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vivify93's Random Album
Probably will only contain anime pictures.
English translation provided by ganbaru. 
I'm too lazy to see if it was resized to an ungodly amount, so here's full-size anyway:...
Probably the only existing non-H picture of the Tsuruyas in existence! 
The brigades again. Woo. 
Full-sized link:
Some unfinished sketch by a Korean. Features Suzumiyas and Kyons. 
Taste Yeah:...
The Suzumiyas. Doesn't that sound a bit like a sitcom? 
Haruki's crotch-size causes fangirls (And me) to wonder: Does he stuff his crotch or is...
The Suzumiyas. I think you can see a bit of Haruhi's panties in this pic. 
Haruki Suzumiya and Haruhi Suzumiya. Much more energetic than the Kyons' version, yes?
"We are SOS!!" 
Full-sized link:
The SOS Brigades again. Haruki looks so punk~ 
Full-sized link:
SOS Brigades! My first full-fledged Brigade Tsuji pic! Yay! 
Full-sized link:
...Is Yuki...blushing? Does she find her genderbent self sexually attractive!? 
Guess what this link leads to:...
The Nagatos again. I don't know what they're saying, sorry. 
Full-sized link: 
Yuki Nagato and Yuuki Nagato! I won't say much, because I fear the Nagatoists.
Kyons again. Walking through closed space, maybe? 
Full-sized link:
The Kyons again. This picture is magnificent, but why are their hair colors different? 
Full-sized link:...
Kyon and Kyonko. Hmm, I wonder why Kyonko's so upset at Kyon's driving?
This was one guy's avatar at one point, actually. Credit goes to him for whatever he did to make it his avatar!
The Koizumis and the Kyons! (Yes, the Kyons.) 
Shojo/shonen-ai alert!
Koizumis again. Once more, I have no clue what it's saying.
Itsuki Koizumi and Itsuko Koizumi in a dramatic battle!
Haruhi vs. Haruki! What's up with Itsuko's boob positioning? 
Full-sized link:
Chibi Asakuras~ Nyaa, how cute! ...or something.
The Asakuras being, um...affectionate. 
Wow, what the hell. This one was really shrunk. 
Full-sized link:...
The Asakuras in bedtime wear. No, I have no clue what they're saying.
Ryo Asakura and Ryoko Asakura.

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