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Your Top 10 Anime of All-Time

Yes it's that time of the year again. The last thread I made of this was was 4 years ago in 2011, so my rankings have changed. I just wanted to share with you my tastes and the top 10 anime that I've really enjoyed in my life.

10. Ergo Proxy
- Still my #10 anime even after all this time. I enjoy the artwork and the Sci-Fi setting. Protagonist Reel Mayer has a unique appearance and shares a relationship with the other protagonist, Vincent Law. I think you'll either like or dislike it.
Episodes x23

9. Tytania
- Bumped from #4 to #9, but still my favorite space opera of all time. Lots of politics and action, and I really enjoy the two main characters (Jouslain and Fan Hyulik) battle wits with e/o.
Episodes x26

8. Initial D
- My favorite sport is baseball, but this is still my favorite sports series to date. I enjoy the auto racing and some of the battles were really intense. I like it more than other classics like Cross Game, Touch, Slam Dunk etc,
Episodes 75+

7. Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches
- Finally a new addition to the list. This series was great for several reasons. 1) The supernatural element was great. The plot did not drag on and on. It started and ended. 2) There was no cock-block in the romance (Yes, the guy actually gets to kiss the girl).
Episodes x12

6. Log Horizon
- Seeing the recent rise of "virtual reality" anime, I decided to include my favorite anime of this genre on my list. SAO and Accel World were certainly good, but I chose Log Horizon because I enjoy the political aspects and the science behind the virtual world. The virtual world just feels more complete than compared to SAO.
Episodes x50

5. Parasyte
- Top 5 is really when it gets good. Parasyte is an AWESOME series. The character development is probably the best I've seen, and we get to see the protagonist and his "evil friend" Migi develop a strong bond and eventually even reverse roles. Who really ends up saving who? And what of human nature?
Action/Science Fiction
Episodes x24

4. Zetsuen no Tempest
- Another AWESOME series. What really makes this series great are the two main protagonists. Good friends, different personalities, yet seem to get the job done at the end of the day. It goes to show how far having some confidence and using your wit can take you.
Action/Science Fiction

3. Lamune
- I swapped #2 and #3, because #2 is just too great of a series to pass up. I had to include a RomCom in here somewhere, so I picked Lamune because I've rewatched this series way too many times to remember. The guy-girls relationships just feel less forced and the relationship between the main guy and girl is very, very genuine and sweet.
Episodes x12

2. Spice and Wolf I & II
- If it wasn't for my undying loyalty to my #1 anime, S&W would be hands-down, my favorite anime of all time. Everything about the setting, scenery, plot, characters are flawlessly done. The two protagonists share close relationship as they meet, learn about each other, bond, get into trouble, and overcome each ordeal. The only anime that I would give a 10/10.
Episodes x25

1. Detective Conan
- The first manga that I've ever read and the first anime I've ever watched. This was the one that got it all started. There are too many episodes to watch, so I really only recommend you watch the first 20-30 episodes until all the major characters are introduced, and then just watch each of the movies that come out (there's one per year).
Episodes xx
Movie x20

Thanks and please share yours as well!
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