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Old 2015-12-13, 16:51   Link #1
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Name: Seishokuki
Associated Names: 性食鬼
Mangaka: Inamitsu Shinji

From MangaHelpers:
Nogawa Izumi is a good student, and a class representative, but she has an increasingly high libido. It's gotten to the point that she'll claim to feel bad during class, so she can run to the nurse's office and masturbate. When she learns that the Earth is being invaded by aliens that look like people dressed up as animals, it turns out her high sex drive may be able to help protect the Earth. The first time Izumi is attacked by the aliens, she is rescued by Usayama, a bunny alien whose race was their previous victim. Usayama gives her an outfit (a sexy swimsuit) that will allow her to fight the aliens, but which also sends her constant arousal through the roof. The scientific organization that Usayama is affiliated with think that Izumi, with her high erotic level, may be the person they've been looking for to fight the aliens. Will Izumi be able to save the Earth?
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Old 2015-12-13, 18:55   Link #2
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Still can't believe THIS of all things is getting an anime, it's basically a hentai, they might have to censor half the show just to air it.

Oh, all the poor people that won't know what they are getting themselves into when this begin watching this, between the sex, gangbangs, rape, futanari, masturbation, etc, oh the reactions.
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Old 2015-12-13, 19:53   Link #3
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Maybe miracle will happen and anime will be uncensored on AT-X
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Old 2016-01-14, 01:29   Link #4
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Chapter 59:

Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
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