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Old 2013-11-14, 19:40   Link #1
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Newbie to Bleach anime needs some advice


I am interested in starting a collection of this anime series but I have a few things I need to know before I begin to invest any money.

Firstly, I have never read any of the manga and am a complete newbie to the series. I have become interested in collecting the anime since I have heard it is one of the best anime series produced. I don't really have any interest in reading the manga but I do want to start watching the anime series.

From what I have read the anime series ends on episode 366 however the manga is still being produced. So from this, does the anime series have a proper ending even though the manga is still going or does it just end abruptly?

So to get to the point I don't want to waste money buying all the series if at the end I'm left with an unsatisfactory conclusion. Again please keep in mind that I have no knowledge of the manga, so if there is anything from the manga that is missing in the anime it won't bother me. What I am looking for is if the anime series can be watched from beginning to end and be a satisfactory experience just by itself, or will I be left hanging and regretting it?
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Old 2013-11-14, 20:10   Link #2
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Save your money and your time. The anime didn't end, it was canceled. It was full of fillers that would interrupt the storyline, start a whole new arc in the middle of a canon arc, then go back to the original storyline disregarding anything that happened in the filler arc.

My honest advise is to avoid it completely because it starts out pretty good and it hooks you in but eventually it will have you pulling your hair out and you'll be wondering why nobody warned you.
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Old 2013-11-14, 20:10   Link #3
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Old 2013-11-14, 21:26   Link #4
I got you babe.
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Best advice - watch the first arc and pretend the anime ended after that*

The rest of the anime is as Casshern described.

* - It won't be easy because the anime gets your hopes up during the first arc. But trust me, it ain't worth your money after that.
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Old 2013-11-14, 21:34   Link #5
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Just buy the SS and HM arc. And for the manga, I think the SS/HM stuff lasts 30 something volumes

Otherwise, this is one of the worst series ever. Tite Kubo can go fuck himself.
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Old 2013-11-14, 23:55   Link #6
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Since we do have an entire forum dedicated to Bleach, I've closed this thread. Any other questions would be better asked in the Bleach Q&A thread.

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Closed Thread

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