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Lumine Passio
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What about Mahouka Koukou and Tatsuya?
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Marcus H.
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^ In a nutshell, the universe where Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is set has an absurdly high and unpredictable powerlevel scale compared to the Toaru Universe. While Toaru only has a few characters that have global-scale magic, Mahouka has several characters much weaker than Tatsuya and several characters that can wipe the floor with him.

Overpowered as he is, Tatsuya may in fact be just mid-tier.
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For Star Trek: The Next Generation, there were supposedly three Mary Sue types for Gene. You have the aged veteran version in Picard. The adult action man gaining experiance in Riker, and finally the youth in Wesley. All suppose to be basically the same character at different point in their life, or by proxy the same, without being the same. At least in the first season.
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