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Old 2004-03-13, 17:03   Link #1
Nagare Ryouma
Warrior Of Eternity
Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: Saotome Research Institute
Bad Sectors in HD

One of my friends was good enough to gimmie an 'IBM DeskStar 30GB' HD but a problem... It has a few bad sectors.

-Is it still useable?
-Will there have any problems later after a using it for sometime?
-Are there anyways to clear those bad sectors?

Lastly, anything that I need to know, kindly gimmie the input, thx in advance.
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Old 2004-03-13, 17:40   Link #2
Lord Sesshoumaru
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: "Post a Photo of Yourself!" Thread
-Is it still useable?

-Will there have any problems later after a using it for sometime?
There will be problems only if data is written on those bad which case makes the data corrupt and most of the times unusable

also, more bad sectors might appear after sometime...

-Are there anyways to clear those bad sectors?
the only way i know of is to run scandisk and let windows find the bad'll then create a file that uses up the bad sectors so other things don't write over it...

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Old 2004-03-13, 18:04   Link #3
r00t for life
Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: /dev/null
Well bad sectors is bad news (not that IBM hdds are great in general anyway). Anyway I would suggest running low format utility on hdd and maybe running some program which isolates bad sectors (lets OS where it shouldn't write), in linux we have badblocks =)

P.S. Just so you know....when hdd starts having bad sectors it should now be considered stable anymore. So be ready for more "fun surprises"
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Old 2004-03-13, 20:24   Link #4
Timeless Enigma
Tsushima Masaki
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Wasn't the DeskStar series nicknamed "Deathstars" (for their uneliaiblity).

That's just what I heard when me and some guys were talking about bad hard drive manufacturers.

Be careful with that drive, really careful.
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