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Old 2009-06-28, 21:02   Link #1
Shadow Kira01
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Ignore Feature Enhancement

I think the current ignore feature isn't very perfect. It would be much better to just block private messages, while leaving forum posts of the same blocked user as visible. Unlike most sites, AnimeSuki is quite the political one. Just because you block an user to prevent them from private messaging you or let them troll on your profile does not mean you do not want to read their ideals and opinions on a variety of political issues.

More over, I don't see that this little tweak to the ignore feature is that time-consuming. It shouldn't be that difficult to implement it into the AnimeSuki site.

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Old 2009-06-28, 21:45   Link #2
*AnimeSuki Site Staff
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Well, the issue is that we did not write the software that runs the forum. Jelsoft did. So if someone writes a custom hack/enhancement that changes the way the base ignore feature works, we run the risk of having to maintain this deviation through future updates to the software, the nature of which are completely beyond our control.

And the second half of the answer is that some people want the Ignore feature to make it so they can't see that person's posts anymore. So what you'd actually have to do is to split the ignore feature into two different options: "Ignore PMs from this user" and "Ignore posts from this user". And that now has added extra work to the complexity of the hack (potentially requiring an extra preference to be stored in the database somewhere...) Either that or you have to change the way ignore is implemented on the post end to allow you to "override" the ignore on a post-by-post basis...

So, someone can correct me if I'm missing something, but I think the only way a feature like this would realistically be added would be if it were added by the vendor to the base software. It's beyond the scope of what I imagine someone would want to write as a hack/mod.
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Old 2009-06-29, 03:57   Link #3
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I think its doable with a small style edit and a profile option. Don't remember if it was handled with different templates; in which case it might be a little harder.
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