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My figure collection.
Just some pics of my collections.
SRW mecha, Valsione 1/144 model.
Figma bought in April.
Nendoroids bought in April.
May'n signature, the left piece belongs to my brother, the right is mine. There are only 80 pieces of this in the world :p 
By buying the most...
Haruhi Puchi Nenderoid Series 3 secret figure - Concert Tsuruya-san!
When I finally have time after completing national service, I'll definitely pose Nanoha for some Starlight Breakers.
Revoltech is really wicked to release Ami and Mami this way lol
Having 2 Kyons and 2 Yukis from my Petit Nenderoid sets, It allows me to permanently display 1 Yuuki along with a complete set of the other...
At the recent Singapore PC show, I tried drawing my first time on a tablet. Having totally no skills at photoshop, this is only what I managed. I'm...
Tsuruya-san in Max Factory and Nenderoid. I've the full collection of Haruhi Max Factory and Nenderoid series, I'm awaiting Nenderoid Ryoko now.
Puchi Nenderoid series is great fun. I have 2 of the same Yuki in vol 2 so I gave one of the specs to the reading Yuki. Can't wait for book 4 Yuki on...
I'll buy any Noriko figure I see.
Nenderoid Miku-chan is really cute. Her pvc and Figma is already on my order list as well.
Chara Ani festival version -> LS fansite version -> Comptiq version.
Revoltech Gurren Lagann and Chogokin Aquarion.
Code Geass C.C. and Kallen
Fraulein figures are pretty good, but less visually pleasing than Figma. And Revolutech is pretty evil to release Ami and Mami in limited and normal...
Figma figures are fun. I'll unpack all of them when I get the entire SOS-dan. Everyone's looking forward to having Hare Hare on permanent display.

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