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4koma_adaptation action action game adventure android anime anime music another world apocalypse bakapervert baseball borderline hentai characters cheat china comedy comic cooking cover cultivating strength cunning male lead cute spiders dark fantasy dc comics demons drama ecchi esp evil protagonist fantasy fantasy world female mc female protagonist fighting game final fantasy gakushuunoryoku game game elements game world gendai gender bender gods gore green harem hero high fantasy high school historical horror incest ios isekai isekai summoning kemonomimi knights leviathanimation light novel adaptation litrpg loli lolicon magic manga manga time kirara maou martial arts marvel mature mature content mecha military mmorpg music mystery narcissist nariagari netflix netorare no harem not-harem not harem novels ntr one piece one punch man op mc original overpowered mc over powered mc politics polygamy ps4 ps vita q&a rape reincarnated mc reincarnation remake revenge reverse harem romance rpg rpg elements rts sandbox school sci-fi seinen sexy female character shogi shoujo shoujo ai shounen slave slaves slice of life smart mc smart protagonist space sports strategy strong mc summoned hero summoning super hero supernatural super powers the cw thriller time travel tragedy tragic past transported true harem tyrania vampire villain protagonist virtual reality visualnovel visual novel war webnovel web novel weekly episode discussion win7 xianxia yandere yandere wife yuri zombie apocalypse

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