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Old 2014-02-16, 20:49   Link #1
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Might & Magic X: Legacy

Is anyone playing this game? As someone who grew up on turn-based RPG video games for the PC, as well as someone who liked the Might and Magic franchise, I'm finding Might & Magic X to be a fun romp.

If you are super bored, I threw up some videos on YouTube where I record my play through. ^_^

Regardless, if others are playing, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the game.
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Old 2014-02-17, 11:02   Link #2
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Very unfortunate this was released like a couple weeks before Bravely Default. I never liked the more recent M&Ms, but this was a throwback to the earlier ones. And I absolutely love it, since I loved the heck out of Xeen.

Been going with a party of Crusader, Ranger, Druid and Freemage.

Paladin upgrade is just downright disgustingly OP, since you don't need full mana to Lay on Hands. Minor Mana Potions are bountiful and very cheap, so it's very abusable. If you need time against non-boss enemies to refill, you can use CC spells like Time Stasis and that frozen ice spell, so you can Lay on Hands practically for as long you have enough minor mana pots if you so wanted to. 2 STR: 1 PER: 1 VIT, focus maxing Sword, Shield and Arcane Disicpline so you can survive both physical and magical attacks. Expert Heavy Armor if only to wear all the available armors in the game

Warden upgrade is meh. Just did it with to be able to Grandmaster Daggers, and just abuse the on-hit damage effects like elemental weapons + Pally's Mandate of Heaven + Mage's Agony. Since so much of his damage are elemental, and elemental damage is multiplied by crit but not by might, AND destiny also improves evade rate as well to abuse the dodge counterattack, only makes sense to improve destiny over might. 2 PER: 1 DES: 1 VIT, focus maxing daggers and evade. I personally like Ranger over Blademaster because former gets grandmaster Endurance, so you can fearlessly challenge any boss without fear of dying.

Elder Druid is not as game changing as Pally, but Nurture is several orders more efficient at keeping your party alive than any other spell in the game. Only downside is that it doesn't heal immediately, but I always keep it on anyways since its so cheap. Allows you to do something else rather than on consistent heal duty. Better healer than a defensive runepriest even without GM light, since Liquid Membrane is so god damn powerful (ignore the tooltip, since it lasts longer and protects against more damage than what the tooltip says). 2 MAG: 1 VIT: 1 SPT, focus on max Earth and Water. Expert Spear ASAP though for better survivability once you reach Seahaven. No need for expert 2 hand until much later, as expert endurance (or even expert Med Armor if you got the relic set via UPLAY) will lend you better survivability.

For Archmage, same as Warden in that the promo is only for grandmaster skills. 2 MAG: 1 VIT: 1 SPT, maxing Air and Magical Focus. After that max dark if you got a DW dagger user, else just go for Prime so you have an alternate means of nuking someone with Implosion. Expert Dark though is useful for purge, since a bunch of enemies are rather annoying to deal with if you can't remove their buffs. Expert Fire if you want burning determination, but I personally would rather not waste the skill points (Expert Endurance I find is a better skill point investment) and just made due with scrolls instead.

While not as bursty as an offense runelord, archmage with cyclone is damn right disgusting due to spells not taking a turn if used out of combat. Enemy over the corner? Drain all your mana pool with multiple cyclones, then sleep. Keep doing it until you get aggro, and now the enemy has to wade through multiple tiles that has multiple cyclones each before getting to you. It's freaking hilarious. XD

That's not to say Cyclone isn't already powerful enough on its own. It does more damage over of its duration than any other spell in the game per spell cast, even if it doesn't crit (I seriously think it's bugged; it should be able to crit). It's also the most mana efficient spell in the game too. Only downside is that there are a lot of human enemies that are resistant to air, and there are some bosses that change their location, but apart from that it's freaking awesome.

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Old 2014-02-17, 19:53   Link #3
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I'm liking the game a lot as well. I like the strategy of combat.

I went with a Defender/Merc/Druid/Freemage party. The mercenary is a jack of all trades in weapons, which means he won't be a grand master of any. :-/ My mages are pretty good, though now that they are going up against Rogue Mages, they aren't as good.

Just finished Act I. ^_^
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