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Top 50
The Top 50 favourite anime character--UNDER CONSTRUCTION--
Suigintou: The sole badass of the series.
Future Trunks:One of the first anime characters I became fan of.
Sheryl Nome: The Galactic Fairy
Guts: The scary side of the GAR.
Yuno Gasai:The girl who even surpasses the term of yandere.
Dr. Franken Stein: The creepiest insane scientist ever!
Yagami Light/Raito: who thinks the end justifies the means.
Simca: hard to find a reason.:)
Sousuke Sagara: The only man on Earth who could say something like that.
Kagura Sohma: the cutest violent girlfriend ever seen.
Kyoko Mogami:True actor both at work and in everyday life.(+little devils:p)
Vash the Stampede(Trigun): The crazies peace-lover ever!
Alucard(Hellsing): The most evil and insane anti-hero ever created!
Lelouch vi Britannia(Code Geass):Who proved conquering the world is far from impossible.

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