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Old 2016-08-06, 01:19   Link #1
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Shadowverse ccg

Mobile game that recently came out a few months ago. Some people were jumping ship from hearthstone to this.

It's relatively new so not much content, new players get around 140 cards from shop, Here's the general reroll start.

-Good art
-less RNG
-More mechanics
-Yuigoh+ hearthstone?
-Lovely animations


-Story mode=not much to the story atm like 6 CH's per leader.
-Vs A.I mode= from easy to expert
-V.S players=Ranked/Unranked, and Challenge specific players. Although I usually fight people from Jp for some reason.

Main site:

Start now and get a free neutral legendary card.

Took me about 30 rerolls to get 6 legendaries.

It's coming out on steam to if that helps.

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Old 2016-08-06, 10:41   Link #2
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I watched a few games of this and it's actually not bad, but basically Hearthstone with anime girls. I don't play on mobile, the art is a bit too lo-def for large monitors, and it's not designed with the mouse in mind. Kinda weak on the PC.

My personal problem is that the other new card games are all good, too. Runescape Chronicles, Elder Scrolls: Legends, Faeria..and soon Gwent of course. There's no way I'll be able to build card collections on all of these at once, so unfortunately I'll have to ignore the games that are not focused on the PC platform. If you have money to throw at card packs, then that's a different story.
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Old 2016-08-06, 19:45   Link #3
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I saw a paid promotion for this on the youtube channel of a Hearthstone streamer I follow, and he pretty much spent the entire video crapping on it and talking about how "bewbs" were the only point, but honestly, I'm actually pretty impressed by what little I have played of it so far. Anime style art and a focus on less RNG are a big plus for me.
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