Maybe she visits him but what will the other girls do if they find it out.
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Old 2009-12-31, 08:28   Link #1078
Sol Falling
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This anime wasn't especially well done, and the humour didn't always work, but the general likeability of the characters is enough that overall it comes out a good show. The convoluted and incomplete telling of the backstory was very clumsy, I thought, and the fact that we are left with so many questions at the end prevents this show from coming anywhere close to a 'sleeper hit' or 'masterpiece' or 'star of the season' for me, but it certainly was very consistent in being a light and enjoyable watch. I certainly wouldn't mind a second season.

Anyway, on the dynamics of Key's 'harem'. There is nothing love-disqualifying about his desire to make all of them happy. Love isn't about sex, it's about having a connection with the other person, and Key quite clearly genuinely does so with every member of the student council. The difference between this 'harem' situation and his 'two-timing' from before is in the fact that the 'harem' themselves also very much have a connection with each other. There are the obvious connections between Mafuyu and Minatsu as sisters, and Kurimu and Chizuru as friends/'lovers', but, as Mafuyu pointed out, the actual central thing is their relationship as the Student Council, where they all do things and have fun together every day. The girls are all friends, so Key's affection in the form of pursuing them as a 'harem' is something that drives them together (in the form of an universal offense and persecution against their feminine identity, lol), rather than something that drives them apart. Even if the girls might act momentarily jealous for Key's affections (because they do, in fact, share a bond with him and appreciate his desire to make them happy), the reality of their bond is such that none of them would ever think 'I wish the others weren't here; I want Key-kun all for myself'.

If you want to talk about the sexual aspect of it, the way this sort of thing would work is, after a literal eternity for the girls to get over the fact that they are actually consenting to a harem and talking to each other about it, the girls would then all get together to confess to Key their feelings simultaeneously, proceeding into an amazing fivesome. This is certainly what Key would (does) desire, and furthermore certainly the only way any of the girls would consider actually getting together with him (out of consideration for themselves, and also for the others). As such, you really can't expect any other reaction than the one he had for Mafuyu's confession. Mafuyu confessed in front of the entire student council as a reflection that what she liked about Key was that he wanted to make them all happy (or the atmosphere he created for them as a result). Thus Key, honouring that mission and indeed Mafuyu's confession itself, can only respond by continuing to do what he is doing (trying to make them happy).

To speak of Asuka and Ringo-chan for a moment. When Key affirmed that they were happy, I took it to mean something beyond the fact that he had removed himself from their presence. No matter how depressed and self-humiliating the story might say he felt, that Key would be conceited enough to believe that his mere absence could be enough to make two people happy was impossible beyond consideration. As such, I thought Key showed a unique kind of heroism in being able to conclude so resolutely that the two girls whom he loved, and indeed whose hearts he had broken, were happy in the end--that he had made sure of such before he left them. And furthermore as an aside, I thought Chizuru also showed a unique kind of wisdom/astuteness in leaving the matter to that single question.

So regarding their re-entry into the series. It is indeed a very interesting question because while I don't believe anything like 'Key is just beating himself up and he still loves Asuka' or etc. implying insincerity in his love for the student council, it is indeed still certain that there must be tender feelings left between them, by a simple function of the fact that Key left them after making sure that they were happy. That Key loved them; that they loved Key; the certainty of this outcome thus becomes a testament that those feelings were not wrong. As such, although I think the given fact that those girls are already happy ensures that Key-kun would have no reason to betray the student council, the chance to see those girls again, and on good terms, must inevitably bring up old and lingering feelings.

tl;dr? Key really does love the student council, including in the sexual sense. But more generally on the series: the characters are likeable, and the source material must be decent. I've even spewed forth a couple paragraphs on 'love' and 'happiness' ( lol--that's directed at myself btw) on the basis of those things. I still don't think the 'serious' parts were very clear or well done though so the anime itself fails to be 'good' or 'impressive' in any technical sense for me.
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Well in the end the whole package really came together for me. As with some shows I really get into the premise hardly sounded ingenious. Yet when watching they seemed to make it work. Having likable characters really helped and that they didn't get locked into being serious all the time or being comical all the time. The balance just seemed right.

In the end you are still left wanting to see more. The series managed to get into what the girls meant to Ken and how they each played a role in saving him from a depressing fate. It's just sad to think about how low he was after the fallout and before he met those four.

I wouldn't try and get into some deep analysis since Sol pretty much handled that nicely. But can say the show did a great job of making the characters likable. In these kinds of situations it's easy to pick a favourite and dislike others. Here we have a group that are all pretty likable in their unique ways. Maybe what I liked the most was Ken's attempts to keep things as a harem. Most of the time I don't like the harems simply because you know the guy will pick one girl and the others will ahve to deal with the fallout. In this case Ken really wouldn't want to try picking one girl out and ruining the united bond they all share. Even after the year ends and the student council doesn't exist that bond should still be there. Calling it his harem makes it something that won't end just because time passes.

Anyways definitely one of the best this season had to offer. Goes to show that you can find some great series if you just keep your eyes open.
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Old 2009-12-31, 12:31   Link #1080
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it was good; at least its worth rewatching for some parts. the humour to serious really works.
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