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View Poll Results: Owarimonogatari - Episode 9 Rating
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9 out of 10 : Excellent 4 80.00%
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Owarimonogatari - Episode 9 Discussion / Poll (Shinobu Mail Part 3)

Welcome to the discussion thread for Owarimonogatari, Episode 9.

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Watching Araragi fight was fun especially with his swords skills.

For some reason, I find the scenes with Shinobu in it to be particular amusing mostly because of the funky beat music used. The word plays were fun to see as well. Nice to see Izuko this episode as well.

The info dump about the samurai warrior and stuff was interesting along with her theories of Kiss-Shot.
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Oh god that first 2 minutes was probably the best intro to an episode yet.

Seeing Shinobu eating that thing was soo cute lol. Oh god ARARARARAGI UR SO LUCKY!!! TO GET TO SEE SHINOBU UPSKIRT!!!!! Damn Ararargi laughing to recreate that scene in earlier episodes was a good treat. I started laughing along for a while.

I love how whenever we see Gaen the sky is always in that color. There was important dialog being held at the moment. Also a lot of talks about the past. Makes me realize that having Kizu next year was the perfect place. W.e you wanna speculate about Shaft I think it was more intentional than anything. The PV for kizu served enough info for this make sense visually.

Tbh this was a very well directed episode and the art and animation looks extremely well. Probably my fav in the season because it drops so many clues and hints to whats to come and what has happened. As she said it was very vague but its obvious that it will all connect in the end of the arc. The ending scene was done beautifully as well.
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Amazing episode, fantastic way to adapt this arc thanks to SHAFT.

The intro was perfect with all that fight and Araragi being able to use Shinobu's sword (technically isn't her sword and not even the real one). After the fight one of those special characters is finally here, Gaen Izuko.

All the explanation from Gaen allowed to clearly understand the fragments of information from previous arcs, like the ones coming from Tsubasa Tiger. For some reason I feel like Araragi is mostly useless until someone kicks him in the head to finally understand what is going on, Oshino meme was one of those who helps Araragi to keep that attitude but thanks to Izuko that's finally over.

Now the next episode is moving directly into Shinobu's past and how everyone is going to deal with the first servant.

As I said on previous episodes, this is the AOTS and maybe AOTY.
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I disagree with you all.
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15 years ago... Karen's birth?
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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
15 years ago... Karen's birth?
Specifically almost everything Araragi got involved in was related to the vampire minion showing up in Japan 15 years ago.

The next episode would go into details, but enough to say that oddities attract other oddities. So this one town ended up with this many oddities was caused by this one event.

Almost, because Cat was the one thing that existed BEFORE the 15 year cutoff, so Hanekawa was independent and thus an unknown factor.
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