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Old 2010-06-18, 17:12   Link #1
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BitTorrent and internet problem

Hey I have an issue where if I if use a Bittorent program and download something the internet would eventually shut off and I would have to restart my DSL modem again. Anyone know how to fix this problem like maybe limiting the amount of download/uploads i should have? or maybe something is wrong with my settings. I do not seem to be having this trouble for regular downloads though but maybe its because regular download (unlike torrents) does not have all those Seeders and Lecchers all crash all at once that might interrupt the internet flow.

Ive just got this computer and I have successfully downloaded 1 Torrent but K-ON!! 11 from Frostii Fansub is what I am trying to download atm but its killing my internet

Even though the internet if down, my modem's light would all still be on except the "activity light" for those who have DSL.

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Old 2010-06-18, 17:23   Link #2
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I am starting to suspect that it may actually by something to do with my Ethernet Driver... my window 7 did install it for me after all and i made a thread about how my Audio Driver was not working really well and a person recommended me to manually install the audio driver which really did worked. But I also cannot assume that 100% because it really is only happening on Torrent downloads so far. I do not know if it will happen on regular downloads because I havent really download anything big from direct downloading.

if it does happen to be my Ethernet Driver can anyone link me the ethernet driver to download?

this is the website where i can download my drivers, if u guys know what i should download for this site let me know

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Old 2010-06-18, 18:51   Link #3
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If it only happens with torrents, it could be your ISP not liking P2P software. Enabling protocol encryption in Preferences->BitTorrent may be useful.
I don't think the number of connections should be a problem unless your modem/router is faulty. You can try lowering the maximum number of connections in Preferences->Bandwidth, though.

That's all I can think of.
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Old 2010-06-18, 23:04   Link #4
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how much should i lower it to??
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Old 2010-06-22, 07:46   Link #5
Le fou, c'est moi
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^Test your bandwidth with an internet speed test site and use the upload number as a guideline.

I haven't used the original bittorrent client for a long time so I don't know if it points you in the right direction by itself, but I know uTorrent at least semi-automates most of the process making it rather simple.

If you still have problems after protocol encryption and setting an appropriate number of max connections, you can try googling about bittorrent and port forwarding (ex: this article) -- but make sure you read carefully and know what that means before tinkering with anything.
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