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Old 2005-01-04, 07:52   Link #1
FightingMagic Founder
Join Date: May 2004
[FM] Parappa the Rapper Ep. 2 DVD + Extra

This torrent contains Parappa Episode 2 DVD + an EXTRA called Special Stage, which is 9 smalll indivisual character clips, showing there personalitys and such, also with there character music. This Extra was going to be released as I did the series, but due to me unable to release Ep. 2 after the original time (would of been done if I didn't keep getting distracted), I decided to release it together with Episode 2.

At anyrate, enjoy.

Small note: There's one small error, I didn't notice till the final encode, which was my fault. Paul says "Escuse me" which is after "That's not true..." in which I didn't subtitle.
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Old 2010-12-09, 23:00   Link #2
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Awesome thanks for putting this up! I just found out there was an anime of this right now.

That direct link does not work, but it does look like some of these episodes are up on

I could not find a tracker for it on this site though. I guess that means it was never put up as opposed to never being removed. I guess it wasn't recognized. Would it be possible for someone who updates the tracker pages to create a profile for it?

It looks like EdwardK has 5 different torrents up for it at the moment.

Edit: oh wait cancel that found it here

Oddly enough it does not come up when you search for 'rappa' even though that is part of 'parappa'. I think it's relevant to note that rapper is spelled as rappa a lot especially in reference to this series and could be listed as an alternate spelling.
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