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Old 2016-06-14, 16:09   Link #1101
BPD Renegade
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Gin making fun of Takasugi's height again in the flashback. I would totally watch a series of them as kids.

I wonder if Oboro is actually down for good this time. It would seem like a bit of an anticlimactic end if he is, though he has been on his last legs for a while. And Takasugi's wound looks vicious.
Originally Posted by Peanutbutter View Post
Sigh, one of the things I dun like about Gintama is this:

Spoiler for 591:
I don't think the backstory excuses him for his actions, rather it fleshes out why he did what he did. No one forced him to martyr himself; it was his own choice. When he later saw what he could have had, he allowed jealousy overcome him and to destroy what he had sacrificed himself for. I don't consider this a justification for his actions, but as a flaw that makes him all too human.

Humans try to sacrifice themselves for someone they love in order to show their devotion, only for it to twist into hatred when the one they sacrifice themselves for are unaware of it. But often, this transformation of love and devotion into hatred and destruction is the fault of the martyr, as it is in the case of Oboro. The backstory doesn't excuse Oboro at all for his actions.

I still don't like him, but now, I can see how pitiable he is and understand what has been driving his actions, why he kept sparing Gin and co., etc., and he's not a one-dimensional villain anymore.
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Old 2016-06-19, 17:51   Link #1102
BPD Renegade
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Chapter 592:

Pfft, paid time off. That gave me quite the chuckle. Gotta say, Umibouzu's doing quite well with his new "arms."

Also, when did Shinpachi disappear? I can't believe his glasses stand could have lost him like that, no matter how brief!
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Old 2016-06-20, 00:17   Link #1103
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So I am guessing the next thing they will be doing is talking about there next move because there all enemys of the Goverment leaders now and what will build up to the final Arc because I remember the arthor said he will start the final arc this year.

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Old Yesterday, 14:14   Link #1104
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I Read the recent chapter.
I think it is a good time for Nobume to appear now.
She is also one of the disciples isn't she?
I want to see what Nobume has to say to Oboro at his last moment, or if it is.
Now even their teacher's past is revealed, things are getting way more serious and deeper than any other arc I have seen in my opinion.
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Old Yesterday, 18:39   Link #1105
BPD Renegade
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Utsuro backstory. The truth about Utsuro gives a lot more sense to the stark difference between his personalities as Shouyo and as Utsuro.

With this, it looks like we have all the boxes checked except for the final resolution (and maybe Gintoki's past before meeting Shouyo?). This must be the start of the final arc that Sorachi-sensei was talking about. There's no way Gin or Zura can take him on in their current states (they both have at least one broken arm each, and a load of other injuries). I wonder what's going to happen in the interim.
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samurai, sci-fi

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