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a regular van veen
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...SEISHUNCHUU!, a manga by Kurihara Mamoru, isn't really anything new, but has just been a recent read and I JUST CAN NOT STOP GUSHING! <3

It's a shoujo manga that doesn't really feel like most romance shoujo, or at least the humor doesn't, what with its crude and very self-aware hilarity. It’s full of wit with a touch of clever introspection that never feels forced and overly-dramatized; just when you think it’s about to step onto a typical cliché and stereotype, it bounces off you into something you don’t quite expect. The heroine herself isn’t anything special, she’s neither stupid, naïve nor annoyingly cheerful, but she is immensely likable and realistic.

The art might not be up to most people’s tastes, but I find it very charming, especially with its lack of sparkles and shine (except when a certain hilarious character comes up, but that’s intentional anyway). It reminds me a bit of Souryo Fuyumi’s art, though less sterile.

Oh! And Sex Fiend? He is insane (well, that also goes for most of the characters here), I love him! I want things to go well between him and Kiriko, because, well, she is just an absolute moe darling. Where are the rest of the scans and translations when you need them? >_<

Any fans here in Suki? Thoughts? Opinions? Fangirl/boy with me! XD
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